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How to Play and Get Started With Ring of Elysium

Fortnite or PUBG not cutting it for you? Want to spend some time with a different kind of battle royale? Ring of Elysium, another title developed and published by Tencent, the company behind PUBG, may be the cure for the common battle royale, as it seems. It changes things up in ways you might not expect, opting for turning areas of the map to ash rather than forcing players together in close quarters with a “storm,” and swapping the “last person standing” rule for making it into a helicopter and escaping the game with your life intact.

Ring of Elysium isn’t the same battle royale game you’ve been playing elsewhere, so it’s going to require a different approach if you want to make it off the island alive. We’ve put together a selection of important answers to questions you may have about starting the game that should help you make the most of your time scrambling for a helicopter rescue, so hopefully you’ll be able to kick off your time with a bang and not a whimper.

What is Ring of Elysium?

Ring of Elysium is a free-to-play battle royale shooter from Tencent that finds 60 players duking it out in one map simultaneously. All players are dropped into different areas of their choosing, with a common goal of reaching the helicopter at the end of the match. Given that the helicopter only has four seats, players must work to eliminate each other to secure a seat on the craft.

It may sound simple enough, but the same could be said about other battle royale titles as well. There are several obstacles in Ring of Elysium that work to ensure you’re not getting out alive. From a dynamic weather system to incredibly crafty players, danger lurks around every corner, but you can always continue improving your game. Eventually you’ll definitely make your daring escape, but it may take a bit of doing to get to that level. Don’t expect that you’re going to simply get out of there alive and in one piece after your first game.

How do loadouts work?

When you start each map, you can choose from three loadouts: a snowboard, climbing gear, or hang glider for the older Dione map, and BMX bikes, grappling hooks, and hang gliders for the newer, tropical Europa map. These important packs of items will help make sure you have a way to get around the area, so choose wisely at the onset of each match to make things a little easier on yourself. Hang gliders will require height to launch from or travel far with, while BMX bikes are obviously relegated to certain types of terrain. Be smart with where you choose to land and you’ll begin to appreciate your loadout options tremendously.

What are airdrops for?

They’re exactly what they sound like – they’re airborne supply drops that occasionally bring special items into the map. There are certain weapons that are only available via airdrop, so it’s prudent to keep an eye out for them when you can, because everyone else will be fighting over what they contain, too. Think of them as special care packages with the items in them that you need, totally key to your survival.

How do I decide where to spawn in?

That’s really up to you and the experience you earn as you play the game more and more. But if you’re wondering how the spawning process actually works, it’s very simple. There’s no Battle Bus to take you where you want to go. Instead, you select a quadrant from a grid that you want to spawn in at, and you go appear there. You won’t drop in from the air or fall to your death because of the game’s fall damage. You’ll simply spawn where you’ve chosen to do so, and from then on it’s a mad dash to finding a safe area or equipment.

How do I heal myself?

You can opt for first aid kits, med kits, or bandages in-game. All may be used while on the go so you don’t get bogged down, but you’ll want to opt to sit somewhere quiet and safe to heal most of the time. Each item provides a different amount of health, and you can find them scattered around the map. They’re obviously precious commodities, so don’t waste them.

How do I drop markers to communicate with my team in duos or squads?

Much like in Apex Legends, you can mark out specific parts of the map so that others you’re playing with on the same team can see it. You can press the Q button on your keyboard to drop a marker to lessen confusion rather than shouting out directions that may not make sense to everyone involved. This should help you figure out a plan of attack much easier, especially as you also get information about how far other enemies are away from you.

Are there alternative firing modes for my weapons?

Like PUBG and several other titles in the genre, there are different firing modes for guns like assault rifles and SMGs. You can press the B button to switch between them depending on what works best for your current situation. You can also use the V key to swap between the scopes you have attached to each weapon, depending on your choices and customizations.

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