Qitana Ravel: FF14 Dungeon Guide – Bosses, Strategy, & Tips

Our Qitana Ravel dungeon guide is here to help you survive in FF14.

Qitana Ravel is the third dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers. It’s also one of the easiest, with neither the complicated bosses of Dohn Mheg or the massive damage of Holminster Switch. It still has its own quirks, however, and you ought to know what you’re dealing with before going in. That’s why we’ve put together this dungeon guide to Qitana Ravel in FF14.

The first thing to know about Qitana Ravel is actually more about Shadowbringers itself. The new expansion introduced myriad changes to Jobs, quests, and more. One of the biggest such changes was an overall increase in damage from group content. Basically, dungeon and raid enemies do comparatively more damage than they did before Shadowbringers. The idea is to make tanks and healers more active than ever — focusing on the signature aspects of their given roles. DPS players, meanwhile, need to work quickly to reduce incoming damage from trash mobs.

You should notice this pretty quickly. Qitana Ravel still gets you into the action immediately with a slightly unique mini-boss. And the normal enemies (particularly those in groups of three or greater) hit hard. Be ready with those cooldown abilities!

Qitana Ravel Ronkan Dreamer Guide

Ronkan Dreamer – Qitana Ravel Dungeon Guide

Qitana Ravel actually begins with a mini-boss fight. The Ronkan Dreamer is a “normal” enemy, and does not drop extra loot like a real boss, but it has its own unique mechanics to deal with.

Wrath of the Ronka is a “line AoE” — or an area of effect attack that fires in a specific line or lines. This one charges up and shoots out of one or both sides of the room. To avoid it, you need to stand behind one of the dilapidated walls near the center of the floor. These will block the shots, but you need to stand with the broken wall between you and the source of the line AoE. The source is indicated by the Ronkan Dreamer firing energy tethers into the side of the wall.

Sometimes the attack will shoot from both walls at the same time. This limits the number of safe areas, since you need to stand behind a specific wall that both blocks a line and won’t be hit from both sides at the same time. You have a lot of time to look, however, so don’t panic. In addition, Wrath of the Ronka does very little damage, so you’re mostly safe even if you screw up. Just kill the Dreamer (as well as some regular trash mobs) to reach the first real boss of Qitana Ravel: Lozatl.

Lozatl – Qitana Ravel Dungeon Guide

Lozatl usually begins the fight with Stonefist. This is a typical tankbuster, meant to hit whichever player has enmity (e.g. the tank) with a massive burst of single-target damage. Tanks should shield through it to take pressure off the healers, and healers should be ready to deal with the consequences if they do not.

Sun Toss will target a random player for your typical circle AoE. Everyone just needs to move out of the orange marker to avoid it.

Lozatl’s Scorn does unavoidable party-wide damage. It’s not too bad, though! Healers and tanks should just shield and heal through it. More importantly, Lozatl’s Scorn will also trigger a statue on one side of the room. Said statue will light up, signify that that side of the room will deal large AoE damage. Look for the statue and move to whatever side is safe, if you aren’t already there.

Similarly, Lozatl will use an ability called Heat Up. This doesn’t actually do any damage. Instead, it causes one of the boss’s shoulders to begin glowing. Heat Up is always followed immediately by Lozatl’s Fury — dealing AoE damage on whatever side of the room Lozatl’s shoulder faces. Simply move to whatever side its overheated shoulder isn’t facing to avoid the shock wave.

These attacks will continue and overlap until Lozatl is down. Nicely done! You can now move on to the second boss of Qitana Ravel: Batsquatch. Yep! That’s its real name…

Qitana Ravel Lozatl Guide

Batsquatch – Qitana Ravel Dungeon Guide

Ripper Fang is another basic tankbuster. Deal with it the same as ever! The same goes for Soundwave. It’s an unvaoidable, team-wide AoE attack that healers just need to deal with.

The only other real Basquatch attack is Subsonics. This does unavoidable damage to the entire party, just like Soundwave, but splits it up into a series of much smaller attacks that add up to deal serious damage. That’s not too bad on its own. However, Subsonics also causes a series of stalactites to fall from the sky. These deal circular AoE damage that is easy to see coming and just as easy to avoid.

The small stalactites disintegrate as soon as they hit the ground. The bigger ones, however, stay stuck in the dirt. These then tip over and deal huge damage in a short line wherever they fall the next time Batsquatch uses Soundwave. To avoid them, just look at the stalactites’ shadows. These lean ever-so-slightly in whatever direction the large rocks will eventually fall. Stay out of their way and you should be fine.

And that’s it! Batsquatch is awfully simple. Sadly, the next boss isn’t quite as easy. It’s time to face your last foe in Qitana Ravel: Eros.

FF14 Qitana Ravel Batsquatch Guide

Lightwarden Eros – Qitana Ravel Dungeon Guide

Lightwarden Eros is all about positioning. You will be forced to split up, stack together, and reposition many times throughout the fight. For that reason, more mobile damage dealers might be of use here. Don’t worry too much, though. Eros does a bit less damage than the last couple Lightwardens you fought up to this point.

Rend is the tankbuster: shield, heal, and suck it up as usual.

Hound out of Heaven will periodically target a random player with a red targeting line. When it does, you want to start moving away from Eros immediately. That’s because Eros will soon pounce across the room to hit you with massive damage. To reduce the impact, you need to get far away enough that the red targeting line turns thinner and purple. This indicates you are far enough away to reduce the incoming damage to a more manageable level.

Viper Poison just calls for circle AoEs that leave poisonous pools. Avoid the markers and don’t stand in the green puddles! Failing to do so will cause you to take damage over time. Although this becomes trickier after the next attack.

Eros always follows up its Viper Poison with Inhale. This will pull you directly up next to the boss, no matter where you’re standing. It’s a good idea to get close to the boss before it begins Inhale — ensuring that you won’t be dragged through any puddles.

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Just be ready to move again! Inhale is, in turn, always followed by Heaving Breath. This will push each player across the arena away from Eros (indicated by the glowing yellow lines on the floor). Just position yourself so that you won’t be blown into any of the Viper Poison pools. Otherwise you can use knockback immunity skills (e.g. Arm’s Length) to avoid being pushed altogether. Tanks and melee DPS players should also be ready to use gap closing skills like Plunge.

Finally, you need to deal with Confession of Faith. This is a tricky attack that can actually follow one of two different patterns. You need to know which pattern indicates what in order to avoid Confession of Faith properly. And whichever version of the attack Eros performs, know that it always starts with the boss leaping to either the north or south side of the room.

One Confession of Faith pattern will put place an AoE damage marker on two random players. These players should split apart to avoid sharing damage — as you likely know by this point. But Eros also follows up this attack by breathing fire down the center of the arena. That means players not marked by the damage circles should also move to the sides, while the marked players each choose a different side. That ways there’s more room for everyone to stand around and not take damage.

The second Confession of Faith pattern requires just the opposite. Eros will mark one player with a “stack up” marker indicated by glowing arrows pointing inward at the target. Allies should stack up in the center of the arena — right in front of Eros — to split the damage between them. That’s because the outer sides of the area are about to be blasted with AoE damage as well.

And that’s it! You’ve now seen everything in our dungeon guide to Qitana Ravel in FF14. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Here’s hoping it will help you blow through this verdant, hectic dungeon. You’re also about halfway done with the Shadowbringers story campaign at this point. So good luck and keep at it! Finally, be sure to check out our full list of FF14: Shadowbringers coverage in our mega guide.