Pokemon Sword & Shield Cram-o-Matic Guide – Most Useful Recipes

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion area, the Isle of Armor, introduces a bold new feature: the Cram-o-Matic. This funny like contraption spells the end of finite in-game items by allowing us to recycle almost anything into something usable.

The Cram-o-Matic can craft anything from Gold Bottle Caps to Rocky Helmets, but what you put in (and when) directly dictates what you get out. Here’s a handy list of useful Cram-o-Matic recipes and how you can unlock the feature for yourself.

Cram-o-Matic menu

What is the Cram-o-Matic?

The new Cram-o-Matic feature in Pokemon Sword and Shield is a contraption that turns almost any four items into a single completely different one. You may think it’s completely random, but there’s actually a science to getting exactly what you want from it.

Hyde will supply a recipe at random for a small 100 Watt donation for you to test out; though there doesn’t seem to be a way to store these recipes for easy access. You just have to memorize them. He’s an entrepreneur as well as a child prodigy inventor but he apparently can’t come up with a way to program recipes into his pressure cooker crafting contraption.

If you happen to need more Watts for said recipes, here’s how to farm them.

How to Unlock the Cram-o-Matic

Unlocking the Cram-o-Matic requires access to the Isle of Armor, so that means picking up the expansion pass through the Nintendo eShop. After that, it’s a matter of heading off to the island and making your way to the Master Dojo just up from the beach.

Once you’ve gone through the opening moments of the new storyline, you should be able to wander to the dojo’s recreation room where you’ll find Hyde, the dojo owner’s kid, typing away at his keyboard. Being the one to make the EXP. Charm given to you just moments before, he’s already hard at work on his next invention: the Cram-o-Matic. But it’s not quite finished.

To get the Cram-o-Matic up and running, you just need to give Hyde the small amount of Watts his parents won’t supply to finish the job. Be a better parent by handing over the Watts and you’ll unlock the Cram-o-Matic item making feature.

Cram-o-Matic recipes

Cram-o-Matic Recipes

Each craftable item in the game can be had through a number of different combinations with the Cram-o-Matic. We’ve stuck to some of the more efficient recipes for popular items down below to keep things from getting too crowded and confusing.

Since launch, it has been discovered that the item you get from the Cram-o-matic is based on the hidden values of items deposited in-line with the type of item dropped in at the start of a combo. The item you start with essentially sends you down a reward tree with the values of the next three items adding up to the “tier” needed to produce that item.

The recipes below essentially work this way already, but you’ll need to head over to Serebii to see the full list of item values to build your own custom recipes.

Competitive Items

These are the kinds of held items you typically see in online matches or at competitive tournaments.

  • Flame Orb: Cheri Berry x2, Rare Bone x2
  • Life Orb: Dynamax Candy, 3x Wishing Piece
  • Toxic Orb: Oran Berry x3, Star Piece OR Qualot Berry x4
  • Rocky Helmet: Hard Stone, Soft Sand x3
  • Air Balloon: Mago Berry, Balm Mushroom, Big Mushroom, Rare Bone
  • Red Card: Red Apricorn, Wishing Piece x3
  • Assault Vest: Babiri Berry, Wishing Piece x3
  • Terrain Extender: Nugget x3, Comet Shard
  • Black Sludge: Oran Berry 4
  • Shell Bell: Pearl x2, Big Pearl x2
  • Wide Lens: Iapapa Berry x1, Dynamax Candy x3

Evolution Items

These are items used to make certain Pokemon evolve, including those Pokemon like Porygon need to hold during trades in trigger evolutions.

  • King’s Rock: Eviolite, Balm Mushroom x3
  • Dragon Scale: Life Orb, Light Clay x3
  • Metal Coat: Iron Ball x4
  • Up-Grade: Magnet x4 OR Pecha Berry x2, PP Up x2
  • Oval Stone: Wiki Berry, Dynamax Candy x3

Training Items

These items can help train your competitive teams in a flash or change their traits to eliminate the need for excessive breeding.

  • Ability Capsule: Rare Candy x1, any other item, Rare Candy x2
  • Bottle Cap: Big Nugget x2, Comet Shard x2
  • Gold Bottle Cap: Bottle Cap x1, any other item, Bottle Cap x3
  • Macho Brace: Carbos, PP Max, Ice Stone, Wishing Piece
  • Rare Candy: Big Nugget, Comet Shard x3 OR Comet Shard x4
  • PP Up: Big Nugget x4 OR Armorite Ore x4

Breeding Items

If you’re looking to breed a particular Pokemon with set IVs and/or Natures, these are the items you’ll want to grab from the Cram-o-Matic.

  • Everstone: Hard Stone x4
  • Destiny Knot: Pink Apricorn, Wishing Piece x3


Though they’re primarily used to trigger raids, Wishing Pieces are used in a bunch of Cram-o-Matic recipes — and they’re not that hard to craft.

  • Wishing Piece: Rare Bone x4 OR Apicot Berry x 4

Poke Balls

A returning feature from the Gen 2 days is using Apricorns to create PokeBalls. You’ll find these scattered around the ground in the Isle of Armor. Toss four into the Cram-o-Matic and you’ll get a specific PokeBall.

  • Dusk Ball: Black Apricorn
  • Nest Ball: Green Apricorn
  • Moon Ball: Yellow Apricorn
  • Net Ball: Blue Apricorn
  • Quick Ball: Yellow Apricorn
  • Dive Ball: ¬†Blue Apricorn
  • Fast Ball: White Apricorn.
  • Heal Ball: Pink Apricorn
  • Friend Ball: Green Apricorn
  • Luxury Ball: Black Apricorn
  • Level Ball: Red Apricorn
  • Repeat Ball: Red Apricorn
  • Lure Ball: Blue Apricorn
  • Heavy Ball: Black Apricorn
  • Love Ball: Pink Apricorn
  • Timer Ball: White Apricorn