Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror Guide – How to Unlock All Rewards

Overwatch 2’s first seasonal event is live, so it’s time to don your costumes, break out those jack-o’-lanterns, and gather some friends for co-op action. Similar to previous years, Halloween Terror reintroduces Junkenstein’s Revenge mode for a limited time. Along with this four-player mode, there are also a handful of cosmetic items that players can either purchase or unlock for free. While most of the skins require you to pay real money, there are some rewards you can earn if you don’t want to break the bank. Here’s how to get the free rewards during Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror event this week:

(Author’s Note: Keep in mind, there are no event lootboxes. These were removed when Overwatch 2 launched, meaning the only way to earn most of the new or old skins is by spending real money.)

Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror Rewards

Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror

Cursed Captain Reaper Skin

The first skin you can unlock is the Cursed Captain Reaper skin. A legendary skin, you can unlock this spooky outfit by simply logging onto the game at any time from today until the end of Season One. Doing so will automatically add both this skin and the Health Pack weapon charm to your collection, allowing you to freely use them. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve previously played, so long as you log onto Overwatch 2 sometime between today and the end of the first season, this Reaper skin will be all yours.

Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror

Challenge Rewards

For those wanting more rewards, you can earn several cosmetic items by completing various challenges tied to the Halloween Terror event. Available until the event ends on November 9th, these challenges are accessible via the Battle Pass menu. When you load up Overwatch 2, select “Battle Pass” and then “Challenges.” From here you will want to pick the “Event” tab up top, which will showcase all of the Halloween Terror challenges.

Next to each challenge is a reward, which can range from cosmetic items to a battle pass experience. Some rewards you can earn through challenges include the Jack-o’-Lantern weapon charm, battle pass experience, and the Nightfall Over Adlersbrunn name card. Once a challenge is completed it cannot be done again and you can make progress toward multiple challenges at a time. All of these challenges are tied to the Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode, which can be found in the Arcade tab.

If you want to earn all of the Halloween Terror free rewards, this is your best method.

Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror

Twitch Drops

The final set of free rewards during Halloween Terror is tied to the streaming platform, Twitch. After linking your Battle.net account to your Twitch account, log onto any streamer playing Overwatch 2 and simply watch. As long as they have Twitch drops enabled, you will make progress toward unlocking two different Halloween Terror cosmetic items.

After 2 hours of watching Overwatch 2, you will earn the Werewolf Winston spray while watching for 4 hours earns you the Werewolf Winston legendary skin. Keep in mind, you can just log onto any of these streams and just leave them running. There’s no requirement to interact or write anything out in chat. So long as you’re watching someone’s stream that is playing Overwatch 2, you’ll make progress towards earning these rewards.