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No Man's Sky Living Glass Guide: Blueprint, Crafting, & Materials

Let's make getting your NMS Living Glass blueprint clear as... um... ice.

You need Living Glass in No Man’s Sky for many things. Notably items like the Dream Aerial, which is used to summon living frigates after the Endurance Update. But where do you find — or indeed make — NMS Living Glass? Let’s take a look for ourselves in this quick guide to the slightly uncommon crafting material.

We’ll take things step by step, starting with where to get a Living Glass blueprint in NMS. The item is found on the Space Anomaly — that floating, stellar orb that appears quite early on in the main story missions beginning with the “Awakenings” quest. Most players will know about this location already; it’s the multiplayer hub where folks can get together and complete missions in random groups. Yet it’s also a source of many blueprints.

The vendor we need is found at the very back of the anomaly. Simply walk up either ramp, past the giant robot eye called the Nexus, and continue to the backroom. It’s down the hall from Nada and Polo, the two characters who help you throughout much of your NMS journey.

No Man's Sky Synthesis Laboratory NMS

Within this out-of-the-way locale are several NPC vendors. Such as Iteration: Eos, the creature that looks like a humanoid shark with various facial piercings. We don’t need to speak to them. However, we do need to interact with the terminal right next to them. The one labeled Synthesis Laboratory.

This is a sort of go-to spot for No Man’s Sky blueprints. It mostly sells things that become other things. In other words, interstitial crafting materials that don’t do much on their own but are needed to craft more useful things. Examples include a blueprint to Glass and, yes, Living Glass.

You actually need to first purchase the Glass blueprint (if you don’t have it already) to unlock Living Glass. In addition, you need the Acid and Lubricant blueprints before that, if you don’t have those. All are found under the “Valuable Products” tab of the lab.

no mans sky living glass blueprint nms

Both glass types together will set you back 500 Nanite Clusters (1,000 if you needed to purchase the other two schematic types). Nanites are the “secondary” NMS currency. The primary one being Units. As such, Nanite Clusters are a bit harder to come by, but you can get them in a whole host of ways. Killing pirates, completing bounties, searching Derelict Freighters: you name it.

When you finally have the Living Glass blueprint, it’s time to get to work! Though there’s not really much to it. You simply need to click on a free inventory slot in your starship, freighter, or Exosuit. Then select “Living Glass” from the available options.

Here you can see that the component one Lubricant and five Glass for each unit of Living Glass you construct. They can be constructed from your inventory in the same way. Just click a slot.

Glass requires 40 Frost Crystals; you can find those on frozen worlds. Lubricant requires both 50 Faecium and a whopping 400 Gamma Root. Each. Faecium can be found just about anywhere. It’s “dropped” by animals after you feed them, for example, in the form of dung. Gamma Root is a bit rarer. It’s only found on radioactive worlds. Both in the form of trees called Gamma Weed, which you can harvest with a Hazmat Glove installed to your Exosuit, and sometimes inside of plants. Which you can simply mine.

No Man's Sky Gamma Root NMS
Gamma Weed is always green with yellow “flowers.”

Finding Gamma Root isn’t too terribly hard. Finding 400 units of the stuff is a bit of a pain, though. You can instead refine it from Oxygen and Uranium inside a Medium or Large Refiner. The Refiner Room on your freighter, as of the Endurance Update, also works. Uranium is much easier to find in large quantities on radioactive planets. Typically in large resource deposits scooped out with your Terrain Manipulator.

The same goes for Faecium. If you don’t want to hunt for wildlife, you can refine it from a mix of Di-hydrogen and basic Carbon.

Frost Crystals can also be created from a mix of Oxygen and Dioxite. The latter material can, in turn, be made by refining Condensed Carbon and Sodium Nitrate together.

Here’s everything laid out plainly:

  • Oxygen + Uranium = Gamma Weed
  • Di-hydrogen + Carbon = Faecium
  • Condensed Carbon + Sodium Nitrate = Dioxite
  • Dioxite + Oxygen = Frost Crystals

We probably don’t need to mention it, but Condensed Carbon is simply refined Carbon. Whereas Sodium Nitrate is a refined form of Sodium. Both resources are also dropped by storage containers throughout the many worlds of NMS. You can also get Di-hydrogen from those pretty blue crystals on any planet in the game. Though refining Tritium (mined from asteroids) will also give you the stuff.

When you have your Glass and Lubricant, you’ve got Living Glass. Congratulations! This should help you construct that Dream Aerial or any other No Man’s Sky object that needs the stuff. Best of luck on your future travels.

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