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MultiVersus Characters Guide: All Current, Leaked, Announced Fighters

Black Adam and Stripe are among MultiVersus’ new characters.

Which characters have joined the MultiVersus roster? And which ones are coming up? With 17 fighters already in the game and several others waiting in line, it can be hard to keep track. Rather than having to remember, here’s a full list of MultiVersus characters, including every upcoming and leaked character so far.

MultiVersus Upcoming Characters

Here’s every confirmed upcoming MultiVersus character:

  • Morty (Rick and Morty): Arrives on August 23 as the first post-release MultiVersus character. Morty is a Bruiser class character who relies on grenades.
  • Rick (Rick and Morty): Due to arrive in MultiVersus Season one. We don’t know the exact release date, but it’s probably within a few weeks after Morty’s arrival. As a Mage, Rick has the ability to create portals to teleport across the map.
  • Black Adam (DC): Expected to arrive in Season one, possibly in September or October. We don’t know Black Adam’s class yet.
  • Stripe (Gremlins): As Stripe was announced alongside Black Adam, he’s also expected to arrive later in Season one.

MultiVersus Character List

MultiVersus Bruiser Characters

  • Batman (DC): Thanks to his grappling hook, the Caped Crusader is highly mobile. On top of that, he’s got a sticky bomb, a smoke screen (granting him a number of buffs), and a throwable Batarang at his disposal.
  • Garnet (Steven Universe): This Bruiser can stop and reflect projectiles while simultaneously granting the Rhythm buff to allies. On top of that, she can shock enemies and buff allies with Electrified.
  • Jake The Dog (Adventure Time): Jake has a bunch of odd-looking moves, but his stretching ability takes the crown. He blocks opponents’ path before launching himself into the air, which is a great set-up for downwards attacks. Jake has three Armor Break attacks.
  • LeBron James (Space Jam): The only character based on a real person in MultiVersus. LeBron has a combination of melee and ranged basketball attacks, and unlocks a secondary move set whenever he throws his trusty ball away.
  • Shaggy (Scooby-Doo): Starts every battle with a Sandwich projectile. Shaggy can enrage his team by charging his special neutral ability. His own Rage status enhances his attacks, grants him armor, and applies Weakened status to enemies upon hit.
  • Taz (Looney Tunes): Transforms his enemies into chickens. Taz can spit out food as a projectile and… Well, eat his opponents and then spit them out too.

MultiVersus Assassin Characters

  • Arya Stark (Game of Thrones): A highly mobile fighter who’s good at Armor Break and Backstab attacks. Arya also has the ability to stun her enemies by stealing their faces.
  • Finn The Human (Adventure Time): A versatile character with relatively easy combos. Finn collects Coins by hitting opponents, which he can later use for special attacks or passive upgrades.
  • Harley Quinn (DC): The former psychiatrist uses her baseball bat for vertically-focused attacks. She can place a mine and throw a bomb, but she’s especially great at applying the Ignited status to her opponents.

MultiVersus Tank Characters

  • Iron Giant (The Iron Giant): A massive, slow, and heavy fighter. Instead of a double jump, Iron Giant uses fuel to fly upwards. He can perform several stomping, slamming, and grabbing attacks that become more powerful once he enters Rage mode.
  • Superman (DC): Relies on powerful charge attacks. As one of his few attacks that don’t have charge, Superman can use his Ice Breath to freeze enemies.
  • Wonder Woman (DC): This tanky fighter is all about blocking incoming damage. Besides gaining armor, she can summon shields for herself and her ally. Her most notable attack is the lasso, which can pull the enemy towards her position.

MultiVersus Mage Characters

  • Bugs Bunny (Looney Tunes): This bunny comes with a wide range of projectiles. He can also move underground, leaving teleport holes behind, or use his charm to stun enemies and strengthen allies.
  • Tom and Jerry (Tom and Jerry): This duo comes with plenty of traps and ranged attacks, including Tom throwing Jerry. Allies who pick up Jerry gain the Strengthened effect.

MultiVersus Support Characters

  • Reindog (MultiVersus): The ultimate support sidekick. Reindog uses his Love Leash to attach himself to allies, saving them from Ringouts. It’s also a handy tool to laser-zap his opponents.
  • Steven Universe (Steven Universe): Can supply his allies with armor, healing, and platforms. He’s also able to trap his enemies in a bubble and summon a clone fighter.
  • Velma (Scooby-Doo): Can heal allies from a distance. Some of Velma’s moves generate Evidence, which can be used to summon a police car. The car attempts to drive opponents off the platform.

MultiVersus Character Leaks

Naturally, the internet is full of MultiVersus character leaks by now, and not all of them are reliable. A Redditor named HugeLeakerActually, who accurately predicted several characters and even leaked the game itself about a year ago, has listed the following characters:

  • Fred Flintstone (The Flintstones)
  • Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo)
  • Gizmo (Gremlins)
  • Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)
  • The Hound (Game of Thrones)
  • Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo)
  • Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes)
  • Marvin the Martian (Looney Tunes)
  • Joker (DC)
  • Raven (DC)
  • Godzilla (Godzilla)
  • Wicked Witch of the West (The Wizard of Oz)
  • The Animaniacs (Animaniacs)
  • The Powerpuff Girls (Powerpuff Girls)
  • Ben 10 (Ben 10)
  • Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack)
  • Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)
  • Ted Lasso (Ted Lasso)
  • Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
  • Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)
  • Mad Max (Mad Max)
  • Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings) – New rumors say that LotR characters may have been cut

Which of these rumored MultiVersus characters would you most like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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