Mortal Kombat 11 Fatalities Guide – How to Peform RoboCop’s Fatalities

Your Move, Creep

A new story expansion for Mortal Kombat 11 released today, allowing players to continue the game’s main story about obtaining Kronika’s crown. Revolving around everyone’s favorite master of souls Shang Tsung going back in time, Aftermath introduces not only a new series of missions to enjoy, but three fighters. These are Fujin, Sheeva, and 80’s action hero, RoboCop. The later which is far and away the most enjoyable to play, especially if you’re a fan of the films or beating up The Terminator. Just like other MK11 characters, RoboCop boasts two fatalities, which are all excessively over the top.

How to Perform RoboCop’s Fatalities

Before we get into the fatalities we need to do a quick rundown of the vernacular used in fighting games. Since MK11 is on multiple platforms, the community has a numerical shorthand for different button presses. For example, Y on Xbox One is simply known as 2. So here’s a quick breakdown (or refresher) of what these numbers actually correspond to in Mortal Kombat 11:

  • 1 – X (Xbox One) / Square (PS4) / Y (Switch)
  • 2 – Y (Xbox One) / Triangle (PS4)  / X (Switch)
  • 3 – A (Xbox One) / X (PS4) / B (Switch)
  • 4 – B (Xbox One) / Circle (PS4) / A (Switch)

Whenever we are referencing a button press that isn’t directional we will be using this shorthand above. So make sure to refer to this depending on what system you’re on. Additionally, where you position RoboCop also makes a difference since you’ll either need to be far, medium, or close to your foe. We will indicate at the end of the input string where you should be standing.

Okay, now that we have the language, let’s get into the fun part. Here are each of RoboCop’s fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11:

  • Thank You For Your Cooperation – Forward, Down, Forward, 1 (Medium)
  • Dead or Alive – Back, Forward, Down, Down (Close)

Alternatively, you can use a Fatality Token to essentially remove any real work needed to perform one of these moves. This is great if you have trouble remembering where exactly to stand or simply don’t want to bother committing them to memory. If you want to perform Thank You For Your Cooperation with a Fatality Token, just stand at a medium distance from your opponent and hold the Block button while pressing 4. For those wanting an easy way to do Dead or Alive, stand at a close distance from your foe and hold the Block button while pressing 3.

For the unfamiliar, Thank You For Your Cooperation, is actually a reference to a scene in RoboCop where the titular hero blasts a thug in the junk because he has a hostage. Dead or Alive on the other hand harkens back to when the ED-209 malfunctioned and absolutely wasted someone in a boardroom meeting.

More Mortal Kombat 11

These will be available right away, so if you plan on maining RoboCop for a  little bit you’ll want to practice these. Along with RoboCop, MK11 also introduces the wind users Fujin and the devastatingly brutal Sheeva. All of these are available right from the start, so don’t worry about needing to complete Aftermath to use them!