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MK11 Aftermath Stage Fatalities Guide - How to Perform Stage Fatalities

Along with Friendships, Stage Fatalities are making a glorious return to Mortal Kombat. Part of MK11’s Aftermath expansion, these finishing moves allow you to decimate your foes with the actual environment. These are fairly easy to use Fatalities, but unfortunately, they only work on three levels in the game. While this could certainly change with future updates, right now you can only perform Stage Fatalities on Tournament, Dead Pool, and Shaolin Trap Dungeon. Additionally, there also appears to be no additional requirements needed for executing one of these moves outside of being on the correct stage in Mortal Kombat 11.

Keep in mind, all of the Stage Fatalities must be used at close range, meaning you need to be right next to your opponent. This is for every character and every stage, so make sure to quickly get next to your foe if you want to perform one of these moves. In our input list, we will be using the common numerical shorthand for the face button inputs. We do this since MK11 is available across multiple consoles with different button layouts, so this will make the list easier to understand. If you are unfamiliar or need a refresher, here’s what each number means:

  • 1 – X (Xbox One) / Square (PS4) / Y (Switch)
  • 2 – Y (Xbox One) / Triangle (PS4)  / X (Switch)
  • 3 – A (Xbox One) / X (PS4) / B (Switch)
  • 4 – B (Xbox One) / Circle (PS4) / A (Switch)

Now that we have the language down, here is every Stage Fatality input for all the characters in Mortal Kombat 11:

Mortal Kombat 11 Stage Fatalities

  • Baraka – Forward, Forward, Down, 4
  • Cassie Cage – Down, Forward, Down, 3
  • Cetrion – Up, Down, Up, 4
  • D’Vorah – Down, Forward, Down, 4
  • Erron Black – Forward, Up, Down, 1
  • Frost – Forward, Down, Up, 2
  • Fujin – Down, Down, Down, 4
  • Geras – Down, Back, Down, 1
  • Jacqui Briggs – Down, Forward, Down, 3
  • Jade – Back, Forward, Down, 4
  • Jax – Down, Forward, Down, 4
  • Johnny Cage – Down, Down, Down, 4
  • Joker – Back, Forward, Up, 4
  • Kabal – Up, Down, Down, 2
  • Kano – Up, Up, Back, 3
  • Kitana – Forward, Down, Down, 1
  • The Kollector – Forward, Up, Forward, 1
  • Kotal Kahn – Forward, Back, Down, 1
  • Kung Lao – Forward, Down, Down, 3
  • Liu Kang – Back, Forward, Back, 3
  • Nightwolf – Back, Forward, Back, 1
  • Noob Saibot- Forward, Forward, Down, 3
  • Raiden – Forward, Forward, Down, 3
  • RoboCop – Back, Down, Down, 1
  • Scorpion – Down, Forward, Down, 1
  • Shang Tsung – Up, Up, Back, 1
  • Shao Kahn – Down, Down, Back, 4
  • Sheeva – Forward, Down, Back, 1
  • Sindel – Down, Down, Down, 1
  • Skarlet – Back, Up, Down, 4
  • Sonya  – Forward, Down, Back, 2
  • Spawn – Forward, Back, Down, 2
  • Sub-Zero – Down, Back, Down, 2
  • Terminator – Up, Forward, Back, 1

You’ll notice that some on the inputs require you to press Up, which causes your character to jump. To avoid this, you will want to hold the Block button during the directional inputs and release it for the final one. For example, when playing as Shang Tsung, hold the block button when you input Up, Up, Back, and then release it when you hit 1. The timing can be a little wonky if you’re trying to go super fast, so be patient with this one. You have enough time to release the trigger and then hit your final button.

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If you main a character with Up in their Stage Fatality, I recommend practicing a few times in the Fatality Training section to ensure you have the correct timing. After all,  no one likes trying to perform a finishing move only to awkwardly tap them in the ankle.

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