How to Unlock the Sylph Tribe Quests in FFXIV – Locations & Quests

These denizens of the forest require your help.

The Sylph Tribe is one of the first Tribes that you can befriend in Final Fantasy XIV. Introduced all the way back in A Realm Reborn, these tiny fairy-like creatures shouldn’t be confused with the winged Fairy Tribe. All of the daily quests for the tribe will be combat-focused.

Before you can befriend the Sylphs, however, you need to have completed the Level 41 Main Scenario Quest “In Pursuit of the Past,” which takes place during the A Realm Reborn storyline. With that out of the way, you can now pick up “Seeking Solace” a Level 42 quest from Vorsaile Heuloix in New Gridania (X: 9.7, Y: 11.1). This is followed by the quest “Voyce of Concern” from Olmxio in East Shroud (X: 22.4, Y: 26.4), which will set your reputation to “Neutral”.

FFXIV Seeking Solace Quest

From there, you’ll have to do daily quests to reach “Friendly.” The full list of quests is below and each becomes available at different Reputation levels:

  • “Pilfered Podlings” (Level 45) – Voyce in East Shroud (X: 21.9, Y: 26.5)
  • “Idle Hands” (Level 48) – Olmxio in East Shroud (X: 22.4, Y: 26.4)
  • “Feathers and Folly” (Level 48) – Olmxio in East Shroud (X: 22.4, Y: 26.4)

 That’s all she wrote! None of these quests are the least bit difficult.

Just like most other Tribe Quests, you will receive three daily quests to complete every 24 hours. These tend to be very straightforward: usually, go to a place and kill some things. So long as you have enough daily Tribe Quest allowances left, of course. You only get 12 to use per day across all the different tribes in FFXIV. Remember you can always check your total remaining number of Tribe Quest allowances from the Timers section on the Duty menu. You’ll find them near the bottom of the screen.

The tribe’s vendor will offer you a host of unique items that you can purchase with gil or Sylphic Goldleaf, the currency you receive for doing Sylph daily quests. As you gain reputation, the number of items available at the Sylphic Vendor in East Shroud (X: 22.3, Y: 26.3) will increase. These items include Qiqirn Brown Dye, Sylphic Silk, and the Flibbertigibbet Orchestrion Roll. Oddly enough, this doesn’t include the Sylph Green Dye, which is actually available from the Kobold Tribe quests.

Best of luck making friends with your new, winged pals!