How to Unlock Eureka Orthos in FFXIV Patch 6.35

The latest version of the Deep Dungeon is here. Are you prepared to dive into history in Eureka Orthos?

Welcome to Patch 6.35 of Final Fantasy XIV! We have a full breakdown of the FFXIV 6.35 patch notes, but this guide is focused on the newest Deep Dungeon. Following the Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High — two great places to level, mind you — now it’s time for Eureka Orthos. Unlike the previous Eureka zones, this is now a unique open world location. Instead, to ascend floors to find out Allagan secrets.

Prerequisites for Eureka Orthos in Patch 6.35

To unlock Eureka Orthos, you’ll need to have a Disciple of War or Magic Job at level 81 or higher. Then you need to have finished the quest titled “Endwalker,” which marks the end of Endwalker’s original main scenario.

You must also have completed the 50th floor of the Palace of the Dead. In order to achieve that, you’ll need to have unlocked the Palace of the Dead in the first place. Talk to Nojiro Marujiro in New Gridania (X: 12.0, Y: 13.1) to get the quest “The House That Death Built”. Then you’ll be able to enter the Palace of the Dead, as long as you’re Level 17 or above.


Eureka Orthos Quest Location

Once you’ve squared away the prerequisites, you must prepare to dive into Eureka Orthos. You’ll want to grab the quest “Delve into Myth” from Koh Rabntah in Mor Dhona (X: 21.8, Y: 8.1). This will take you to the Eight Sentinels, behind the Crystal Gate in Mor Dhona. Once the quest is finished, you can talk to Khatun in Mor Dhona (X: 34.8, Y: 19.2) to queue up for Eureka Orthos.

You can queue up in a matched party from Floors 1-30. Beyond Floor 30, you need to have a static group or use Party Finder to tackle the Floors above in a group.

FFXIV Eureka Orthos Khatun

How Eureka Orthos Works

Every Floor in Eureka Orthos is a random mix of rooms and enemy encounters. Your party can tackle these in any order, trying to find any treasure and the exit to the next floor. Look out for the Accursed Hoard, which offers unique treasure that can be taken to Valeroine in Mor Dhona (X: 34.9, Y: 19.1) to unlock the riches inside. Every ten floors, you will encounter a boss monster, but you can also find harder enemies called Dread Beasts.

The new Pomanders for Eureka Orthos are called Protomanders. They work mostly the same, but have some new effects. There’s also a new system called Demiclones, which creates temporary NPCs that fight alongside the player who summoned them. These are both found in Floors at random and can be accessed via the special Deep Dungeon shared inventory.

FFXIV Eureka Orthos Aetherpool Weapons


How Eureka Orthos Rewards and Eureka Orthos Weapons Work

Clearing every 10 floors in Eureka Orthos will offer different rewards:

  • Floor 10 – Experience, 10 Allagan tomestones of poetics, and 1,000 gil
  • Floor 20 – Experience, 20 Allagan tomestones of poetics, and 1,500 gil
  • Floor 30 and beyond – Experience, 30 Allagan tomestones of poetics, and 2,000 gil

That experience applies to your Job Level. You’ll also gain levels within Eureka Orthos’ unique leveling system. These will make you stronger within the dungeon, but can also be used to unlock unique weapons.

Finishing Floor 30 will unlock the Orthos Aetherpool Fragment, which you can trade to the Synthesis Node in Mor Dhona (X: 34.9, Y: 19.0). This NPC is also key for unlocking the new Orthos Aetherpool Weapons. Once you clear Floor 30, complete “Rage Extinguished”, and your Orthos aetherpool arm and Orthos aetherpool armor to +10, you can acquire an Orthos Aetherpool Grip, which can then be exchanged for a weapon from the Synthesis Node.