How to Return to Your Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

Need to get back to your Island Sanctuary? Sure you do! Here's where to go.

If you need to return to your Island Sanctuary in FFXIV, the solution is pretty obvious… If you paid attention. Naturally, we all get forgetful sometimes, too. So we’ve put together this quick guide on returning to your Island Sanctuary if you leave early during the tutorial process or just plain forget! It’s pretty simple, so let’s get right to it.

The Island Sanctuary quest may begin in Old Sharlayan, but heading to your private place directly happens on the Moraby Drydocks. This is true both when you first start the series of tutorial missions and when you need to get back to your Island Sanctuary if you leave before finishing.

The Moraby Drydocks is accessible via the southernmost Aetheryte Crystal in Lower La Noscea. After you teleport there, you should see the NPC named Baldin, Cieldalaes Ferryman. He’s just a few feet (or yalms or what-have-you) east of the Aetheryte. Just for posterity: his coordinates are roughly (X: 25.0, Y; 34.8).

You can also actually see Baldin for yourself from the FFXIV map. Though he isn’t marked using his name. Instead, there’s a light blue icon on the map at his location shaped like a sailboat. That’s Baldin.

Once you speak with the NPC, you have three options. The first is “Travel to my island.” That one is… pretty self-explanatory, of course. This will take you back to your Island Sanctuary. Well done!

moraby drydocks island sanctuary ffxiv

More Island Sanctuary Options

The other options are “travel to an acquaintance’s island” and “learn more.” Both of which are pretty closely related to one another. “Learn more” basically exists to remind you about the rules of traveling to other players’ Island Sanctuaries — which was first explained at the beginning of the tutorial quest. “Travel to an acquaintance’s island,” meanwhile, will do just that. It will take you to another player’s home base. Although that only works if they meet the requirements listed in the “learn more” section.

Basically, you can only travel to someone else’s Island Sanctuary if they are a fellow Free Company member, party member, and/or on your friends list. Assuming the player in question has also unlocked an Island Sanctuary. Players can also forbid access to their island to anyone if they so choose. Even if that person is a friend or party member. There’s also a maximum number of players allowed and someone needs to be present on the island to “let you in,” as it were. Oh, and you need to be on the owner’s Home World.

ffxiv return to island sanctuary

Finally, you can also ask Baldin about your own Island Sanctuary in the “learn more” section. Though this seems to mostly be a joke.

Once you reach your Island Sanctuary again, you will find yourself on the beach where the tutorial questline originally started. That means you need to run back up the eastern hill towards your Cozy Cabin and other initial Island Sanctuary structures. It’s pretty hard to miss the path, though. It’s the only direction you can go from the beach.

Speaking of the beach: you can return here and select the glowing patch of light marked “Boat for the Moraby Drydocks” to return to Baldin. That step isn’t strictly necessary, though. Your standard “Return” spell still works on the island. You can also use “Teleport” to reach any Aetheryte Crystal you’ve attuned to — unlike instanced areas with timers including Bozja or the Diadem.