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How to Get the Kuromaru and Shiromaru Minions in Final Fantasy XIV

Get your /pet ready for these cute little ninjas.

Collecting minions in Final Fantasy XIV is a goal that can give purpose to many players in the game, especially when they are cute. In FFXIV Patch 6.45 players can get the ninja puppy minions. They are two cute little companions ready to follow players through dangerous missions.

While some minions can only be obtained with real money, FFXIV also offers a variety of earnable little companions from various methods such as exchanging currency or running dungeons and getting them to drop in the loot. Players can earn a few of them after completing certain quests as well, such as the Wind-Up PuPu minion. When it comes to getting the ninja puppy minions, players may need to be lucky or to have enough gil in their pockets.

How to get the ninja puppy minions in Final Fantasy XIV

Patch 6.45 added the Kuromaru and Shiromaru minions and there are two methods to get the ninja puppy minions. The first one is by running the new Variant Dungeon Mount Rokkon. Both minions drop from chests that players find in this dungeon. Although players can find a good number of chests during the dungeon, the drop rates for these minions are quite low. Because of that, players may have to run Mount Rokkon more than a few times. Considering Variant Dungeons have multiple routes, players can try to complete all of them while looking for the minions.

On the other hand, players who don’t want to spend time running the same dungeon to get the ninja puppy minions have another option. Kuromaru and Shiromaru can be bought at the market board. Just like other minions in the game, these two can be sold by players who earned them and want to make some gil. The only problem with this method is that initially, the prices for them are considerably high. So, it all depends on how much gil players have at their disposal.

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