How to Get Collei for Free in Genshin Impact

Even if you're still working through Inazuma, obtaining Collei for free is possible.

The Genshin Impact 3.0 update introduced us to our first two playable Dendro characters: Tighnari and Collei. While Tighnari, the 5-star, can only be obtained via pulling on his currently active banner — Collei can join your lineup for free as part of the limited-time Graven Innocence event that runs until September 27. Best of all, you don’t really have to work for her like other free characters. She’s immediately available in the 3.0 update, and you don’t need to finish the Archon quest line in order to receive her.

How to Get Collei for Free in Three Easy Steps

  1. Be at least Adventure Rank 20
  2. Initiate The Unappreciated Carving quest
  3. Profit: Get Collei for free.

It really is that straightforward. In fact, you don’t even need to finish The Unappreciated Carving quest to get Collei. You’ll receive her for free during the beginning scenes of the sidequest. For further elaboration on each step, see the sections below.

Step One: Be at Least Adventure Rank 20

If you’re already progressing along Archon Quest Chapter III: Act One, you’ll automatically encounter The Unappreciated Carving quest. But as stated above, you don’t even need to reach a certain point in the act in order to receive her. Heck, you can claim her before doing the main Archon quest line too!

And if you’re a newer player, you can still get Collei even without having Archon Quest III: Act One unlocked. You must have an Adventure Rank of at least 20 — according to the Graven Innocence event description — and a willingness to trek to Sumeru from whatever area you have unlocked. As confirmed by Reddit user Maziiiiiiiiik, players are able to head to Sumeru directly after doing the beginner character domains.

Step Two: Initiate the Unappreciated Carving Quest

Again, if you’re playing through Archon Quest Chapter III you’re going to encounter The Unappreciated Carving quest along the way in Port Ormos. You’ll know it’s the right quest when you talk to two toy makers who have created an interesting and perhaps a tad bit ugly toy that children do not like.

Even if you don’t have the Archon Quest unlocked, AR 20 players and above can still start this quest. On Collei’s Event Banner, hit Quick Start. You’ll miss out on story context, but this method allows you to immediately start The Unappreciated Carving quest. According to Reddit user xBolognaSpaghetti, the quest will automatically pop up in your log when you exit the banner.

Quick Start can also be used by players who do have the Archon Quest Chapter III Act One unlocked, but want Collei first. The Unappreciated Carving quest doesn’t spoil the main Archon quest too much, but you will lack some prior story pieces on who Collei is and her sickness.

Step Three: Getting Collei for Free

A couple minutes into The Unappreciated Carving quest, you’ll get Collei for free. This is after you encounter her comforting a crying child.

And that’s it! No need to pull from a banner in the hopes of her being the random 4-Star character you get.