How to Fix Final Fantasy XIV’s “Error 2002”

Sometimes patience is key.

During the launch of Endwalker, many Final Fantasy XIV players became well acquainted with the infamous Error 2002 message stating “The lobby server connection has encountered an error.” While the error isn’t as frequent during lulls as it is during the launch of an expansion or major patch, it’s still one that pesters Warriors of Light on a regular basis.

Final Fantasy XIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida has explained that users may receive the error code for two reasons. The first is there are over 21,000 players waiting in queue to log in, and the error is given as a preventative measure to stop the server from crashing due to overload. The second reason is the player’s internet connection becomes unstable, causing them to disconnect from the server entirely.

Solutions to Error 2002 in Final Fantasy XIV

If Error 2002 appears during times of high activity, such as the days following a major patch, there’s not much you can do other than simply wait and try again in a few minutes. There’s no skipping the line with a queue of 21,000. At any other time, a possible remedy to the error is swapping to a hard-wired ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi to ensure the best connection.

Another potential solution is temporarily changing Data Centers from the main menu. Once swapped over, players can attempt to log in from the character select screen. If you are able to get in, change back to the desired Data Center and try again.

Error 2002 can be a frustrating roadblock to push through in one’s journey as the Warrior of Light, but by knowing how to remedy it, you can minimize downtime and stay focused on your adventures.