FFXIV Skysung Tools Guide – Highly Viscous Gobbiegoo, Crafting & Gathering Goals

Another style, another grind. The next step of Skybuilders Tools awaits!

Only two upgrades remain until you complete your Skybuilders’ Tools. This stage’s upgrade will turn this gear from “Augmented Dragonsung” into “Skysung” — once again providing a new design as well as stat increases. This next quest, “The Tools of Tomorrow,” can be located by speaking to Nimie in Foundation (X: 7.9, Y: 10.6). Wherein she will eagerly take your tool to new heights!

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This step uses the same scrip materials as the previous one, but with entirely new crafts. Again, these can easily be completed with the skill “Trained Eye” unlocked at level 90 on any crafting class. Gathering classes have brand-new items in new locations to obtain, but the process is exactly the same. Just with more items to gather. Ultimately nothing is very new this time around — aside from some cool-looking main hand equipment.

As a reminder, all classes now require their main hand to be the Augmented Dragonsung relic to proceed further. This includes gathering classes. You can also purchase any crafting materials from the Market Board if you so choose, but not everyone is that loaded.

The items you will exchange your collectables and gatherables for this time are various types of “Highly Viscous Gobbiegoo.” It’s exactly like the gobbiegoo from before, but a bit more solid. It also uses the exact same menu as the previous stage to upgrade your items. That means speaking to our good friend Denys.

Upgrading Your Crafting Augmented Dragonsung Tools

Augmented Dragonsong tools can be upgraded by (again) crafting and turning in collectables. Exactly like during your previous step in this relic, you must craft a selection of items at max collectability to obtain as much Highly Viscous Gobbiegoo as possible.

This upgrade will require 21 of each crafted item provided at maximum collectability. Each craft at maximum collectability can again be traded for five class-specific highly-viscous gobbiegoo, giving you a total of 105 pots of goo required to finish the upgrade.

You can purchase the materials from two sources: White Scrips or Skybuilders’ Scrips. Under the “Crafters’ Scrip (Master Recipes/Materials/Misc.)” category of any Scrip Exchange (such as the one inside Radz-at-Han). Then set the subcategory to “White Scrip Exchange (Lv. 80 Materials). Or alternatively, you can purchase these materials using Skybuilder’s Scrips by speaking to Enie inside the Firmament (X: 12.0, Y: 14.0) and selecting the tab “Skybuilders’ Scrips (Materials/Materia/Items).

Materials at this stage can be purchased for 30 White Scrips or 20 Skybuilders’ Scrips. At maximum collectability, this will take you 21 crafts and cost you 630 White Scrips or 420 Skybuilders’ Scrips per class.

Click on the links for each item required to see all of the crafting materials required or simply check your crafting log.

Class Item Required (21 Each) Scrip Material (21 Each)
Carpenter Oddly Specific Cedar Plank Oddly Specific Cedar Log
Blacksmith Oddly Specific Iron Ingot Oddly Specific Coerthan Iron Ore
Armorer Oddly Specific Mythril Plate Oddly Specific Mythrite Sand
Goldsmith Oddly Specific Silver Ingot Oddly Specific Silver Ore
Leatherworker Oddly Specific Gagana Leather Oddly Specific Gagana Skin
Weaver Oddly Specific Undyed Woolen Cloth Oddly Specific Fleece
Alchemist Oddly Specific Rubber Oddly Specific Sap
Culinarian Oddly Specific Paste Oddly Specific Aloe

Upgrading Your Augmented Dragonsung Gathering Tools

For gatherers, this next upgrade will require you to gather 600 normal items to exchange for Highly Viscous Gobbiegoo and 200 hidden items.

The conversion rate of 10-to-1 remains the same, but you will need a total of 60 pots of gobbiegoo for Miners and Botanists and just seven for Fisher.

The usual advice is to spend your GP to increase the yield of hidden items as they are rarer and may not always appear when you want which may make you end up waiting for hidden items to appear.

Class Normal Item Required (600 each) Hidden Item Required (200 each) Recommended Gathering Location
Mining Oddly Specific Primordial Ore Oddly Specific Primordial Asphaltum Azys Lla (X: 11.4, Y: 34.7)
Botany Oddly Specific Primordial Log Oddly Specific Primordial Resin Azys Lla (X: 7.0, Y: 35.0)

Fishers once again need a specific bait called Signature Skyballs to be able to catch these fish. These fish are also only available when the quest is active. It is recommended to have Cordials and/or Hi-Cordials available to use more skills and finish the grind faster.

Allagan Hunter:

  • 70 Required
  • Location: Azys Lla (X: 16.7, Y: 12.7)
  • Fishing Hole: Alpha Quadrant
  • Weather/Time Conditions: None
  • Bite Type: ‘!!’ Bite
  • Bite Time: 10-17 seconds after casting.
  • Specific Advice: Allagan Hunters will appear after 10 seconds with a “!!” bite. Before that you may see Bullwhips between 5 and 10 seconds so be careful. Keep chugging cordials like there is no tomorrow so that you can get more Double/Triple Hooks.

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