FFXIV Skysteel Tools +1 Guide – Oddly Specific Items List & Locations

Now that your tools have been purchased, it's time to get upgrading.

The first improvements for your FFXIV Skysteel Tools will initially upgrade the gear from “Skysteel” to “Skysteel +1.” This does not provide any changes to the look of the tool. Instead, it was originally only meant for stat gains when the items were released in Shadowbringers. There are no further quest unlocks at this stage, either. Denys instead requires a range of materials to upgrade your main hand tools.

Crafting classes will need to make “Oddly Specific” items using materials purchased from any Scrip Exchange NPC. Meanwhile, gathering classes must instead gather “Oddly Specific” items to hand in directly. Fishers, on the other hand, will just have to gather fish with normal names. This guide will be split into a crafting section and a gathering section, so check the relevant half for the tools you are currently looking to complete.

Unfortunately, the items you gather for your gathering relics cannot be used as crafting materials. However, the crafts will use some materials you can gather normally in the game. You can also avoid any farming by buying the materials off of the Market Board if you’d like to save time.

At this stage, crafting classes will need to have their Skysteel Tool equipped to craft any Oddly Specific items. However, gathering classes do not require their Skysteel Tools to be equipped.

Once all of the materials for your desired class (or classes) have been obtained, simply return to Denys and exchange the listed items in the Skysteel Prototype Augmentation menu to upgrade these tools to +1.

All Skysteel Tools Steps

Upgrading Your Crafting Skysteel Tools

For this first upgrade you will need 20 of each crafted item per class, with each craft using several materials from normal nodes and one Oddly Specific item purchased from the Scrip Exchange or off the Market Board.

Click on each item to see all of the crafting materials required or simply check your Crafting Log. You can easily power through the crafts with Trained Eye, a skill which automatically increases quality to 100 percent as long as it’s 10 levels or more below your current level. Since all of these Skysteel upgrade items are level 80, and you unlock Trained Eye at level 90, this will work for every item at this stage. Which really makes all of these crafts a cakewalk in Endwalker and beyond

You can find the required crafting materials (e.g. Oddly Specific Petrified Logs) under the “Crafters’ Scrip (Master Recipes/Materials/Misc.)” category of any Scrip Exchange (such as the one inside Radz-at-Han). Then set the subcategory to “White Scrip Exchange (Lv. 80 Materials). Note that the color of scrips change with each expansion.

Each scrip item still costs 25 scrips, though, costing you a total of 500 scrips per class — or 4,000 total across every crafting class in FFXIV. Here’s a list of every item you need to craft for each class (shown on the left column) alongside the Scrip Exchange items you need to complete them (show on the right column).


Item Required (20 Each)

Scrip Material (20 Each)

Carpenter Oddly Specific Petrified Orb Oddly Specific Petrified Log
Blacksmith Oddly Specific Rivets Oddly Specific Iron Sand
Armorer Oddly Specific Wire Oddly Specific Iron Ore
Goldsmith Oddly Specific Whetstone Oddly Specific Uncut Gemstone
Leatherworker Oddly Specific Leather Oddly Specific Skin
Weaver Oddly Specific Moonbeam Silk Oddly Specific Cotton
Alchemist Oddly Specific Synthetic Resin Oddly Specific Quartz
Culinarian Oddly Specific Seed Extract Oddly Specific Seeds

Upgrading Your Gathering Skysteel Tools

Gathering Skysteel Tools are not quite as easy to power through at level 90. Though they are certainly still faster than they used to be. Endwalker actually removed a significant part of the grind already by doing away with HQ gathering items. Square Enix also chose not to rebalance the required items accordingly with the new Gatherer’s Boon mechanic, which lets you collect Oddly Specific items many times quicker than before.

Mining and Botany classes each require two different items to upgrade. One is a normal item you will easily find on the node and another is a hidden item. Hidden items are only available randomly on the nodes and are not guaranteed to appear. Because of this, spend your GP to increase the yield of hidden items. Not the normal ones. Otherwise the hidden items very well may become a chokepoint for your gathering efforts.


Normal Item Required (340 each) Hidden Item Required (120 each)

Recommended Gathering Location

Mining Oddly Specific Obsidian Oddly Specific Mineral Sand Sea of Clouds (X: 26.5, Y: 25)
Botany Oddly Specific Latex Oddly Specific Fossil Dust Sea of Clouds (X: 29.5, Y: 25.5)

Fishers need a specific bait called Signature Skyballs to be able to catch their necessary fish. These fish are also only available when the quest is active. It is recommended to have Cordials and/or Hi-Cordials available to maintain your Patience II buff.

Thinker’s Coral:

  • 40 Required
  • Location: The Dravanian Hinterlands (X: 20, Y: 20)
  • Fishing Hole: Thaliak River
  • Weather/Time Conditions: None
  • Bite Type: ‘!’ Bite
  • Bite Time: 4-14 seconds after casting
  • Specific Advice: Use Identical Cast when you have the fish and then Double/triple Hook to increase your yield Further.

And that’s that for the Skysteel Tool +1 upgrade process! Just take your goods back to Denys in Ishgard and you’ll be set for the next step.

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