FFXIV Skybuilders’ Tools Guide – Final Relic Macro, Gathering Rotation

We finally made it! The final stage Skysteel Tools stage!

You may have hoped that this final stage of creating FFXIV Skybuilders’ Tools would be a victory lap. Instead, this becomes the hardest grind of the entire tool questline by involving expert crafting, new materials, and even collectables for gathering.

Our final questline begins with “Oddness in the End” by speaking to Emeny inside The Firmament (X: 9.7, Y: 14.6). This initial quest will set up preparations for the final upgrade story-wise for you to then begin the quest “The Pinnacle of Possibility,” located at the same location, which then asks for the relevant items according to your class.

All Skysteel Tools Steps

Unlike previous stages, however, you can’t cheese the crafts with “Trained Eye.” Due to these crafts being so-called “expert” crafts, no matter how far you over-gear yourself, Trained Eye cannot be used on expert crafts.

Expert crafts themselves are much harder than normal or even collectable crafts, with new status conditions exclusive to this type of crafting. You’re going to need to engage with the new statuses, too, as these expert recipes can only be completed manually. When you overgear these crafts you can use a macro, but even level 80 expert crafts require complicated macros while at level 90 with pentamelded endgame gear. These rotations can even be harder than the current endgame crafts at level 90.

Gathering classes will this time need to gather both normal items and collectables. These collectables replace the monotony of hidden items and provide a refreshing change of pace. Even fish must be caught as collectables.

To exchange your items this time, you unfortunately have to say farewell to Denys and say hello to your new friend Spanner. He is located inside the Firmament (X: 10.0, Y: 15.0) and will allow you to exchange everything for “Inconceivably Delicate Parts” and “Oddly Delicate Parts.”

Finishing Your Crafting Skybuilders’ Tools

Even though expert crafts are some of the hardest in game, being at level 90 still makes them a lot easier than when they were new. This gives way for some easy macros to always guarantee maximum collectability.

You require 60 Oddly Delicate Parts per Skybuilders’ Tool. A maximum collectability craft gives you three of each part, meaning it will take you 20 crafts per class. These function exactly like goobbiegoo from the previous upgrades — wherein you exchange your collectables for items to then exchange for your new main-hand tool.

You can once again purchase some of the required crafting materials via two sources: White Scrips or Skybuilders’ Scrips. Under the “Crafters’ Scrip (Master Recipes/Materials/Misc.)” category of any Scrip Exchange (such as the one inside Radz-at-Han). Then set the subcategory to “White Scrip Exchange (Lv. 80 Materials).” Or alternatively, you can purchase these materials using Skybuilder’s Scrips by speaking to Enie inside the Firmament (X: 12.0, Y: 14.0) and selecting the tab “Skybuilders’ Scrips (Materials/Materia/Items).”

Materials can be purchased for 45 White scrips or 30 Skybuilders’ Scrips costing you a total of 900 White Scrips per class or 600 Skybuilders’ Scrips.

However, you also now need a series of “Approved Grade 4 Artisanal” crafting materials to go with the scrip items. Just like the other materials, these are listed in the following links, but note that you can only find them in The Diadem: a special, instanced gathering area accessible through The Firmament.

If you’d like to skip the gathering grind, however, you can also just purchase them off the Market Board from other players.


Item Required (20 Each)

Scrip Material (20 Each)

Carpenter Oddly Delicate Pine Lumber Oddly Delicate Pine Log
Blacksmith Oddly Delicate Silver Gear Oddly Delicate Silvergrace Ore
Armorer Oddly Delicate Wolfram Square Oddly Delicate Scheelite
Goldsmith Oddly Delicate Celestine Oddly Delicate Raw Celestine
Leatherworker Oddly Delicate Gazelle Leather Oddly Delicate Gazelle Hide
Weaver Oddly Delicate Rhea Cloth Oddly Delicate Rhea
Alchemist Oddly Delicate Holy Water Oddly Delicate Mistletoe
Culinarian Oddly Delicate Shark Oil Oddly Delicate Hammerhead Shark

As for the actual crafting, learning the ins and outs of Expert Recipes shouldn’t be necessary for players at level 90 or higher. The following macro works with 3374 Craftmanship, 3549 Control, and 570 CP without any food or buffs — making it accessible to a wide range of modern stats. Other rotations are available and can be improved with higher stats. Feel free to play around with the in-game trial synth feature or a simulator to find a rotation that better matches your own stats.

/ac “Muscle Memory” <wait.3>
/ac Manipulation <wait.2>
/ac Veneration <wait.2>
/ac Groundwork <wait.3>
/ac “Prudent Synthesis” <wait.3>
/ac Innovation <wait.2>
/ac “Delicate Synthesis” <wait.3>
/ac “Basic Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Standard Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Advanced Touch” <wait.3>
/ac Manipulation <wait.2>
/ac Innovation <wait.2>
/ac “Prudent Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Basic Touch” <wait.3>
/e Macro #1 finished <se.0>

/ac “Standard Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Advanced Touch” <wait.3>
/ac Innovation <wait.2>
/ac “Prudent Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Basic Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Great Strides” <wait.2>
/ac “Byregot’s Blessing” <wait.3>
/ac “Basic Synthesis” <wait.3>
/e Craft finished <se.1>

Finishing Your Skybuilders’ Gathering Tools

To finish your Gathering tools, you have to gather 750 normal items and 36 collectables at maximum collectability. At full collectability, you will obtain seven “oddly delicate” class-specific parts per collectable. Specifically, you need 250 in total for this final upgrade. With the normal node items you can exchange 30 at a time for a single Inconceivably Delicate Part, of which you need 25 in total.

Naturally, the items required for the collectables and normal nodes have different locations this time around.

To make the most out of your GP this time, use GP on strong node bonuses for your normal items and avoid capping your GP. When you are close to your cap, use Bountiful Yield/Harvest II to prevent this.

As with some of the gathering materials required for the crafting tools, these next items will require you to enter the Diadem: a special, instanced gathering area accessible from The Firmament.

Class Normal Item Required (750 each)

Recommended Gathering Location

Mining Oddly Delicate Raw Jade The Diadem (X: 27.5, Y: 15.0)
Botany Oddly Delicate Birch Log The Diadem (X: 27.5, Y: 15.0)

While gathering collectables, you always want to aim for a 1,000 collectability rating. This generally involves a rotation such as:

Scrutiny > Meticulous Prospector > Scrutiny > Meticulous Prospector > Scour > Collect

The final Scour can be changed to Meticulous if you have 850 collectability at that point.

Class Collectable Item Required (36 each)

Recommended Gathering Location

Mining Oddly Delicate Adamantite Ore Azys Lla (X: 36.5, Y:28)
Botany Oddly Delicate Feather Azys Lla (X: 11.5, Y:26.5)

Fishers this time need two separate fish, both being collectables. You need 200 Oddly Delicate Fishing Rod Parts and 200 Oddly Delicate Fishing Reel Parts. Flintstrike is for the rod parts while Pickled Pom is for the reel parts. You still need to use Signature Skyballs to catch these fish.

Shown below is each fish and their collectability ratings required for each tier giving one, two, and four parts respectively. You can’t guarantee collectability with fish, however, meaning you can’t guarantee any certain number of fish will be required. It can range anywhere from 400 fish to 100 fish total depending on your luck and skill use.

Fish Use Tier 1 (1 Part) Tier 2 (2 Parts)

Tier 3 (4 Parts)

Flintstrike Rod Parts 126-295 296-304 305+
Pickled Pom Reel Parts 62-146 147-151 152+

It is very important to spend your GP maintaining Patience II which will increase the size of your fish and therefore the collectability rating of them.


  • Location: Azys Lla (X: 7.0, Y: 35.0)
  • Fishing Hole: Papus Tree
  • Weather/Time Conditions: None
  • Bite Type: ‘!!’ Bite
  • Bite Time: After 15 seconds it is easy to isolate.

Pickled Pom:

  • Location: Azys Lla (X: 11.0, Y: 30.2)
  • Fishing Hole: Delta Quadrant
  • Weather/Time Conditions: None
  • Bite Type: ‘!’ Bite
  • Bite Time: 10-18s seconds after casting.