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FFXIV Zeta Zodiac Relic Weapon Guide - How to Get, Farming Mahatma

From Alpha to Zeta, you have finished your very first full Relic Weapon!

Congratulations! This is the final part of the Zodiac Weapons quest. This guide will cover the Zeta Zodiac Weapons, the final form of the weapons introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The journey has several phases, each offering a new version of the weapon, ending at the Zeta form. None of these weapons are best-in-slot anymore, so you’re purely doing this for your own satisfaction.

The main guide can be found here: FFXIV Relic Weapon Guide: How to Get All Zodiac Weapons (A Realm Reborn)

How to Unlock Your Zodiac Zeta Relic Weapon

This is it! The final phase of the A Realm Reborn Relic Weapon journey! This phase requires something similar to light farming. Talk to Jalzahn at Hyrstmill in North Shroud (X: 29.5, Y: 19.6) to pick up the quest “Rise and Shine.” He wants you to deliver a bottle of Sunshine to Gerolt. Gerolt then sends you to meet Remon at Swiftperch in Western La Noscea (X: 34.3, Y: 31.7).

Remon will attach an item called a Mahatma to your weapon. Similar to the books phase, you can only have one Mahatma attached at a time, and they each cost 50 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. Then you need to complete A Realm Reborn dungeons, trials, and FATEs. Points will be awarded with text in your message log. The text corresponds to these point values.

  • Feeble: 4
  • Faint: 8
  • Gentle: 16
  • Steady: 24
  • Forceful: 48
  • Nigh Sings: 64

Each Mahatma is activated at 40 points, meaning anything Forceful or higher will automatically complete the current attached Mahatma.

  • Steady: Satasha, Aurum Vale, Stone Vigil, Tam Tara Deepcroft, Castrum Meridianum, Labyrinth of the Ancients
  • Forceful: Syrcus Tower, World of Darkness

There’s also a bonus to point gain in certain dungeons. This changes every two hours. Generally, if a dungeon is on bonus, it’s best to run that for double the points. If you get Aurum Vale on bonus, for example, you can plow through that in a few minutes, completing a Mahatma each time. Aurum Vale or Tam Tara Deepcroft unsynced are your best options here.

Once you have awoken all 12 Mahatmas, return to Jalzahn and select “Zodiac Weapon of Awakening.” This will reward you with the final Relic Weapon in this chain, the Zodiac Zeta!

Guides for the rest of the phases can be found below:

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