FFXIV A Realm Reborn Zodiac Relic Weapon Guide: Zenith to Zeta

Welcome to the grind, young one.

So, you’ve decided to begin your Relic Weapon journey in Final Fantasy XIV. Whether your motivation is glamour or simple completion, we applaud your desire to acquire these weapons. This will be a perilously long journey, however — and that’s just for a single weapon. You’ll have to do a larger part of the grind for each subsequent weapon, of which there are ten. If you ever see anyone with all of the Relic Weapons, rest assured that they have the patience of a saint.

This guide will cover the Zodiac Weapons, the original Relic Weapons introduced all the way back in A Realm Reborn. The journey has several phases, each offering a new version of the weapon, ending at the Zeta form. None of these weapons are best-in-slot anymore, so you’re purely doing this for your own satisfaction.

How to Unlock Your Relic Weapon

In order to start this journey, you need to access the very first quest. “The Weaponsmith of Legend” is available from Nedrick Ironheart in Western Thanalan (X: 12.0, Y: 14.3). In order to access this quest, you need to have completed the A Realm Reborn main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon” and finished the Class/Job quests for the Job whose weapon you’re trying to unlock.

You’ll also need to have certain dungeons and trials unlocked for the rest of the process. The first of these is Amdapor Keep, a Level 50 dungeon that will be made available with the quest “Ghosts of Amdapor,” from the same Nedrick Ironheart as above. You’ll also need to have access to The Bowl of Embers (Hard), The Howling Eye (Hard), and The Navel (Hard), the Level 50 versions of the Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan trials, respectively. These require you to have completed the original versions and reached Level 50.

The quest will eventually lead you to Gerolt at Hyrstmill in the North Shroud (X: 30.2, Y: 20.2). If you haven’t already, grab the nearby Aetheryte because you’ll be returning here a lot during this entire quest line.

Guides for each phase can be found below:

What Happens If I Lose a Relic Weapon?

If you accidentally destroy a relic weapon, you can pick up your highest iteration from any Calamity Salvager.

  • Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.3, Y:14.3)
  • Old Gridania (X:10.0, Y:8.4)
  • Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:12.6, Y:13.1)

What About Using Zodiac Relic Weapons For Glamour?

Here’s the thing: you cannot place a Relic Weapon in the Glamour Dresser. Instead, you need to acquire a replica of the weapon from Drake in Hyrstmill in North Shroud (X:30.3, Y:20.1). Drake will sell you a replica of every single Zodiac Relic Weapon phase.

There’s a catch, however. He’ll only do so once you’ve finished the Zodiac Zeta Relic Weapon. You need to complete the entire relic weapon and have it in your inventory for the options to pick up the replicas to be available. These replicas can then be placed into your Glamour Dresser for glamour purposes.