FFXIV Reconditioned Relic Weapon Guide: Crystal Sand Exchange & Farming

These Relic Weapons are all about forging and forging again to get them in a reconditioned state.

Welcome to the second half of the Anima Relic Weapon upgrade process! You’ve coasted over one milestone, the Hyperconductive Anima Weapons. This guide will help you unlock your Reconditioned Anima Relic Weapon, the fifth iteration of the Relic Weapons introduced in the Heavensward expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. These weapons are no longer best-in-slot, so you’re doing these quests for Glamour purposes and the sheer joy of completion. If you’re looking for another phase, you can head back to the primary guide for the Anima Relic Weapon questline.

How to Unlock Your Reconditioned Anima Relic Weapon

Our dude Ardashir in Azys Lla (X: 7.4, Y: 11.5) needs our help once again. No worries, however, because you’ll benefit from the quest just as well. Ardashir will give you the quest “A Dream Fulfilled.” This will have you meeting Ulan in Idyllshire (X: 6.4, Y: 4.7).

Ulan will state that you need a whole new weapon for this upgrade process, and to make that weapon, he needs Treated Crystal Sand. For every Treated Crystal Sand you have, you’ll add a single growth point to the Anima of the weapon, which also enhances the weapon’s attributes. The attributes have a cap of 126, dependent on the weapon/Job; at 180 growth points, the weapon is complete. You can check the progress of the weapon by using the Anima Glass item in your Key Items inventory.

The problem is Treated Crystal Sand only comes from Ulan when you have two other items: Crystal Sand and Umbrite. If you have one of each item, talk to Ulan and he’ll synthesize between three and six Treated Crystal Sand. This means you’ll need, at maximum, 60 pairs of Crystal Sand and Umbrite to create the needed Treated Crystal Sand. Maybe you’ll get lucky, but always prepare for the worst.

So what’s needed to get Crystal Sand and Umbrite? Umbrite is the easy part. You can buy Umbrite from Hismena in Idyllshire (X: 5.7, Y: 5.2) for 75 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics a pop. That’s a grand total of 4,500 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics if your luck is bad.

How to Get The Crystal Sand

This is the more complex part. Ulan will trade you two Crystal Sand for various different currencies. These currencies are all outlined in Ulan’s Note, an item that will be placed in your Key Items inventory.

Blue Crafters’ Scrip Token (5)

  • This will cost you 25 White Crafters’ Scrip at any Scrip Exchange in the major cities, or Anna (X: 14.2,  Y: 12.6) and Diana (X: 9.8, Y: 8.4) in The Firmament.

Blue Gatherers’ Scrip Token (5)

  • This will cost you 25 White Crafters’ Scrip at any Scrip Exchange in the major cities, or Anna (X: 14.2,  Y: 12.6) and Diana (X: 9.8, Y: 8.4) in The Firmament.

Garlond Steel (1), Celestine (1), and High Allagan Chimera Leather (1)

  • Crafted by Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith, and Leatherworker.

Amber-encased Vilekin (1)

  • Won from Heavensward(Level 50 – 60) Battlecraft Levequests.

Battlecraft Demimateria I (3), Battlecraft Demimateria II (2), Fieldcraft Demimateria I (3), and Fieldcraft Demimateria II (3)

  • Desynthesis of Level 50 A Realm Reborn

Moonstone (5)

  • A reward from the repeatable quest “Deliverance” from Ehcatl Nine Manciple in North Shroud (X: 25.0, Y: 23.1)
  • 4,000 Grand Company Seal
    • Storm Quartermaster in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X: 13.1, Y: 12.7)
    • Serpent Quartermaster in New Gridania (X: 9.8, Y: 11.0)
    • Flame Quartermaster in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X: 8.3, Y: 9.0)
  • Treasure Hunt from Timeworn Leather Map, Timeworn Goatskin Map, Timeworn Toadskin Map, Timeworn Boarskin Map, or Timeworn Peisteskin Map

 Inferno Horn (1), Crag Heart (1), and Diamond Tear (1)

  • One of each comes from Ifrit (Extreme), Titan (Extreme), and Shiva (Extreme), respectively.

Vortex Feather (1), Barb of the Whorl (1), and Large Levin Orb (1)

  • One of each comes from Garuda (Extreme), Leviathan (Extreme), and Ramuh (Extreme)

Superior Enchanted Ink (5) and Thavnairian Mist (5)

  • 25 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics and 20 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics, each from:
    • Auriana in Mor Dhona (X: 22.7, Y: 6.6)
    • Hismena in Idyllshire (X: 5.7, Y: 5.2)
    • Rowena’s Representative in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X: 9.0, Y: 11.1)
    • Rowena’s Representative in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X: 9.1, Y: 8.3)
    • Rowena’s Representative in New Gridania (X: 11.9, Y: 12.3)
    • Rowena’s Representative in Foundation (X: 10.5, Y: 11.8)

Allagan Catalyst (5)

  • From the repeatable quest “The Gift of the Archmagus,” which requires the completion of all Crystal Towers raids
  • A drop from Amon in the Syrcus Tower and Phlegethon in the Labyrinth of the Ancients.

Unidentifiable Bone (1), Unidentifiable Shell (1), Unidentifiable Ore (1), and Unidentifiable Seeds (1)

  • Check the guide for Anima Relic Weaponsfor information on how to obtain these items.

Of these, the easiest method is to have a Disciple of the Hand or Land doing Custom Deliveries for White Crafters’ Scrip to trade for Tokens, while using Allagan Tomestone of Poetics gained from Daily Roulettes to buy Umbrite. If you don’t have a crafter or gatherer, your best bet is to use your allowances on the Battlecraft leves.

When you have obtained all of the necessary Treated Crystal Sand and fully upgraded your weapon with all 180 growth points, return to Ardashir in Azys Lla (X: 7.4, Y: 11.5). Arashir and Gerolt will forge you a brand-new Reconditioned Anima Relic Weapon.