FFXIV Make It Rain 2022 Guide: How to Get Show Left/Right Emotes, Quest Answers, and Bonus MGP

The new Make It Rain campaign has begun in Final Fantasy XIV and we have all the answers you need to finish the quest and get the new emotes.

One more shout out to Fat Joe because Final Fantasy XIV is making it rain in the latest seasonal event. The Make It Rain 2022 campaign in FFXIV is centered around the Gold Saucer — it gives you a new event quest, cute little storyline, and extra MGP. Make It Rain 2022 ends on June 20 at 7:59 a.m. PT, so you have plenty of time to snag those sweet new emotes and line your pockets with MGP.

Although the Make It Rain FFXIV quests and rewards are pretty straightforward, we’re going to help guide you through the event with everything you need to know in case you need the assistance.

Make It Rain 2022 Quest Location and Answers

The quest to kick off the event is called “A Prickly Plaint” which is given by the NPC named Ollier located in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X: 9.4, Y: 9.2). He’ll tell you the story of Senor Sabotender (the fancy glowing cactus-man in the in case you didn’t know) struggling to capture the attention of potential Gold Saucer customers. You’ll be told to go to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (use “The Aftcastle” Aethernet point) near the event square. Then you’ll see the poor Senor Sabotender struggling along. Finally talk to him to help out.

His real name is Nanaphon, it turns out, and he’ll talk about the Gold Saucer. After which you’ll have some objectives to finish soon after.

There are four NPCs and conversations you need to complete for this quest — two in the Upper Decks and two in the Lower Decks. You can pull up your map to find them, but in case you need it, here are the quest objectives’ locations and NPCs:

  • Rhoswen – Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks, The Maelstrom HQ (X: 12.9, Y: 13.8)
  • Lyngsath – Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks, Culinarians’ Guild  (X: 10.1, Y: 8.1)
  • Kyokyoroon – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, Hawkers’ Alley (X: 6.7, Y: 12.2)
  • Wawalago – Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, Fishermen’s Guild (X: 8.1, Y: 15.2)

You’ll be presented with multiple dialogue options when speaking to each NPC. There is one right answer, but there aren’t any lasting consequences for choosing the wrong one. You can just keep picking the dialogue options again until you get it right. Here are the correct answers anyway:

  • Rhoswen: “It’s the perfect place to bring that special someone!” → “Perhaps your crew could use a respite?”
  • Lyngsath: “But you could partake in libations to delight even the most discerning epicure!”
  • Kyokyoroon: “You could hit the Cactpot and become a gillionaire!”
  • Wawalago: “But don’t you want to feast your eyes on the realm’s most gorgeous garb!?”

Once you complete these objectives, you have to go back to the Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks at The Aftcastle. Then it’s on to the Gold Saucer in Thanalan to complete the quest.

How to Get the Show Left and Show Right Emotes

Your reward for completing the event quest “A Prickly Plaint” is the item Ballroom Etiquette — Soliciting Applause. Use this item in your inventory to unlock the Show Left and Show Right emotes — you can use either one from the emotes menu or by typing “/showleft” or “/showright” in the game chat.

Make It Rain 2022 Items

Aside from earning the Show Left and Show Right emotes, you can purchase old event items for MGP. Items are available from the NPC vendor Campaign Attendant in the Gold Saucer (X: 5.3, Y: 6.3). There are a handful of discounted items, which includes the following:

  • Crystal Tower Striker – 200,000 MGP (originally 300,000 MGP)
  • Monster Toss Machine – 200,000 MGP (originally 300,000 MGP)
  • Cuff-a-Cur Machine – 200,000 MGP (originally 300,000 MGP)
  • The Moogle’s Paw Machine – 200,000 MGP (originally 300,000 MGP)
  • Out on a Limb Machine – 200,000 MGP (originally 300,000 MGP)
  • The Finer Miner Machine – 200,000 MGP (originally 300,000 MGP)

These are found in the “Seasonal Event Prizes I” option under the “Others” tab. They are all furnishing items that let you place the Gold Saucer minigames inside a housing space.

Make It Rain 2022 Bonus MGP Rewards

Throughout the event, you’ll earn 50% bonus MGP from Gold Saucer minigames — this includes all GATEs, Triple Triad matches, the daily Mini Cactpot, and minigame machines on the floor. GATEs that reward 3,000 MGP and 4,000 MGP will now give 4,500 MGP and 6,000 MGP, respectively. What’s even better is that the bonus MGP also applies to objectives completed in the Gold Saucer Challenge Log, and completing the weekly challenges in said log is the best way to earn MGP fast. If you’re still want that coveted Pod 602 mount from NieR Automata, now’s a good time to rack up the MGP necessary.

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