FFXIV Island Vine Guide: Where to Find Vines on Your Island Sanctuary

Do it for the vine. Island Vine, that is. Here's where to find some in FFXIV after Patch 6.2!

You need Island Vine in FFXIV. A lot of Island Vine. It’s an important early crafting material found early on during your Island Sanctuary tutorial in Patch 6.2. Besides needing it to build a Makeshift Net (which captures animals) you also want a bunch for certain Handicrafts. Like the Isleworks Earrings. Though Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t go out of its way to make where to find Island Vine abundantly clear. In fact, it’s one of the more obscure early crafting materials. Hence this guide! Let’s get into it and start that workshop on producing some handicrafts quickly.

While this should be obvious, it’s probably worth pointing out for posterity that Island Vine is currently only available on your Island Sanctuary. So, you first need to unlock your Island Sanctuary and go through the opening stages of your quest. After which point you will be directed to “The Wilds” section of your island and must gather materials.

Once in this location, you can easily find Island Vine by gathering from two different types of nodes. These are labeled “Sugarcane” and “Island Apple Tree” when you target them. These are scattered all over the island. However, apple trees tend to grow on grassy ground (often a decent distance away from water).

Note that all gathering nodes are unmarked until you activate the “Gather” mode from your Islekeep’s Index. That’s the big, yellowish menu that appears on your screen whenever you return to your Island Sanctuary.

Both Sugarcane and Island Apple Trees are pretty easy to distinguish from other gathering nodes. Sugarcane is a thin, green plant not much taller than the average character. Its closest lookalike on any Island Sanctuary is probably the Agave Plant — which provides Islewort instead of Island Vine. Though even that’s a stretch. Agave Plants are much broader with leaves that fan out in every direction.

By contrast, Island Apple Trees are short (compared to the other tress around) and covered in, well, apples. The red fruit are visible anytime the plant hasn’t been harvested yet. The apples then temporarily disappear after you gather from the tree.

ffxiv island vine

Other Island Vine Locations in FFXIV

This is just one method of finding Island Vine, however. Gathering in your Island Sanctuary may seem superficially similar to survival games players might already be familiar with outside of FFXIV. However, it works a little bit differently than most.

FFXIV actually classifies Island Vine as a sort of “bottom tier” crafting material in the island region. Such material types are always accessible from a very wide variety of nodes. Even without tools. The Island Apple Tree, for example, is actually the node type associated with Island Apples. You cannot acquire this until you have the appropriate tool: an Islekeep’s Stone Hatchet. However, you can always gather Island Vine from the apple tree no matter what tools you have or haven’t crafted.

Even after you do equip a hatchet, as well, you will always still acquire Island Vine from the Sugarcane and Island Apple Tree nodes in addition to the higher tiers of items made available by your tools (e.g. Island Apples). You can use this same logic to find items like Island Stone.

ffxiv island vine locations

By the way, while Island Apple Trees are scattered all across the island, you’ll probably have the most luck searching just north and just south of the Eastward Stream location on your map. Similarly, Sugarcane is all over the place, but there’s a dense pack of the stuff on the eastern side of the Northward Stream — pretty much exactly where the text for “Small Spring” is located on the map in the screenshot above.

As a result, these are two of the best locations to find Island Vine in FFXIV in the early stages of your Island Sanctuary. You won’t be able to harvest higher-level items from Sugarcane right away. However, once you have the hatchet, you can gather both vines and apples at the same time from the trees. Apples can then be used to feed animals back at your base.

In addition, it’s worth noting that rocks, trees, sand, etc. all respawn in whatever locations you last harvested them. Once you walk far enough away and gather enough other materials, of course. Similar to normal Botany and Mining in FFXIV. Thus, you can leave both locations and return later to get more of whatever you need.

As one final note: you can always check your Sanctuary Gathering Log (also found on the Islekeep’s Index) for item locations. This will pull up a map that shows you one small area where the chosen item can be gathered. The downside is that it doesn’t show all locations. Not by a longshot. It also only tracks items you have previously gathered. Still, you can keep that in mind for a handy way to find something in a pinch!