FFXIV Island Stone Guide: Where to Gather Stone on Your Island Sanctuary

Let's stock up on Island Stone for our Island Sanctuary in FFXIV Patch 6.2 and beyond!

In FFXIV, Island Stone is one of the most important early crafting materials you can find during your Island Sanctuary excursion in Patch 6.2. You need it lots of different things. However, the most important objects at the beginning are several tools that open up more options and allow you to complete tutorial objects — and gather entirely different types of material that aren’t otherwise accessible. Though Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t go out of its way to make where to find Island Stone abundantly clear. Hence this guide. Let’s get into it and get that sanctuary producing some handicrafts quickly!

While this should be obvious, it’s probably worth pointing out for posterity that Island Stone is currently only available on your Island Sanctuary. You first need to unlock your Island Sanctuary and go through the first few stages of your quest. After which point you will be directed to “The Wilds” section of your island and must gather materials.

Once in this location, you can easily find Island Stone by gathering from nodes labeled “Smooth White Rock” when you target them. These are most commonly found next to fresh water: such as by the Pristine Pond and alongside the riverbed leading away from your base.

Note that all gathering nodes are unmarked until you activate the “Gather” mode from your Islekeep’s Index. That’s the big, yellowish menu that appears on your screen whenever you return to your Island Sanctuary.

The biggest hurdle at this stage is simply differentiating between nodes that will produce Island Stone and ones that will produce Island Sand. Both types of items come from rocklike deposits. However, sand mounds tend to be darker and more uniformly colored. Except in the case of “Submerged Sand” nodes, which can be found under the water and are harder to tell apart from stone at a glance. Yet closer inspection will reveal theses are shinier and muddier than stone. Plus, you can always target any node to be sure.

ffxiv island stone

Other Island Stone Locations in FFXIV

This is just one method of finding Island Stone, however. Gathering in your Island Sanctuary may seem superficially similar to survival games you might already be familiar with outside of FFXIV. However, it works a little bit differently than most. Essentially: any type of rocky formation will produce Island Stone whenever you gather from it.

This is because the game classifies Island Stone as a sort of “bottom tier” type of crafting material in this region. Such material types are always accessible from a very wide variety of nodes. Smooth White Rock, for example, is actually the node type associated with Island Limestone. You cannot acquire this until you have the appropriate tool: an Islekeep’s Stone Hammer.

Even after you do equip a hammer, though, you will always acquire Island Stone from Smooth White Rock in addition to the suddenly available Island Limestone.

ffxiv island stone locations

The same goes for other types of rock formations. Just north of the Eastward Stream, for instance, is a mountain path leading to a place called Sunrise Lookout. This is a barren location mostly inhabited by Coblyns (which you can catch for your pasture once you have a Makeshift Net). Besides the little monsters there are also multiple types of higher-level stone deposits: Rough Black Rock, Speckled Rock, and even Quartz Formations.

Each of these gathering nodes produces a different type of high-level material, but only after you have a higher quality of gathering tool. Yet you can always gather Island Stone from these nodes right away because it is considered the lowest level of rock crafting material on your Island Sanctuary.

On that note: Sunrise Lookout is actually one of the best places to gather Island Stone en masse. The stones are closely packed and quite close to your base camp.

In addition, it’s worth noting that rocks, trees, sand, etc. all respawn in whatever locations you last harvested them. Once you walk far enough away and gather enough other materials, of course. Similar to normal Botany and Mining in FFXIV. Thus, you can leave Sunrise Lookout and return later to get more of whatever you need.