FFXIV Island Hemp Guide: How to Find Agave Plants on Your Island Sanctuary

It takes a lot of Island Hemp in FFXIV to upgrade your Workshop and Granary. Here are some tips on how to find it!

In FFXIV, Island Hemp is a vital Island Sanctuary resource needed for a number of things after Patch 6.2. You can use it for several Handicrafts, for one, which will net you Cowries to purchase valuable items like Materia and dye. However, the real drain on Island Hemp at the start of your tropical excursion is renovating buildings. You can raise your Workshops and Granaries to their second form at Sanctuary Level 6. However, it’s going to take an absolute boatload of Island Hemp to do it. That means finding (and harvesting) Agave Plants. So, let’s look at how to gather them fast!

First of all, while this might be obvious, it’s probably worth noting that Island Hemp is currently only available on your Island Sanctuary. You must unlock said Island Sanctuary and go through the first few stages of its questline.

After that, you need to upgrade and progress your sanctuary until it reaches Level 6. This will unlock the crafting recipe for your first scythe — which is absolutely necessary to gather Island Hemp. You can collect from Agave Plants before that. However, they won’t produce Island Hemp without the scythe in your inventory.

ffxiv island hemp agave plant

Once you have your copper scythe, check the easternmost edge of your map, just shy of the beach near the ocean. We’re looking for the locale known as “Coral Sands” on your map. The region is pretty true to its name; you can find tons of Island Coral if you dive into the water past the beach. However, just before that sub-area, there’s a large and very green patch of vegetation that includes both Agave Plants and palm trees. You can start harvesting here.

For your trouble, you’ll get one clump of Island Hemp and Islewort (a more basic crafting material) per harvest. Just note that gathering nodes won’t appear at all on the island until you activate the “Gather” mode from your Islekeep’s Index. That’s the big, yellowish menu that appears on your screen whenever you return to your Island Sanctuary.

ffxiv island hemp map

Tips for Gathering Island Hemp in FFXIV

Agave Plants don’t just appear by Coral Sands. They’re spread out all over the island. We simply use this location because it’s the fastest way to gather the most Island Hemp in one location. Nearly every other Agave Plant on the Island Sanctuary grows alone. Here, you can find six or so in roughly the same spot. This is extremely important — and not just because it cuts down on travel time.

You see, all Island Sanctuary rocks, trees, sand, etc. continuously respawn in the same locations. The same is true for Agave Plants and their delicious(?) Island Hemp. It’s not just about time and distance, though. Similar to normal Botanist and Miner nodes in FFXIV, every gathering spot respawns after a set number of harvesting attempts. Specifically, 10 for every Island Sanctuary material.

Put another way: the first Agave Plant you collect from any location will respawn instantly after you collect from 10 more nodes. The type of node doesn’t matter. You can collect one Island Hemp, then gather 10 lumps of Island Clay, and that single Agave Plant from the beginning will suddenly reappear before your eyes.

In fact, I specifically recommend that you gather from the three Mounds of Dirt in this location. Each will net you one unit of Island Sand and one unit of Island Clay. Which are also pretty important. You can also harvest from the few palm trees if you like. Though these are easy enough to find elsewhere.

Starting from the southern edge of the grove, make your way north to the top of the beach, harvesting every bit of Island Hemp you can along the way. Combined with the trees and dirt, this will respawn the southernmost Agave Plant (once again: after you collect from 10 other gathering spots). Collecting that plant will cause the next oldest one to respawn, then the next, and so on and so forth.

You can use this same trick anywhere on your Island Sanctuary, too! It’s a very useful trick for any material.

And that’s it. Hopefully this helps you grab those building upgrades fast during your Island Sanctuary adventure! We’ll be sure to update this guide to Island Hemp if we find any better farming methods in FFXIV.