FFXIV Island Cotton Boll Guide: How to Find Island Sanctuary Cotton Plants

Get your Island Cotton Bolls and start rolling in the dough(s).

The humble Island Cotton Boll is yet another Island Sanctuary crafting material added to FFXIV in Patch 6.2. It’s mostly used to craft intermediate level Handicrafts. Which is really what you’re after on the island in the first place! These are the automatically produced materials that generate Cowries: the special currency used on the island. Gathering a few dozen Island Cotton Bolls will expand which Handicrafts you can create and speed up your moneymaking powers. So, let’s look at where to find Cotton Plants in Final Fantasy XIV and get cracking.

First of all, while this might be obvious, we’re just going to note that Island Cotton Bolls are currently only available on your Island Sanctuary. Meaning you can’t gather or purchase them anywhere else in the game. So, before anything else, you must unlock said Island Sanctuary and go through the first few stages of its questline.

In fact, you need to upgrade and use the facilities on your island until it reaches Sanctuary Level 6. This will unlock the crafting recipe for your first scythe — which is absolutely necessary to gather any Island Cotton Bolls at all. You can collect from Cotton Plants (which can each produce one Island Cotton Boll) before that stage. However, they won’t produce Island Hemp without the scythe in your inventory. You’ll just get a single clump of Islewort instead.

ffxiv cotton plants

Once you have your copper scythe, check the southeastern section of your map. We’re specifically looking for the small cliff area known as “Peak Point” on your map. It’s the same place you can go to for a solid collection of Island Copper. However, while the copper can be found at the far eastern tip of the peninsula, we want to stop farther west. There’s a patch of about half-a-dozen Cotton Plants all in one location here. Look at the map below for reference.

For your trouble, you’ll get one Island Cotton Boll and one clump of Islewort (a more basic crafting material) per harvest. Just note that you can’t gather at all on the island until you activate the “Gather” mode from your Islekeep’s Index. That’s the big, yellowish menu that appears on your screen whenever you return to your Island Sanctuary.

ffxiv island cotton plant map

Tips to Find Island Cotton Bolls in FFXIV

Cotton Plants, similar to the Agave Plants that produce Island Hemp, don’t just appear in one place. They’re spread out all over the island. We simply use this location because it’s the fastest way to gather the most Island Cotton Bolls in one location. Nearly every other Cotton Plant on the Island Sanctuary grows solo — scattered across the landmass. This is the most easily accessible area that we’ve found where you can grab a  whole bunch at once.

That kind of proximity is extremely important. Not just because it cuts down on how much you need to walk or ride, either.

This is because every Island Sanctuary gathering point — including every rock, tree, lump of sand, etc. — continuously respawns in the same location. The same is true for Cotton Plants and the Island Cotton Bolls they produce. It’s quite similar to how normal Botanist and Miner nodes work in FFXIV. Though the numbers are slightly different. Every single gathering node respawns after you collect from a set number of nodes. Specifically, 10 for every Island Sanctuary material.

Put another way: the first Cotton Plant you harvest in this location will respawn instantly after you collect from 10 more gathering spots. The type of node doesn’t matter. You can collect one Island Cotton Boll, then chop down 10 trees and come back That first Cotton Plant you started with will suddenly return. Even the other pieces of cotton you collect count towards this total. Meaning you could, in theory, collect nothing but 11 pieces of cotton to perform an infinite loop. Though there aren’t usually enough nodes of one particular resource close enough to make this efficient.

Speaking of efficiency: this tiny cotton field is pretty close to a good collection of Island Copper. As mentioned above, it’s just a bit farther the east. It might be a good idea to travel that way and gather the metal, using its number to start respawning the cotton, since it’s a bit on the rare side. The only downside is that most of the copper is found on lower cliffs. That means you would need to walk all the way back up the hill to get back to the cotton each time.

Barring that, there are also trees, vegetables, Agave Plants, and more closer by. You only need a few to start the chain reaction of respawning your first Island Cotton Boll.

You can use this same trick anywhere on your Island Sanctuary, too! It’s a very useful trick for every material, so keep it in mind.

And that’s it. Hopefully this helps you start up those textile Handicrafts on Island Sanctuary enterprise We’ll be sure to update this guide to Island Cotton Bolls if we find any better farming methods in FFXIV.