FFXIV Island Copper Guide: Where to Gather Copper on Your Island Sanctuary

Upgrade your Cozy Cabin with some Island Copper (and a few more goodies). Here's how to find the stuff!

In FFXIV, Island Copper is a slightly rare (but very useful) crafting material found on every player’s Island Sanctuary after Patch 6.2. You need it for a few different things. Mostly notably early Handicrafts of the metalworking variety and the first upgrade for your Cozy Cabin. Though Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t point out where Island Copper can be found or even when you can start harvesting it. That’s why we’re here to help! Let’s get right to it and start sharing some locations and details on Island Copper in FFXIV.

While this should be obvious, it’s probably worth noting for posterity that Island Copper is currently only available on your Island Sanctuary. You first need to unlock your Island Sanctuary and go through the first few stages of your quest. After which point you will be directed to “The Wilds” section of your island and must gather materials.

Once in this location, you can quickly find Island Copper to the southeastern edge of your map, just overlooking the ocean. Copper is located inside of gathering nodes that show the label “Bluish Rock” whenever you target them. These are most commonly found in dark and rocky areas. Though they can spawn on grass as well. Typically scattered among Smooth White Rock (which produces Island Limestone).

ffxiv island copper

Note that all gathering nodes are unmarked until you activate the “Gather” mode from your Islekeep’s Index. That’s the big, yellowish menu that appears on your screen whenever you return to your Island Sanctuary.

As previously hinted at above, the easiest location to get Island Copper early on is due east of your base. Follow the Eastward Stream towards the ocean shore. In the southeastern quadrant of the Island Sanctuary map there’s a small mountain range marked with the name “Peak Point.” You can find Bluish Rock on and around the ledges throughout this location towards the far eastern edge. Each of these nodes will produce one Island Copper after harvesting with a basic hammer.

Speaking of which: you must have an Islekeep’s Stone Hammer to harvest Island Copper. This is acquired pretty early on during the tutorial segment of your Island Sanctuary excursion. However, until that point, Bluish Rock will only produce Island Stone when you gather from it.

island copper ffxiv map

Other Island Copper Locations in FFXIV

While it’s a bit of a trek, you can also find Island Copper in more Bluish Rock deposits to the center-north of the island. These pockets are less densely packed and farther away from your cabin than Peak Point. However, you can pick them up as you travel in search of other materials. Such as Island Rock Salt found inside caves on the beach to the north.

More Bluish Rocks can be found on the grassy area of the Gentle Slope — just to the west of the upper part of the Northern Stream. Though these are much less densely packed than the other locations.

Finally, it’s worth noting that rocks, trees, sand, etc. all respawn in whatever locations you last harvested them. Once you walk far enough away and gather enough other materials, of course. Similar to normal Botany and Mining in FFXIV. Thus, you can leave Sunrise Lookout and return later to get more of whatever you need.

Hopefully that helps set you up on your Island Sanctuary adventure! We’ll be sure to update this guide to Island Copper as we find more good farming methods in FFXIV.