FFXIV Eureka Orthos Floors 71-100 Guide – Beating Excalibur, Administrator, & Proto-Kaliya

It's time to beat Eureka Orthos!

After completing the FFXIV Eureka Orthos storyline up to floor 30, and then the meaty part of the deep dungeon up to floor 70, it’s time to close things out. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations, but the difficulty is only going to ramp up from here. As always, our main recommendation is pulling no more mobs than you can handle and avoiding damage when possible. There really aren’t many DPS checks outside of very specific mobs. Orthos is all about understanding abilities and dodging one hit kills. Here’s how to complete Eureka Orthos floors 71 to 100!


Eureka Orthos Floors 71 to 80

Notable new mobs:

  • Orthos Unicorn: When aggro’d, it will knock the player back three times. Put yourself against a wall to stay in position (and keep from attracting too many monsters).
  • Orthos Coeurl: Has a backwards conal AoE if you get behind it called “Tail Swing.” Additionally, it does an instant speed, wide, and very large conal attack called “Wide Blaster.”
  • Orthos Primelephas: Short, late-telegraph spell called “Rear,” which is a point blank AoE.
  • Orthokunoichi: As before, this mob can assassinate low HP players.
  • Orthos Gulo Gulo: “The Killing Paw,” a telegraphed AoE, hits twice.
  • Orthos Kargas: “Winds of Winter” is a large AoE; you must lose line of sight or stun this cast before it triggers.
  • Orthos Sasquatch: Can cast a massive AoE while out of combat that will one-shot-kill. You need to take caution even walking on the same floor as this beast. It’s just that deadly.
  • Bird of Orthos: “Eye of the Fierce” is a gaze attack that kills. Look away from the mob to dodge it.
  • Orthos Flamebeast: “Blistering Roar” is a late-telegraph, massively wide line AoE attack that cannot be line-of-sighted. Be ready to move quickly.
  • Orthos Skatene: “Chirp”: line-of-sight or outrange this. Otherwise, you’ll fall asleep and die to the following AoE attack.
  • Orthos Thunderbeast: If a player is behind it, the mob will crouch down and cleave point blank. Meanwhile, “Spark” will be a very large donut AoE, so stay close. Then it immediately hits with a point blank AoE, so get far away.

Boss: Proto-Kaliya

Ability 1 – Barofield

Turns the edge of the arena into a kill zone.

Ability 2 – Nanospore Jet

Spawns magnetic poles on the outside of the arena.

Ability 3 – Centralized Nerve Gas

Conal AoE in front of Kaliya; dodge to the sides or back to avoid.

Ability 4 – Leftward or Rightward Nerve Gas

This is actually an offset half-arena cleave. For example, the leftward version will cleave all the way from northwest to southeast behind the boss.

When the magnets outside of the arena are cleaved by a breath attack, they will fire a line AoE through the center of the arena shortly after. This can overlap with other mechanics.

The boss will further perform five of these attacks in a row in total.

During the onslaught, you will also be tethered to one of the poles and given a magnet yourself. Opposite attract, matches repel, pushing or pulling players accordingly

Ability 5 – Nerve Gas Ring

This leaves a small safe arena next to — but not under — the boss. You need to be pushed or pulled to or from your magnet to be standing near the boss.

Ability 6 – Resonance

This is the tankbuster. Mitigate and heal accordingly.

The boss will now repeat (Nanospore Jet → Nerve Gas x 4 → Nerve Gas Ring with magnet pull) until completion.

FFXIV PVP Series 1 Ending

Eureka Orthos Floors 81 to 90

At this point, you should be minimizing exploration, fighting single mobs at a time, and conserving pomanders for the final set of floors.

Notable new mobs:

  • Orthos Hecteyes: “Catharsis” is a massive AoE that is not stunnable. “Hex Eye” is another gaze mechanic (melee range only).
  • Orthos Catoblepas: “Demon Eye” is another gaze mechanic — even when the mob is not aggro’d.
  • Orthorian Corse: “Glass Punch” a late-telegraph frontal cone AoE attack.
  • Orthos Deepeye: “Hypnotize” is, you guessed it, another gaze AoE. The mob can apply Vulnerability Up with its area-of-effect attacks.
  • Orthos Pudding: “Dark II” is a huge conal AoE attack.
  • Orthos Spartoi: “Umbra Smash” is a fast cast, point blank AoE with a rather large radius.
  • Orthos Wraith: “Scream” is a delayed telegraph (and huge) AoE attack.
  • Orthos Ahriman: “Blustering Blink” is just a large line AoE.
  • Orthos Spectre: The mob will use “Left/Right Sweep.” This is more than a 180-degree cone, so avoid the front and back. “Surrounding Burst” is a large point blank AoE.

Boss: Administrator

Ability 1 – Support Systems

Summons interceptor units around the room which do nothing at first, but will be used very soon.

Ability 2 – Interception Sequence

There will be three types of units. Each will be assigned 1, 2, or 3 and fire off in that order.

Boxes will fire line AoEs in front of them
Eggs will do a wide-angle cleave
Spheres will do a donut AoE

Ability 3 – Peripheral Lasers

Be under the boss.


Ability 3 – Cross Lasers

Be at a diagonal to where the triangles on the boss meet.

Ability 4 – Laserstream

Raidwide damage.

Ability 5 – Support Systems

This time it will be all boxes. They will show a charging animation before firing the same line AoEs as before, sequentially.

Ability 6 – Parallel Execution

Causes the boxes to begin charging and players to start dropping AoEs where they stand. Stand further away from one side of the boxes, dodge this AoE, then move into the AoE you ignored.

Ability 7 – Support Systems (again)

Ability 8 – Salvo Script

Two walls will be lined with boxes and two cardinal directions will have eggs. Stand between the two eggs on the outer edge, one tile off the corner of the wall.

The boss will now repeat (Support Systems → Interception Sequence → Cross Lasers → Laserstream → Support Systems → Parallel Execution → Support Systems → Salvo Script) until completion.

FFXIV Scholar melds and BIS gear list for the average player, no Savage required.

Eureka Orthos Floors 91 to 100

There is a boss on floor 99. For floors 96, 97, 98, however, feel free to use up all buffs you do not wish to hold for the final fight. These are the worst places to wipe your run and there is no reason to hold onto things like storm protomanders any longer.

Notable new mobs:

  • Orthosystem Alpha: “Aetherochemical Laser Alpha” is a large, wide, conal AoE.
  • Orthosystem Y: “High Voltage” is a massive AoE, but interruptible. “Ring Cannon” is a donut AoE.
  • Orthodrone: Self-detonates after death in a large AoE.
  • Orthos Mining Drone: Four knockback hits, so stay near a wall once again to avoid being knocked into something spicy. “Aetherochimical Cannon,” meanwhile, is a half-room cleave.
  • Orthos Motherbit: “Citadel Buster,” a fast, late-telegraphed attack, hits as a line AoE.
  • Orthos Zaghnal: Large out-of-combat AoE. “Pounce Errant” marks one player; they then need to isolate as it will jump to and cleave wherever they’re standing.
  • Orthos Sphinx: “Naked Soul” is a gaze attack. Look away accordingly. “Swinge” is a late-telegraph, fast, and cone-shaped AoE.
  • Servomechanical Orthochimera
    • “The Dragon’s Voice,” get under the boss (just like last time) OR “The Ram’s Voice,” get away from the monster (also like last time).
    • This is followed by one of the following three:
      • “Engulfing Ice” a right-side cleave, go behind.
      • “The Dragon’s Breath” a left-side cleave, go behind.
      • “Scorpion’s Tail,” stay in front.
  • Orthos Fitter: Large out-of-combat AoE.
  • Mithridates: “Laserblade” hits in a 270-degree large conal AoE; get behind the monster to dodge.
  • Orthos Durga: “Diffusion Ray” is a large conal AoE. “Brainjack” applies “confusion” on a random player. Spread out to avoid the damage.

Boss: Excalibur

Make sure to use any buff protomanders you have left. This is the big show, so use everything you have left. That includes your demiclones and everything else.

Ability 1 – Paradoxum

Assigns a random element to each player. This will be relevant soon.

Ability 2 – Caliburni

Front-facing AoE that leaves a sword at the edge of the arena that dashes to one side.

Ability 3 – Thermal Divide

Line AoE down the center of the arena. Look at the boss’s animation. One side will be fire, the other ice. You want to get hit by the element opposite your own. I.e. fire players should get hit by ice while ice players should get hit by fire.

The swords from earlier dash through the arena again.

Ability 4 – Call Dimension Blade

Form change for the boss.

Ability 5 – Empty Souls’ Caliber

Donut AoE, be under the boss.


Ability 5 – Solid Souls’ Caliber

Point blank AoE.

In addition, there will either be three conal cleaves from the boss, or a spiral pattern around the arena. You need to dodge both the in/out attack and the floor cleave telegraph. It’s easiest to default to east/west of the boss and react when you see the floor AoE appear.

Ability 6 – Caliburni

This time three conal AoEs, the swords will stay at the wall again.

Ability 7 – Paradoxum (Again)

Elemental debuffs reapplied.

Ability 8 – Frostforge OR Flameforge

Whatever element is picked here, you once again need the opposite element. If he picked Frost, and you have the ice element, get hit by one of the Fire swords to change your element to fire.

If you are not being hit, then stand next to the end of a line of swords near the wall to dodge as the boss will cleave the remaining empty space.

Ability 9 – Empty Souls’ Caliber OR Solid Souls’ Caliber (Again)

Ability 10 – Exflammeus

Ground AoEs in random places will begin to form, expand, and then finally explode. This will repeat and overlap in multiple waves. Just try to dodge the best you can.


Ability 10 – Exaglacialis

Three puddles will drop twice. After the AoEs hit, they will leave behind a star-shaped line AoE indicator that will fire off shortly after.

If they are in a triangle relative to each other, you can stand directly next to any of the inner corners and be safe. If they are all on one side, find the one that isn’t adjacent and stand on either of the inner corners.

The boss will now repeat (Thermal Divide → Caliburni (three-hit) → Paradoxum → Flame/Frostforge → Solid Souls’ Caliber → Exflammeus) until completion.

Congratulations! With that boss down, you’ve made it through Eureka Orthos.