FFXIV Eureka Orthos Floors 31-70 Guide – Mobs, Bosses, Tips

How to beat Twintania Clone, Chimera, Minotaur, and Aeturna bosses.

Now that we’ve cleared the “introductory” first 30 levels of Eureka Orthos, it’s onto the more unforgiving floors. From this point forward, any party wipe means the entire run is over and you have to start at floor 1. As we said last time, the key to effectively clearing Deep Dungeons is pulling no more mobs than you can handle and avoiding damage when possible. There really aren’t many DPS checks outside of very specific mobs.


Eureka Orthos Floors 31 to 40

Notable new mobs:

  • Orthos Mirrorknight: Casts “Double Hex Eye: which stuns anyone looking at the Mirrorknight. It then combos with “Knowing Gleam,” a ground AoE that will kill anyone stunned as they will not be able to move out of the attack radius.
  • Orthospider: Creates a late telegraph point blank AoE called “Particle Collision.” This deals high damage and minifies you. Combos with “Needle Spaser,” which kills minified targets.
  • Phantom Orthoray: Casts “Forearming,” which cleaves a massive area in front of him. Follows this with “Atmospheric Displacement,” which is a point blank AoE, so step back.
  • Orthochimera: Casts “The Dragon’s Voice.” This will cleave a massive area except next to the monster itself. The attack is followed by “The Ram’s Voice” — which is the opposite type of AoE. It’s a point blank attack you should run away from. Blue Mage players will likely already be familiar with both of these skills, as they’re essential parts of the Azulmagia fight.
  • Orthotaur: 100-Tonze Swing is a late telegraph point blank AoE. 11-Tonze Swipe is a conal AoE in front of the Orthotaur.
  • Orthonaga: Yet another Gaze attack that kills. Face away from the enemy to dodge.
  • Orthoempuse: Can walk behind you and knock you away with Kneeling Snath. The danger is being knocked into a room you are not prepared to pull yet.

Boss: Twintania Clone

The bosses always attack in a specific order. Be prepared by reading up on these!

Ability 1 – Twister

At the end of a castbar, you will leave behind a small twister. If you are standing in it, or step on it afterwards, you will be knocked away and die.

Ability 2 – Meracydian Cyclone

Multiple puddles appear on the edge of the arena while two appear near the middle of the arena. These need to be dodged. Also, if you step into one after the initial hit you receive a strong five-second damage-over-time debuff.

Ability 3 – Meracydian Squall

Shortly after Cyclone, Twintania casts its Squall. Two players will notice AoEs begin to appear under them. These players will place four AoEs in total.

Ability 4 – Turbine

While the Squall is going off, Twintania also casts Turbine. This is a knockback from the center of the room. Make sure to place your puddles outside so you can move in for the knockback to one of the sides of the arena not covered in the green puddles.

If you are knocked into the wall you will receive a strong 15-second DoT.

At this point, Twister will repeat.

Ability 5 – Meracydian Squall (Round Two)

This time, all four players will be targeted to drop AoEs. Twintania will teleport to the edge of the arena during this and cast…

Ability 6 – Twisting Dive

This can only be seen on the enemy list. At the end of the cast, Twintania will dive through the middle of the arena and all players will drop twisters.

From here on out, the fight loops like always (Twister → Meracydian Cyclone → Meracydian Squall → Turbine) until completion.

Eureka Orthos Floors 41 to 50

Notable new mobs:

  • Orthos Bergthurs: If a player stands behind it will cast “Elbow Drop”: a very quick cast rear cleave.
  • Orthos Acheron: Casts an interruptible “Quake.” If you do not interrupt the spell or kill the Acheron, however, this one-shots the team.
  • Orthos Hedetet: Constantly adds a stacking “slow” debuff to the main target.
  • Orthos Kelpie: “Gallop” jumps to the targeted player to combo with “Bloody Puddle,” a point blank AoE that will kill.
  • Orthos Goobbue: Does an instant pull attack, then combos it with a frontal cleave “Sickly Sneeze.”
  • Orthos Hoarhound: “Abyssal Cry” is a Massive AoE that stuns. If someone is stunned, it jumps to and kills the player(s). This can be line-of-sighted to prevent death.
  • Orthos Mudman: Starts off by doing a small AoE that applies “heavy” for eight seconds. This can cause problems with other mobs but is completely harmless by itself.
  • Orthos Kukulkan: Does periodic AoEs outside of combat that apply Vulnerability Up.
  • Orthos Gelato: When low on HP, it will start to enrage with “Explosion,” a small DPS check. Kill it before it finishes casting.

Boss: Servomechanical Chimera 14X

Ability 1 – Songs of Thunder and Ice

First get near the boss, then step out of range.

Ability 2 – Rightbreathed Cold

This will cleave the right side of the boss, so move left.

Ability 3 – Thunderous Cold

Line AoE proximity attack. Will dash to the target and hit all between the Chimera and targeted player. Followed by a room-wide cleave except under the boss. Combo’d with a point blank AoE immediately after — just like with Songs of Thunder and Ice.

Ability 4 – Leftbreathed Thunder

Cleaves the left half of the room relative to the boss. Each time this is listed it will be either Rightbreathed or Leftbreathed. The attacks always happen in the order we’ve listed here, but the direction is random, so just be ready to move right or left.

Ability 5 – Cacophony

Two orbs will spawn and target two random players. These will follow the players for a few seconds before exploding. Run away from the orb and make sure nobody touches the orb. Be away when it explodes.

Ability 6 – Leftbreathed / Rightbreathed Thunder

Ability 7 – Cold Thunder

The opposite of last time. After it dashes to the targeted player, be away for the point blank, then inside for the room-wide AoE. Each time this is listed it will either be this OR Thunderous Cold, it is random.

Now the previous abilities begin to repeat in this order:

  1. Leftbreathed / Rightbreathed Thunder
  2. Songs of Thunder and Ice
  3. Cacophony
  4. Leftbreathed / Rightbreathed Thunder
  5. Cold Thunder / Thunderous Cold
  6. Leftbreathed / Rightbreathed Thunder

From here on out, the boss will continue to loop mechanics (Songs of Thunder and Ice → Cacophony → Right/Leftbreathed Thunder → Cold Thunder/Thunderous Cold → Leftbreathed Thunder) until completion.

Eureka Orthos Floors 51 to 60

Notable new mobs:

  • Orthos Ymir: “Gelid Charge” will jump to the highest aggro target and apply “Ice Spikes: to the monster. This will one-shot-kill anyone who hits the Ymir with a physical attack. Once again, this should be familiar to Blue Mage players.
  • Orthos Ice Sprite: After death, it will cast “Hypothermal,” a post-death AoE around the spot where it died.
  • Orthos Rockfin: Will cast “Aqua Spear.” If this hits you, you die. You can break line of sight to prevent the attack.
  • Orthos Yabby: Will inflict “heavy” and then target the affected player with “Tail Screw:” a small AoE you need to move out of or die.
  • Orthos Big Claw: If a player stands behind it, the monster will use “Crab Dribble.” A very quick cast, rear AoE that one-shots.
  • Orthos Zaratan: “Sewer Water” cleaves the front or back of the monster, then follows up against whichever side wasn’t cleaved first.
  • Orthos Stingray: Jumps to aggro’d player and has a chance to knockback. Is followed by either “Electric Whorl,” which requires you to be under the enemy’s hitbox, or “Expulsion,” a point blank AoE.

Boss: Servomechanical Minotaur 16

Ability 1 – Octuple Swipe

The boss will telegraph then cleave a 90-degree cone either left, right, in front, or behind eight times in total.

There are two patterns, but both start with Front, Back, Right, and finally Left. This is then followed either by Front, Back, Right, Left or Left, Right, Back, Front.

To dodge, start on the left of the boss and watch the telegraphs. If the fifth hit is Front, start Left and then move up once Front is hit, and finally wait for Left to be hit before moving back in.

If the fifth hit is Left, you wait until the Front is cleaved, then move into it and wait for the Left to be cleaved twice before moving back.

Ability 2 – Bullish Swing

Just a standard point blank AoE.

Ability 3 – Bullish Swipe

Faces a random direction and cleaves.

Ability 4 – Thundercall

Places a lot of lightning orbs that you must avoid while doing another Octuple Swipe. The orbs explode at the end of the Octuple Swipe cast bar with a small AoE around them.

Yet again, the boss’s attacks will repeat in the following order:

  1. Bullish Swing
  2. Bullish Swipe
  3. Thundercall
  4. Octuple Swipe

Until finally we get a new move in the form of…

Ability 5 – Disorienting Groan

This is just a knockback from the center.

The fight loops again from here. It’s a very short battle repeating Thundercall → Octuple Swipe → Bullish Swing → Bullish Swipe.

Eureka Orthos Floors 61 to 70

Notable new mobs:

  • Orthos Cobra: Has a back-facing attack called “Whip Back” if anyone gets behind it. When it dies, it does a large AoE that applies a vuln.
  • Orthoninja: Will instant kill if you are low hp, even when not in the aggro table.
  • Orthos Gowrow: You will need to pay attention to the mob’s animations. When it rears its claws up, it is going to do “Ripper Claw” with no castbar. This is a frontal cleave. When it raises its tail, it will do “Tail Sweep” with no castbar, which is a rear cleave.
  • Orthos Drake: “Smoldering Scales” grants the “Flamescale” buff. Upon being hit by a physical attack, it reflects damage and one-shots.
  • Orthos Falak: “Electric Cachexia” is a large AoE with a safe spot under the mob.

Boss: Aeturna

Ability 1 – Steel Claw

A classic, high-damage tankbuster. Be sure to mitigate.

Ability 2 – Ferocity

Will tether one player. This needs to be carried away from the rest of the party, as the tether deals proximity-based damage, and the boss will dash to them.

Ability 3 – Preternatural Turn

Check if the boss is glowing. If the boss is glowing, be under the boss. If not, run away.

Ability 4 – Roar

Raid-wide damage. AoEs will drop four times. One large AoE will drop at each cardinal direction, leaving behind a crystal. Three will be close to the center and one will be further out. Additionally, four smaller AoEs — two placed at random and two targeting random players — will spawn each time. These just need to be dodged.

Ability 5 – Preternatural Turn

Boss will recenter and either be glowing or not. If the boss is glowing, stand under the boss on the side of the furthest crystal. The safe spot here is rather small. If the boss is not glowing, stand near the side of the furthest crystal and away from the boss. It will do a large point blank AoE and all crystals hit will generate wide AoE cones pointing away from the boss, leaving only this spot safe. The safe spot is still rather small — roughly halfway to the wall and halfway between the further out and adjacent crystal.

The boss will now repeat (Steel Claw → Ferocity → Preternatural Turn → Roar → Preternatural Turn) until completion.

Phew! You did it. Take a quick break and when you’re ready, we’ve got one more guide which will help you close out the last floors of Eureka Orthos.