FFXIV Endwalker Relic Tools Guide: All Splendorous Tools Steps & Quests for 2023

These special tools are cool, glamorous, and even provide unique bonuses. A first for FFXIV!

Splendorous Tools are level 90 Crafting & Gathering relics added in FFXIV Endwalker. These tools currently have two upgrades — each increasing the overall stats of that tool for their respective classes.

These tools progress through the following stages:

Compared to the previous relics, Skysteel Tools, the Splendorous Tools have a lower barrier to entry, a new glow, and even unique effects which can change how you craft and gather items in-game. These unique effects will become available once the tools are upgraded to the Crystalline stage.

All of these steps are available to all eight crafting classes and all three gathering classes. Crafting and Gathering classes will, however, have different objectives to complete and different items to obtain depending on each class.

They do all share the same theme though: collectables. All tools require you to obtain specific collectables en masse.

Below is an example of the cool glow they provide.

How To Unlock Splendorous Tools

The quest requirements to unlock Splendorous Tools are very simple. The easiest one is finishing Main Scenario Quests up until you finish the quest “Endwalker.” You also need to complete the quest “The Crystalline Mean” in the Crystarium.

Only one other thing is required; you need to speak to Mowen and access the Boutique of Splendors at least once to initially unlock the Scrip Exchange on Eulmore. Mowen can naturally be found in Eulmore (X: 11.4, Y: 10.7).

The first step to actually begin your Splendorous Tools journey starts with “An Original Improvement” by speaking to Chora-Zoi inside the Crystarium (X: 7.8, Y: 11.4). This questline takes you to your “main hub” for this series of missions where you can accept further quests to upgrade your tools — as well as purchase bait for fishing and materials to craft with.

This quest rewards you with your first tool for free in the form of a “Splendorous Coffer.” Since it is a coffer, be careful. When you use this item it will automatically become the tool for the class you currently have active. This isn’t too important, though, as all of these tools in their first form are easy to obtain.


How Do I Purchase Additional Splendorous Tools?

Once you complete the aforementioned quest for your first tool you will be given the ability to purchase other base tools from Quinnana in the Crystarium (X: 10.4, Y: 7.8) which is right outside the Crystalline Mean.

Additional tools from there are 1,500 White Scrips each, theoretically costing you 12,000 White Crafting Scrips and 4,500 White Gathering Scrips in total. Though you can subtract 1,500 White Scrips off for the free tool you obtained.

There is no Scrip Exchange in this location, either! Meaning you can not exchange collectables for scrips in the Crystarium. You instead need to travel to Eulmore to gain your scrips and come back when ready. (Technically, any Scrip Exchange NPC will work, but Eulmore is the closest and thus has the cheapest teleportation fees.)

How These Tools Compare To Indagators?

Crafting classes currently gain a buff to the “Good” condition while crafting when using these new tools, increasing the modifier from a 1.5x Quality bonus to 1.75x instead. This is especially great for Expert crafting: a type of crafting much harder than normal or collectable crafts, with new exclusive status conditions. Expert recipes can only be completed manually while level appropriate.

Gathering classes, on the other hand, gain a 20% increase to the “Collector’s Intuition” buff, offering a random chance to gain an extra 100 collectability whenever you use collectable skills. Intuition normally has a cap of 40% scaling off of your Perception stat; this tool raises it to 60% therefore improving the overall consistency of your collectable gathering and giving you more yield.

Fishing classes gain a 20% chance to lower the GP cost of “Powerful Hookset” and “Precision Hookset” by half. This is really useful for any fish that require you to use “Patience” skills, saving you GP to use on other skills instead. Another benefit is that this tool technically becomes the best tool to use for Ocean Fishing. You only use “Patience” when building up “Anglers Art” stacks, but some benefit is better than no benefit!

These tools stand toe-to-toe with the current endgame tools, known as “Indagators,” to the point that you can exclusively go for the Splendorous Tools if you want. You do get higher stats from Indagators but the difference is negligible in most situations. Furthermore, Splendorous Tools seemingly have room for further improvement in future patches (just like Relic weapons) and have the potential to be better in all aspects.

And those are the very basics to unlock your set of Splendorous Tools in FFXIV. Not to mention a brief overview of how well they fare in the current endgame! If you want some tips for how to complete the next stages of these questlines, we have a series of guides for those which you can check out by starting here with our Augmented Splendorous Tool guide.