FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon Guide: Tower of Zot

Defeat the Magus Sisters with our definitive walkthrough for Tower of Zot, the first dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker kicks off its roster of main scenario dungeons with the Tower of Zot, which — like many aspects of this expansion — is an ode to Final Fantasy IV. But instead of it being a technological marvel like in the source material, it’s an H.R. Giger-esque bio-organic monstrosity. It’s here where you face off against Endwalker‘s version of the Magus Sisters (another wild FFIV reference).

The mob pulls in between bosses are pretty straightforward stuff you’ve seen in previous dungeons, but the boss fights have some unique mechanics to telegraph and patterns to recognize. It can get overwhelming if you’re not prepared. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered with a guide on the whole dungeon.

Please note: In the early days of Endwalker, we may be missing a few specific details from our dungeon runs. However, our guides should be comprehensive enough to prepare you for the most important fights and help get you through the dungeon. We will continually update these guides as more details become apparent with more experience.

Be warned that dungeon guides may contain spoilers. If you prefer to preserve the surprise of dungeons for yourself, give them a try first before referring to a guide. Then, come back here for some help if you have trouble!

First Mob Pull

The first wave of mobs you can pull in Tower of Zot is some fairly basic dungeon stuff you’re probably used to. First, you’ll encounter a group of Tempered Imperials you can AoE down. Next is a Zot Armored Fiend who’s a bit more imposing — beware of the point-blank AoE they’ll occasionally cast. There’s also a group of Zot Sky Armor who are also quite easy to handle.

First Boss: Minduruva

Minduruva will open with a tankbuster called Manusya Bio, and you can anticipate this with a big glowing red icon that will mark the Tank before it goes off. It will also inflict poison, so Healers beware.

The next attack you’ll likely have to worry about is Manusya Blizzard III, which is a room-wide alternating cone AoE spell that will do heavy damage if you’re hit by it. The floor will not be marked until the enemy cast timer is about halfway done, so be prepared.

This will likely be followed by Manusya Fire III, which is a room-wide donut-style AoE spell, with the only safe zone being within melee range of the boss.

You’ll then have to deal with Manusya Thunder III, which sends out increasingly large AoE circles starting from the boss’s position and out into her four cardinal directions (based on where she’s facing) in quick succession. Be quick to move out of the way as these can be harder to telegraph than the other spells.

Another spell you’ll have to deal with is Manusya Bio III, which will mark the entire side of the arena the boss is facing (likely to be toward the Tank’s position) with an AoE attack that will also inflict poison on those it hits.

Later in the fight, you’ll have to handle “Transmuted” versions of each of the aforementioned spells. Minduruva will mark a spot in the arena and send an orb into that direction — once the orb gets to its destination, it will cast whatever specific spell is attached to it, with the marked spot being the focal point.

For example, if you see Transmute Thunder III cast, the same effect of Manusya Thunder III (AoE circles being sent off in four directions in quick succession) will be cast a few moments after the orb reaches the marked spot. Apply the same principle if you see Transmute Fire III, Transmute Blizzard III, or Transmute Bio III and anticipate those spells being cast from the marked spots.

Dhrupad will hit each party member in a sequence, so Healers be ready with the AoE healing spells.

Later in the fight, Minduruva will cast multiple spells in rapid succession, such as two Transmuted spells followed by a Manusya version of another spell. All players need to keep an eye on where the Transmuted orbs are going. If you missed the read on which spell was sent out, be ready to react to the AoE markers since you’ll at least have enough time to get into position once the orbs have reached their destination.

All these mechanics will repeat until the boss is down. However, don’t forget the mechanics you just experienced in this fight; this knowledge will serve you well later in the dungeon.

Second Mob Pull

In the second phase of mob pulls, you’ll encounter more Tempered Imperials and eventually Zot Umbrils, all of which are easy to mow down. You’ll then face a group of Zot Death Claws and a Zot Hypertuned. Zot Death Claw may turn to a random player and cast Shred, which is a line-style AoE. Zot Hypertuned will wind up Left-arm Slash, a cone AoE cleave toward its target (likely the Tank). More Zot Umbrils precede a group of Zot Imperials accompanied by a Zot Hypertuned. Handle them accordingly.

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Second Boss: Sanduruva

Sanduruva has a few tricky mechanics, but as long as you’re aware of how they work, she shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. She will do a tankbuster called Isitva Siddhi, then follow up with Prapti Siddhi, a series of quick-casted line AoE attacks in the direction of each party member one at a time. Sidestep these accordingly.

Next, you’ll have to handle Manusya Berserk. This summons five orbs into the arena in a circle-like formation. There will be a gap in the formation — find the gap in this formation and run all the way to the edge of that side of the arena. Sanduruva will soon cast Explosive Force, which sets off each orb with large circles of AoE damage that should be avoided.

Prakamya Siddhi is a point-blank circle AoE attack that’s easy to avoid. The next trick up her sleeve is Manusya Stop — this will be paired with Prapti Siddhi, but this time each targeted party member will be frozen in position. Each player will have to take that damage while everyone else gets out of the way so they don’t get hit twice. Healers: be ready to cure each player afterward.

When she casts Manusya Confuse, she’ll jump out of the arena and return with five clones of herself will spawned around the edges. Find the Sanduruva who is not moving or dancing, or just look at the enemy icon to the left of her health bar to identify which one is real— that’s the one you’ll want to run towards and attack. Soon after, the clones will transform into orbs like Manusya Berserk followed by Explosive Force, so hug the edge of the corner she’s at.

These mechanics will repeat until the boss is down. Sanduruva is a fair bit easier to handle than Minduruva, but again, don’t forget what you learned in this fight. 

Third Mob Group

In the third leg of the dungeon, you’ll encounter Zot Predators. They’re simple to take down, but just watch out for when they cast Magitek Ray, a line-style AoE that should be dodged.

Things get a little bit heavier with the Zot Roader and Zot Gunship ahead. Zot Roader will meet you with a line-style AoE called Haywire and Zot Gunships may cast Garlean Fire, a circle AoE, on its target. Simple stuff to avoid.

Next up is the Mark II Zot Colossus — they may look imposing, but they just swing that big ol’ sword at the Tank and maybe cast Exhaust, a wide line-style AoE attack toward its target. But up ahead is another Zot Roader, then another group of Zot Colossus with a Zot Armored Weapon, who can cast Diffractive Laser, a circle AoE, on its target (likely the Tank, of course).

If your group is pulling multiple mobs or doing wall-to-wall pulls, then things can get messy once these enemies start layering on their AoE abilities. However, it’s not anything you haven’t seen before.

Final Boss: The Magus Sisters (Minduruva, Sanduruva, and Cindiruva)

The last boss in Tower of Zot is all three Magus Sisters — nice of Cindiruva to finally show up. With all of them together, things can seem (and get) overwhelming. But your previous experience in handling two of them already means you’re prepared for some parts of this fight.

It’ll start with just Cindiruva, who will cast Samsara, a light party-wide attack. Shortly after, she will call on her other two sisters to join the battle. Cindiruva will then cast Manusya Reflect, Minduruva will cast Delta Attack, and Sanduruva will cast Manusya Faith. These three spells by the sisters will always happen in combination with each other.

The sisters will always stand in a triangle formation when casting these three spells together. The first thing to happen is that a big magic spell will be cast inside the triangle formation that’s visible on the ground of the arena. But while they are casting, pay attention to what they say in their dialogue box. One of three things will happen after Delta Attack, and you can predict it based on what the Magus Sisters say:

  • “Glacial ice, entomb our foe!”
  • “Thunderous tempest, smite our foe!”
  • “Insatiable flame, consume our foe!”

Each of these three phases are explained below.

“Glacial ice, entomb our foe!”

After they say this line, one side of the arena can get marked for a room-wide blast, which means you need to get on the other side of the arena to minimize damage. At the same time, you’ll have to deal with a spell that sends out a barrage of thin, long cone AoEs like Manusya Blizzard III around the arena. There will be small pockets of safe zones, so react quickly.

Shortly after, the opposite end of the arena will be marked for another room-wide blast you’ll have to get away from. You may then have to dodge a series of line-style AoEs that run parallel to each other across the arena.


“Thunderous tempest, smite our foe!”

This lightning variation of this phase will fill the arena with AoE circles in the same vein as Manusya Thunder III. During the thunder barrage, one player will get a stack marker, which requires the party to bunch together.

“Insatiable flame, consume our foe!”

A third fire-based variation involves a donut-shaped AoE similar to Manusya Fire III on top of wide line AoEs. There will be a second “donut fire” spell, and during that, all players will get marked with a purple AoE indicator that will follow them. Don’t be alarmed. Make sure you stay inside the donut’s safe zone first and then spread apart after the donut fire goes off to avoid overlapping damage.

Once you get through one instance of any of these phases, the sisters will layer on some of the attacks you saw in the previous fights. For example, Sanduruva can do a Prapti Siddhi (series of targeted line AoEs) while Minduruva casts the Dhrupad tankbuster. Mindiruva can also cast Manusya Fire, Thunder, or Blizzard, but these are simple single-target magic spells that cause a bit of damage over time (and possibly other status effects). Nothing too spicy.

It won’t be long until the sisters cast another three-pronged Delta Attack. Again, avoid standing in the triangle formation on the ground and be prepared to dodge any variation of the wild barrages of AoE spells as previously outlined.

Generally, you want to focus on one of the Magus Sisters and take her down before burning down another one of them. Once one sister goes down, they kind of fall apart and can’t do the Delta Attack combo anymore, and it’ll be fairly easy to finish the fight.

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