FFXIV Demiclones Guide – Doga, Umei, & Onion Knight in Eureka Orthos

Using these Demiclones will help you clear the 100 floors of Eureka Orthos.

A lot of Eureka Orthos is familiar for fans of Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High, but Demiclones are an all new addition to FFXIV. They’re much rarer than Protomanders and are significantly more powerful. As a result, you probably don’t want to waste one just to find out what they do. In this guide we explain how Demiclones work, what each one does, and provide some recommendations as to the best time to use them.

How to Get Demiclones

When enemies drop silver coffers, there’s a chance for a Demiclone Generator to be inside. Silver coffers that spawn on their own will never contain a Demiclone. Keep in mind that you can only hold three of each type at once. However, these consumables are very rare and you’re unlikely to find yourself maxed out too often.

What Does Each Demiclone Do?

There are three different Demiclones:

  • Doga Demiclone: Summons a Black Mage NPC to fight by your side. Has an area of effect stun that petrifies enemies for ten seconds. Also casts thunder abilities that deal damage over time (DOT).
  • Umei Demiclone: Summons a White Mage NPC that casts Cure and Stoneskin. Can also apply a DOT to foes.
  • Onion Knight Demiclone: Despite the name, the Onion Knight is the highest DPS Demiclone. Uses both a DOT and basic attacks. Has access to Onion Cure when your HP is low.

In short, there’s a crowd control NPC, a healer, and a DPS.

When To Use Demiclones

Demiclones only last for a single floor or until you die. It’s important to find a safe location to activate them as they have a long cast time and you aren’t invincible when doing so.

You can ultimately use Demiclones whenever you want, but we recommend using them when you’re either really struggling with a specific floor or boss fight. They can drastically increase DPS, helping you get through an encounter before you die.

And that’s everything about Demiclones! They’re pretty easy to understand, but the rest of Eureka Orthos may not be. Head on over to our big Eureka Orthos guide which explains everything you need to know from what it actually is to the rewards you can unlock, and more!