FFXIV Augmented Dragonsung Tools Guide – Unlock Pickaxe, Rod, & More

Welcome to the next stage in the saga to further improve your relic with new challenges and items. This time with collectables!

The third set of improvements to your FFXIV Skysteel Tools wll now augment your Dragonsung gear to further improve its capabilities. There is, however, no new design to this stage. This quest simply presents new methods to obtain the items you need alongside new crafts, gatherables, and new materials purchased from the Scrip Exchange.

To unlock this stage, you must first complete a new quest: “Work It Harder, Make It Better.” This can again be unlocked by speaking to Neillemard in Foundation (X: 7.9, Y: 10.6). From there you will need to complete “In Everyone’s Best Interests” from the same location. To then augment each specific tool, you finally need to complete “Ever Skyward” by speaking to Nimie in Foundation (X: 7.9, Y: 10.6) — who is standing right beside Neillemard.

All Skysteel Tools Steps

At this stage, crafting classes will need to have their Dragonsung tool equipped to craft the next batch of items. Gathering classes also now need their Dragonsung tools equipped, unlike during the previous stages.

This stage will require you to exchange your items for a material called “Gobbiegoo” from Denys. By exchanging the desired items with Denys, you will receive a number of class-specific units of gobbiegoo depending on the collectability rating of the items you crafted in exchange for the goo. Gathering classes do not use collectability at this stage but you still need to exchange your items for gobbiegoo at a ratio of 10-to-1 (i.e. 10 items for each piece of gobbiegoo).


Augmenting Your Crafting Dragonsung Tools

To augment your Dragonsung tools, you need to craft collectables this time instead of the normal crafts you may be used to. Collectables function exactly the same — using the same statuses like “good” and “perfect” and relying on the same skills. However, instead of a quality bar representing your chance for that item to become HQ, the progress bar provides a “collectability” rating.

This upgrade will require 18 of each crafted item at maximum collectability for each class. Each craft at maximum collectability can be traded for five of the pieces of class-specific gobbiegoo, giving you a total of 90. This can be very easy to do by using “Trained Eye” to finish your quality in one button. Trained Eye does still work on collectables, assuming you’re 10 levels higher than the recipe requires, so don’t worry.

You can purchase the materials from two sources: White Scrips or Skybuilders’ Scrips. Under the “Crafters’ Scrip (Master Recipes/Materials/Misc.)” category of any Scrip Exchange (such as the one inside Radz-at-Han). Then set the subcategory to “White Scrip Exchange (Lv. 80 Materials). Or alternatively, you can purchase these materials using Skybuilder’s Scrips by speaking to Enie inside the Firmament (X: 12, Y: 14.0) and selecting the tab “Skybuilders’ Scrips (Materials/Materia/Items).

Materials in this stage can be purchased for 30 White Scrips or 20 Skybuilders’ Scrips apiece. At maximum collectability, this only takes 18 crafts, costing you 540 White and 360 Skybuilders’ per class.

Click on the links for each item required to see all of the crafting materials required or simply check your crafting log.

Class Item Required (18 Each) Scrip Material (18 Each)
Carpenter Oddly Specific Cedar Lumber Oddly Specific Cedar Log
Blacksmith Oddly Specific Iron Nails Oddly Specific Coerthan Iron Ore
Armorer Oddly Specific Mythril Rings Oddly Specific Mythrite Sand
Goldsmith Oddly Specific Silver Nugget Oddly Specific Silver Ore
Leatherworker Oddly Specific Gaganaskin Strap Oddly Specific Gagana Skin
Weaver Oddly Specific Cloth Oddly Specific Fleece
Alchemist Oddly Specific Glue Oddly Specific Sap
Culinarian Oddly Specific Oil Oddly Specific Aloe

Augmenting Dragonsung Gathering Tools

Luckily, this next upgrade for your gathering tools will require a very similar amount of items to your previous stage. As mentioned, you will need to exchange the items you gather for gobbiegoo. As a reminder: this stage also requires you to use your Dragonsung tools to gather from nodes.

For every 10 normal items you exchange to Denys, you will obtain one unit of class-specific gobbiegoo. Miners and Botanists require 50 of this gobbiegoo whereas Fishers only need six. This makes 500 normal items and 60 fish. You also need 180 hidden items again, which will be exchanged on quest completion.

Our advice for this stage has not changed from the previous quest steps. You should once again spend your GP to increase the yield of hidden items as they are rarer and may not always appear when you want. Particularly with good node bonuses.

Class Normal Item Required (500 each) Hidden Item Required (180 each) Recommended Gathering Location
Mining 500x Oddly Specific Schorl 180x Oddly Specific Landborne Aethersand Yanxia (X: 12.0, Y: 8.5)
Botany 500 Oddly Specific Dark Chestnut Log 180x Oddly Specific Leafborne Aethersand Yanxia (X: 28.5, Y: 10.0)

Fishers once again need a specific bait called Signature Skyballs to be able to catch their required fish. These fish are also only available when the quest is active. It is recommended to have Cordials and/or Hi-Cordials available to use more skills and finish the grind faster.

Petal Shell:

  • 60 Required
  • Location: Yanxia (X: 36.0, Y: 24.0)
  • Fishing Hole: Plum Spring
  • Weather/Time Conditions: None
  • Bite Type: ‘!’ Bite
  • Bite Time: 10-14 seconds after casting.
  • Specific Advice: Petal Shell is the only “!” bite inside of this fishing hole — making it very easy to isolate from the remaining fish. From there, simply use “Double/Triple Hook” and only use “Identical Cast” if you have remaining GP.

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