FFXIV 6.18 Just Made It Easy to Get the Best Weapons in the Game

Now that you can get Radiant Roborant with Aglaia Coins, those sweet item level 600 weapons are just a stone's throw away.

One of the trends with high-level endgame gear in Final Fantasy XIV is making it easier to get the best stuff as time goes on. The gear pieces and weapons eager players grind for when a major patch drops tend to be easily obtainable just before the next big update. Such is the case with FFXIV 6.18, which introduces a new and easier way to get the materials necessary for some of the best weapons currently in the game. Here, we’ll explain how these changes affect your endgame gear grind and what you should be doing to take advantage.

How to Get Augmented Radiant Weapons Fast

The biggest change with FFXIV 6.18 is that you can now exchange Aglaia Coins for Radiant Roborant. Those who clear the latest 24-player alliance raid, Aglaia, earn one (1) Aglaia Coin as a weekly reward. Before, you could only get Radiant Twine and Radiant Coating in exchange for Aglaia Coin, which are the materials used for upgrading Radiant’s gear pieces, but not the weapons. Thanks to FFXIV 6.18, you can add Radiant Roborant into the mix, which is used for upgrading Radiant’s weapons.

To get one of the Radiant’s weapons (for whichever Job), you need to have 500 Tomestones of Astronomy, which you can earn fast by doing Daily Roulettes and the level 90 dungeons. Next, you need one (1) Discal Tomestone — this is done by exchanging four (4) Unsung Blades of Asphodelos, which are earned by clearing the normal version of the Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle raid. Once you have both, purchase the Radiant’s weapon you want from Cihanti in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.8Y: 10.3). These are item level 590 weapons that then get upgraded to Augmented versions at item level 600.

FFXIV endgame gear ffxiv 6.18 augmented weapons radiant roborant
Radiant’s gear has been in the game since Patch 6.01 and Augmented versions since 6.05. They’re still some of the best in FFXIV right now.

If and when you have Aglaia Coins, exchange them for Radiant Roborant at the vendor Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.6 Y: 10.0). Now that you have both the Radiant’s weapon of your choice and Radiant Roborant, head over to the vendor Khaldeen in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.8Y: 10.3) and to get the upgraded version of your weapon. Now you have an Augmented Radiant’s weapon at item level 600, which is only bested by the Asphodelos weapons (item level 605) earned through Savage raiding.

Before Patch 6.18, you could only get Radiant Roborant by exchanging Asphodelos Mythos III (x4), which is a guaranteed weekly reward from clearing The Third Circle (Savage), or claiming it as loot from that same raid. Finally, players who don’t want to grind out Savage raids can get their hands on that material and an item level 600 weapon.

Asphodelos Savage Reward Limits Lifted

With FFXIV 6.18, the rewards system for the Pandaemonium Asphodelos Savage raids is more generous. Clearing any of the four raids will always reward two gear coffers to the party now, regardless of who cleared it for the week. That’s because weekly limits on rewards have been removed from Asphodelos Savage raids, including gear obtained from coffers. Additionally, all weekly restrictions on entering the Savage-tier raids has been removed — players can enter any one of the Circles of the Savage tier once they’re unlocked.

The lifting of all the weekly restrictions makes things a bit easier if you’re already on the Savage raid gear grind. So if you’re still seeking the aforementioned Asphodelos weapons at item level 605, the RNG gods are giving you more chances. You still have to clear Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage) and that raid is no joke. You just don’t have to wait a week if you don’t have luck the first time. It’s also possible to get the weapon you want by exchanging eight (8) Asphodelos Mythos IV, which is a guaranteed drop.

ffxiv 6.18 endgame gear savage rewards restrictions lifted
You should be quite familiar with zaddy Hesperos if have or want those coveted Asphodelos weapons.

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Looking Ahead to FFXIV Patch 6.2

The endgame gear grind is getting easier because Patch 6.2 is on the way, which launches in late August. There’s a ton of content to look forward to and most of it was detailed in the latest Live Letter stream. We have it covered from all angles, so be sure to read up on the upcoming Hildibrand Relic Weapons, next round of Tribal Quests with the Omicron, brand-new Variant/Criterion Dungeons, and much-anticipated Island Sanctuary. And speaking of endgame content and gear, we’re getting the next round of raids with Pandaemonium Abyssos and the new Tomestones of Causality.