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FFXIV 6.1 Gear Guide: How to Get Bluefeather, Panthean, and Augmented Gear

Bluefeather weapons, Augmented Classical gear, and Panthean armor round out the new endgame gear with Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1.

With the launch of Patch 6.1 for Final Fantasy XIV, we have a new dungeon, Extreme trial, and Alliance raid to run. This means new powerful gear for those who engage with post-Endwalker endgame content. Additionally, this latest patch also gives players new paths for acquiring high-level endgame gear with item levels of 590 and 600.

Here, we’re going to outline all the new FFXIV endgame game made available via Patch 6.1, as well as the new way to get your hands on the vaunted ilvl 600 Augmented Radiant’s armor. And if you want to see how any of this gear looks on characters in-game, you can use our very own FFXIV model viewer here on the site.

Darbar Gear (Item Level 575)

Darbar gear is dropped as loot in Alzadaal’s Legacy. This is the new dungeon to go along with the new batch of main story quests. You can access it around the middle of Patch 6.1 MSQ. If you’re still rocking older Moonward gear (ilvl 570) and in the process of working towards better gear, the Darbar set is a good stopgap.

You’ll have to be lucky for the right gear piece to drop, however. Different types of Darbar gear show up at random in the loot pool throughout your run of the dungeon. If you need help clearing the dungeon, be sure to check out our Alzadaal’s Legacy dungeon guide.

Augmented Classical Gear (Item Level 590)

Prior to Patch 6.1, you could only get item level 590 gear by grinding for the more sparse Tomestones of Astronomy for Radiant’s gear. Now we have two new options, one of which is the Augmented Classical gear.

To get Augmented Classical gear, you need to talk to the NPC vendor Rashti in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.8, Y: 9.9) — she offers the materials necessary for to get this set and sells the gear pieces themselves.

The two materials you need are Crucible Rain and Hannish Certificate of Grade 1 Import. You can acquire one (1) Crucible Rain for the price of 100 Tomestones of Aphorism each. Getting the other necessary material is a bit more involved — you can acquire Hannish Certificates by trading in Classical gear (ilvl 580).

Here’s the exchange rate for trading in Classical gear for Hannish Certificates:

  • Classical (HQ) weapons, body, and legs: 17 Hannish Certificates (10 for Paladin sword, and 7 for Paladin shield)
  • Classical (HQ) head, hands, and feet: 11 Hannish Certificates
  • Classical (HQ) accessories: 7 Hannish Certificates
  • Classical weapons, body, and legs: 5 Hannish Certificates (3 for Paladin sword, and 2 for Paladin shield)
  • Classical head, hands, and feet gear: 3 Hannish Certificates
  • Classical accessories: 2 Hannish Certificates

Here are the prices for Augmented Classical weapons and gear:

  • Augmented Classical weapons: 17 Hannish Certificates, 7 Crucible Rain
  • Augmented Classical body and legs: 17 Hannish Certificates, 5 Crucible Rain
  • Augmented Classical head, hands, and feet: 11 Hannish Certificates, 3 Crucible Rain
  • Augmented Classical accessories: 7 Hannish Certificates, 2 Crucible Rain

Note that all Augmented Classical gear is already HQ. Since the normal Classical gear is crafted, high-level crafters will have an easier time with this process. Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase Classical gear off the market board.

Panthean Gear (Item Level 590)

If you’re keen on running the new Aglaia 24-player alliance raid weekly, you’ll be able to treat yourself to the new Panthean gear set. Now you can look like an armor-clad Greek god after taking down FFXIV‘s own gods, which is in line with the themes of the Myths of the Realm raid series and some of Endwalker‘s motifs.

The Panthean gear set you can earn in the Aglaia raid.

Panthean gear shows up as loot dropped within the Aglaia raid, which you have to roll for. Be sure to only roll for gear pieces you want since you can only earn one piece per week. Weekly resets are every Tuesday at 1:00 a.m. PT. Once you win a roll on a gear piece, you’re done for the week and can’t roll for anything else. Good luck and may the RNG gods support your fight against other gods.

If you need help with finding or running this raid, be sure to check out our guide on how to unlock Aglaia and then use our full Aglaia raid guide because this one gets tricky.

Bluefeather Weapons (Item Level 595)

One of the rewards you can get for clearing the new Extreme trial, Endsinger’s Aria, is a Bluefeather weapon. After the fight, you can roll for a Bluefeather Weapon Coffer — remember, you receive the weapon for the Job you have equipped when opening the coffer.

There is another path to getting your Bluefeather weapon, though. You receive two (2) Ultimatum Tokens each time you clear Endsinger EX. There is no weekly cap on the number of Ultimatum Tokens you can earn. Every Bluefeather weapon costs 10 Ultimatum Tokens — as usual, the exception is Paladin, which needs 7 Tokens for the sword and 3 Tokens for the shield. Talk to the NPC named Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.6, Y: 10.0) to exchange Ultimatum Tokens for weapons.

Bluefeather weapons are ilvl 595 — this makes them better than Augmented Classical and Radiant’s weapons (both ilvl 590), but still below Augmented Radiant’s (ilvl 600) and Asphodelos weapons (ilvl 605).

We have a guide on what you can do with those Endsinger EX Ultimatum Tokens. More importantly, we have a full Endsinger EX guide with charts and graphs to make your clears much easier.

Augmented Radiant’s Armor (Item Level 600)

Augmented Radiant’s gear has been in FFXIV since Patch 6.05 with the introduction of the Pandaemonium: Asphodelos Savage raids. But with the addition of the new Aglaia alliance raid in Patch 6.1, we have another (perhaps easier) way of getting Augmented Radiant’s armor pieces (not weapons, however).

First thing’s first, you need the original ilvl 590 Radiant’s gear piece in order to get the corresponding ilvl 600 Augmented Radiant’s gear piece. Basically, you need to grind for Tomestones of Astronomy to buy Radiant’s gear. If you need help with that, refer to our other FFXIV endgame gear guide.

What’s new is that you will earn one (1) Aglaia Coin for clearing the Aglaia raid once per week (remember, weekly resets are every Tuesday at 1:00 a.m. PT). You can then exchange one (1) Aglaia Coin for the material necessary to make Augmented Radiant’s gear, either Radiant Twine or Radiant Coating. Talk to the NPC named Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.6, Y: 10.0) and select “Out-of-this-world Oddities” to make the exchange.

Once you have the original Radiant’s gear piece and the right Radiant material, speak to the NPC named Khaldeen in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.9, Y: 10.4) to upgrade to Augmented Radiant’s gear.

Prior to Patch 6.1, you had to clear the Asphodelos Savage raids to get these materials or the currency needed for exchange. Now it’s easier. Here’s the updated list of Radiant materials and which type of gear they’re used for:

  • Radiant Twine: For upgrading head, body, hands, legs, and feet gear
    • Exchange one (1) Aglaia Coin (new)
    • Loot drop from clearing The Third Circle (Savage)
    • Exchange four (4) Asphodelos Mythos III
  • Radiant Coating: For upgrading all accessories
    • Exchange one (1) Aglaia Coin (new)
    • Loot drop from clearing The Second Circle (Savage)
    • Exchange four (4) Asphodelos Mythos II
  • Radiant Roborant: For upgrading weapons
    • Loot drop from clearing The Third Circle (Savage)
    • Exchange four (4) Asphodelos Mythos III

Note that Radiant Roborant is still exclusively tied to clearing the corresponding Asphodelos Savage raid. This means you cannot get Augmented Radiant’s weapons any other way since you cannot exchange Aglaia Coins for Radiant Roborant.

If you haven’t cleared the necessary raid and still want your Augmented Radiant’s weapon, you can always use our Asphodelos: The Third Circle (Savage) guide to make things easier.

Even after Patch 6.1, the Asphodelos weapons are still the best in FFXIV — they’re also the only piece of gear at ilvl 605. And of course, you can still earn the ilvl 600 Asphodelos armor pieces from running the current tier of Savage raids. For the specifics on that, be sure to check out our other FFXIV endgame gear guide.

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