FF14 Fashion Report Week 77: Easy 80 Points This Week

Do you want free or cheap MGP? Of course you do! It's fashion time, baby.

Final Fantasy 14 just got its first batch of new content since the launch of Shadowbringers! You can now play the first four missions of the Eden raid for what is currently some of the best gear in the game. It’s not just about being good, though. It’s about looking good. And the FF14 Fashion Report is your primary way to strut your stuff. More importantly, though, it’s also a way to farm easy MGP! That’s why we’re revved up for Week 77 of the FF14 Fashion Report — including how to get the easy 80 points this time around.

Wouldn’t you know it? It’s another incredibly easy Fashion Report this week! There are just a ton of options. The “easy 80” — the Fashion Report score that provides the maximum reward for minimal effort — isn’t bad at all. Players at level 10 and above should be able to scrape together the bare minimum with next to no effort. Although your mileage may vary when it comes to one specific, but fairly common dye this week.

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FF14 makes no bones about making its players look good. Fashion is such an important aspect of the game, in fact, that developer Square Enix introduced the FF14 Fashion Report. This weekly challenge lets players play dress-up for fabulous prizes. Well, more specifically the challenge awards massive amounts of MGP (a special currency used in the Manderville Gold Saucer) that can be exchanged for prizes. You just need to earn the ever-elusive easy 80 points in the Fashion Report by wearing the correct clothing every weekend.

Special thanks to the indomitable r/kaiyoko for collating much of this data on the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit each week.

FF14 Fashion Report Scoring – The Basics

As always, you can participate in the FF14 Fashion Report in the Manderville Gold Saucer. Simply head to the Wonder Square and speak to Masked Rose! You want to have at least one random piece of gear equipped to almost every slot on your character. This will earn you a minimum of 68 Fashion Report points for no work at all. This doesn’t include Soul Crystals, belts, or off-hand items, either.

From there you can increase your score by matching the categories laid out by the Fashion Report judge, as well as adding certain dyes. Matching the correct category of clothing to the weekly theme is worth anywhere from 6-10 points. The correct color of dye (e.g. grey, white, black, etc.) is worth one bonus point per slot, while finding the right shade of dye (e.g. Ice Blue, Chocolate Brown, etc.) is worth two points per slot.

Using dye to boost your Fashion Report score is typically easier than matching every category of item perfectly. That’s because most dyes are awfully cheap and accessible, while most pieces of clothing are expensive — or else require high ranks in crafting Jobs to create. That’s not always the case, of course, since some dyes are only available for special currencies or with real money from the Mog Station.

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FF14 Fashion Report: Easy 80 Points for Week 76 – July 12, 2019

The easy 80 Fashion Report points for Week 77 are, in fact, exceptionally easy. If you’re level 29 on literally any class or Job — whether a disciple of war, magic, the hand, or the land — just buy yourself a Toadskin Jerkin. They’re only a few thousand gil on the market board. Although your mileage may vary depending on your server and the time, of course.

Here’s a fuller list of FF14 Fashion Report items for Week 77:

  • Head – Sharlayan Goggles (Gold Saucer), Shaded Visor (Vanu Vanu Beast Tribe), Imperial Shadow Visor (Unhidden Leather Map), Sable Death Mask (Complete the entire Allied Beast Tribe quest line)
  • Neck – N/A
  • Body – Toadskin Jerkin, Raptorskin Jerkin, Boarskin Jerkin
  • Gloves – N/A
  • Legs – Raimie Trousers of Striking/Scouting/Aiming (Norlaise, Ishgard – The Pillars), Picaroon’s Trousers of Striking/Scouting/Aiming (final boss drop in Amdapoor Keep Hard and Keeper of the Lake)
  • Feet – Thavnairian Babouches, Thavnairian Sandals, Marid Leather Babouches of Crafting/Gathering
  • Earrings – N/A
  • Wrists – N/A
  • Ring – N/A

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If you have any one of these, or manage to acquire one, you can supplement the rest of your outfit by using two or more fully correct dyes. Bear in mind that you must supplement your outfit with at least two top-level dyes if you use only one of the gear items listed above.

Sadly there is no one, perfect dye this week. Ash Grey Dye can be had from any Dyemonger NPC in any major city. That’s something everyone can enjoy. The next two easiest options are only directly purchasable from Beast Tribes. That means you will need to have farmed reputation with the Ixal and/or Sahagin to acquire them. Soot Black Dye can be had for a few hundred gil via the Ixali Vendor if you have reached Respected reputation. Whereas Coral Pink is only available from the Sagahin if you have Friendly status. You might be able to find both of them on the market, too. But at least on my server (Excalibur) Coral Pink is going for outrageous prices.

The best dyes for the FF14 Fashion Report this week are:

  • Weapon – Ash Grey (Dyemongers)
  • Head – Coral Pink (Sahagin Beast Tribe)
  • Body – Jet Black (Real Money Purchase)
  • Gloves – Jet Black (Real Money Purchase)
  • Legs – Soot Black (Ixal Beast Tribe)
  • Feet – Coral Pink (Sahagin Beast Tribe)

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FF14 Fashion Report Tips for This Week

As previously mentioned, this is a fairly easy week. Considering the sheer number of options, mid- to high-level players should have zero issues. You might already have what you need just from running dungeons! The only issue is if you’re stuck at level 29, pre-Heavensward, and have to rely on the Toadskin Jerkin and dyes. Since both of the best dyes are tied to Beast Tribes, you might not be able to buy the best matches outright.

Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to be exact! While purchasing two exact matching dyes is the cheapest method, you can also use slightly different shades to make up the difference. Just grab that Ash Grey Dye for your weapon and supplement it with two pots of any red dye on your head and feet. You only get half the points for matching the correct color of dye, but not the shade. Yet this is still plenty to get you those easy 80 points in the Fashion Report this week.

If you’re tremendously low on gil, but have plenty of MGP for some reason, there are also the Sharlayan Goggles. You can buy these for 20,000 MGP at the Gold Saucer — and wear them as low as level one on any class. That makes this a good alternative for players who haven’t reached level 29, as well. It may cost you some of that all-important MGP, but you’ll still turn a profit.

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Finally, for maximum stinginess, there’s the dungeon gear. Those Picaroon’s Trousers of what-have-you drop from the last boss of Keeper of the Lake and Amdapoor Keep (Hard). This isn’t exactly the most efficient way to get your gear, since in both cases you have to run the entire dungeon for just a chance at the right drop. But it is an option. You could always try running them unsynced for quick clears. You will, however, need to be level 50 on the appropriate Job, depending on the drop. These can include: Dragoon, Ninja, Monk, Bard, Machinist, or Dancer.

And, as is always the case, you must first complete the quest “Color Your World” to apply dye in FF14. You can start it at level 15 as any class by speaking to Swyrgeim in Western Thanalan (X: 12.6 Y: 14.3). Even if you can hit the easy 80 points this week without dyes, it’s well worth doing for future FF14 Fashion Report checks. You’ll even get a couple of free dyes for your trouble, to start! These are normal Dyemonger dyes. As such, they will often work for the FF14 Fashion Report in future weeks.

And there you have it! This should put you on the right path for the FF14 Fashion Report this week. Be sure to check in next Friday for another update, and instructions on how to farm your 60,000 or more MGP. Until then, good luck and have fun out there, adventurers!