Dohn Mheg: FF14 Dungeon Guide – Bosses, Strategy, & Tips

It's time for the second dungeon of Shadowbringers with our Dohn Mheg guide!

Dohn Mheg is the second — and very slippery — dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers. It’s a bit less intense than Holminster Switch, but still gets to be pretty dicey in spots. Those new damage changes to Shadowbringers are no joke! That’s why we’ve put together this dungeon guide to Dohn Mheg in FF14. Let’s take a look-see!

The first thing to know about Dohn Mheg is actually more about Shadowbringers itself. The new expansion introduced myriad changes to Jobs, quests, and more. One of the biggest such changes was an overall increase in damage from group content. Basically, dungeon and raid enemies do comparatively more damage than they did before Shadowbringers. The idea is to make tanks and healers more active than ever — focusing on the signature aspects of their given roles. DPS players, meanwhile, need to work quickly to reduce incoming damage from trash mobs.

You should notice this pretty quickly. While not quite as straightforward as the first dungeon, Dohn Mheg still gets you into the action immediately. And the normal enemies (particularly those in groups of three or greater) hit hard. Be ready with those cooldown abilities. Once you trudge through the first few groups, you will reach the first boss of Dohn Mheg: Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lingering Gaze.

Aenc Thon – Dohn Mheg Dungeon Guide

Near the start of the fight, Aenc Thon will likely use Candy Cane. This is a typical tankbuster — designed to hit the targeted player with a massive wallop of single-target damage. Tanks should shield through it to take pressure off the healers, and healers should be ready to deal with the consequences if they do not.

Hydrofall summons a blob or two of damage water from the sky. It’s easy to avoid, though, so do that when you see the orange circles appear. Simple!

Laughing Leap works more-or-less like Hydrofall. The big difference is that the Lord of the Lingering Gaze jumps to the area of effect marker to deal the damage themself. Just avoid it!

Landsblood is the only truly tricky attack during this entire boss fight. Aenc Thon will summon geysers of water from the ground to damage players and send them flying. The tricky thing is that the AoE of the geysers is roughly twice as big as the indicators themselves. You don’t want to be even close to these suckers when they go off. One easy way to make sure you avoid them is by standing where a previous geyser just exploded. They do not seem to overlap from one wave to the next. Even if you do get hit, the damage is somewhat minimal.

After Landsblood, Aenc Thon often follows up with a standard “stack up” attack, indicated by orange players pointing towards a player. As with all such attacks, allies must stand close to the target to split up the damage.

That’s… pretty much it! Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lingering Gaze is something of a pushover compared to those sin eaters from before. The next boss of Dohn Mheg is no laughing matter, however. It’s time to face Griaule.

Dohn Meg Guide FF14 Griaule

Griaule – Dohn Mheg Dungeon Guide

Griaule will use a cone AoE attack called Swinge throughout the fight. The direction he chooses appears random, however, so DPS and healers should be ready to move. It’s nothing you haven’t done before, though!

Fodder similarly does damage in front of Griaule, while signaling the first major boss mechanic. Just don’t stand in front of it to avoid the damage.

Tiiimbeeer, meanwhile, is unavoidable. It’s your typical group-wide AoE attack that tanks should shield through (if they need to) and healers should heal through (as quickly as possible).

Eventually, Painted Saplings will begin to surround Griaule. These additional enemies are un-targetable and indestructible. But they don’t attack, either. Instead, the creatures fire targeting lasers towards the boss — signaling they are about to send them a buff. Players must stand in front of the targeting lines to absorb the buff instead. There will be more  buffs than your team can catch, but reducing the overall number still keeps you alive. Because if Griaule gets too many of the buffs at once, he will send out a shockwave that wipes the entire party. Just be careful; the laser sights can be a bit fiddly to block. If you see yourself blocking the line, don’t move.

The Painted Saplings are often accompanied by Painted Roots. These are cages — similar to the chain mechanic Holminster Switch — that hold each player in place. You cannot move while inside the roots. You can, however, still attack just fine! That means you should tear yourself out as quickly as possible (melee players can use AoE attacks to hit both the roots and Griaule). Once the roots are down, get ready to free your friends and stand in front of those saplings.

If you can do all that, congratulations! You defeated Griaule in Dohn Mheg. But there’s still one last boss to face in this wet and wild dungeon. Er… Well, actually, it’s a boss you’ve already faced before. Aenc Thon is back, this time calling themselves Lord of the Lengthsome Gait.

Dohn Meg Guide FF14 Shadowbringers

Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lengthsome Gait – Dohn Mheg Dungeon Guide

This version of Aenc Thon has a whole stack of tricks up their lengthy sleeves. Every role will need to be on its toes to take down this final boss in a timely fashion. So strap in, listen up, and let’s do this thing.

Crippling Blow is your next tankbuster. Shield and heal through it!

Virtuosic Capriccio is another unavoidable, party-wide AoE attack. Deal with it just like you always do. Just know that Aenc Thon sometimes uses it in rapid succession for huge total damage. Shields and regen from everyone that can muster them might be called for.

Imp Choir will turn you into a useless imp for several seconds, but only if you look at the boss when he casts it. The dark, ominous eye that appears over him when Aenc Thon casts Imp Choir is your tell. Just turn your character to face away from him when he shows the icon (or when any other boss does, for that matter).

Toad Choir will, by contrast, turn you into a toad for several seconds. It’s easy to dodge, but only if you know what to look for. As soon as the boss starts casting the spell, check which direction they are facing. They will unleash a green swipe in a 150-ish degree arc in front of themselves. Don’t stand in it and you won’t transform!

Funambulist’s Fantasia is a very unique attack that will test your ability not to panic. The boss will split the room in half, creating a massive hole in the ground — with you on the other side. The only way to get near Aenc Thon at this point is to walk across a thin, winding balance beam in the gap. If you fall, you will not die or even take damage. But you will lose precious time. That’s because the Lord of the Lengthsome Gait will begin charging his next skill while you wind your way towards them.

Dohn Meg Guide FF14 Aenc Thon 1

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Finale is a charge-up attack that Aenc Thon will begin channeling the minute they push you across the gap. The idea is to get close to the boss, stand inside of its glowing circle of protection, and attack their lyre. Destroying the instrument before Finale is fully charged will save the party. Failing to do so will result in a wipe. But don’t fret! You have lots and lots of time to make it across the balance beam. It’s better to go at your own pace and not fall than to rush and start all over.

Next, Aenc Thon will transform into the hideous Shade of Fear. This gives the boss an all-new set of moves, but none of them are terribly tough to avoid.

Corrosive Bile will cause the enemy to face a direction and charge up. When they finish, they will vomit a massive blast of barf in whatever direction the boss is facing. Don’t stand there!

Flailing Tentacles will cause the boss to raise its, well, tentacles in for different directions. Simply don’t stand in whatever direction these tentacles are facing in order to avoid the damage.

Shortly after this point, the Aenc Thon, Lord of the Lengthsome Gait will transform back into its frog form. They will continue to use their basic attacks from the beginning of the boss battle until you take them down.

And that’s it! That’s our dungeon guide to Dohn Mheg in Shadowbringers. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Here’s hoping it will help you blow through this slimy, slippery dungeon. On the bright side, Dohn Mheg is chock full of loot to help FF14 players advance through the early bits of Shadowbringers. So it’s well worth beating all those bosses.