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COD Zombies Outbreak Best Weapons Guide - Our Favorite Choices

You never know when Ronald Reagan’s zombie might show up.

Progression in COD Black Ops Cold War is all about making your weapons more fashionable and powerful. This is true for Outbreak Mode as well. As you roam around the map you’ll find multiple upgrade stations, along with purchasable guns that can help to mitigate the grind. But amidst so many options, it’s hard to know exactly which ones are worth the time investment. This guide covers the best weapons to use in Outbreak, as well as some tips to keep in mind.

Weapon Tips For Outbreak Mode – Cold War Zombies

Fighting zombies in COD Black Ops Cold War is already way different than jumping into Warzone or any other multiplayer modes. Outbreak shakes this formula up with huge explorable maps and loose objectives that you can tackle whenever you see fit. The freedom is great. But the difficulty increases each time you warp to a new map. While the first few rounds can be a breeze, you won’t be able to progress much in later ones without the right firepower.

It’s important to notice that weapons such as sniper rifles aren’t the best choice here. Sure, headshots always deal more damage, but the low rate of fire can make it troublesome to escape from groups. Likewise, while RPGs might seem like the perfect go-to for a secondary weapon, the limited ammo isn’t ideal.

Our recommendations focus on a few key aspects: mobility, firepower, and mag size. You will most likely be taking down regular zombies with one or two/three shots during the first round with these weapons. Make sure to upgrade them as soon as possible to keep up with the increased difficulty. In addition, while we won’t be covering them here, Wonder Weapons are also a great choice, if you happen to find them.

Call of Duty Hauer Shotgun Loadout

Best Powerful Starting Weapon: Hauer 77 Shotgun

If you’re a new Cold War Zombies player, we highly recommend choosing the Hauer 77 for your first loadout. This shotgun has a rather classic feel to it, sacrificing fire rate for damage. It may seem as if it’s being held back by its clip size, carrying just 6 bullets per mag, but each shot is a guaranteed kill at the beginning of Outbreak Mode.

An interesting aspect is that it also has a decent range. Don’t expect results akin to assault rifles, but considering this is a shotgun we’re talking about, we didn’t have any trouble killing Hellhounds from a distance. The best part is that each upgrade only makes the whole package better. Invest enough time customizing the weapon outside matches as you level it up, and it will most likely become a go-to for Outbreak.

Best “Sorry, Just Passing Through” Weapon: H-NGM-N Shotgun

While the Hauer 77 is a sturdy and powerful shotgun, the H-NGM-N compensates its starting lower damage with increased mobility from the get-go. This weapon can also carry up to 16 shots per mag when upgraded. In addition, you won’t have to worry about escaping from an enemy group as it’s fairly lightweight.

The biggest difference with the Hauer 77 can be seen in its hip fire. Being able to rush through corridors and empty houses as you escape from enemies is great. But if you need to decrease your sprint to aim down the sight every couple seconds, the purpose is lost in the way. Luckily, the H-NGM-N is perfect for taking down multiple enemies in quick succession without worrying about precision.

Elemental Pop Machine in COD Outbreak

Best “(Mag) Size Matters” Weapon: Stoner 63 Light Machine Gun

Sometimes all you want to fight Zombies is the biggest machine gun available, and that’s okay. The Stoner 63 should be your primary option for this thanks to its daunting damage. But honestly, it’s all about the magazine capacity, which begins at 60 shots but can be further increased. As soon as you start leveling this light machine gun up, increase its mag size to a 100 to unlock its full potential, and then take it from there with Pack-A-Punch upgrades.

Of course, the nature of the Stoner 63 makes for two distinct downsides. First, reloading this colossal gun takes several seconds. You can decrease the reload time with upgrades, but it will be a bit of a slog at first. Second, you’ll have far more effective results with this weapon if you aim down the sight. Here’s where the versatility comes into play, as it has a decent hip fire as well. If you want to stand your ground and look cool as you empty your mag on dozens of zombies, you can do just that.

Best “Can’t Touch This” Weapon: 1911 Pistol

Sniper rifles might not be a suitable option for COD Zombies Outbreak, but that doesn’t mean that folks who love headshots are left out. The 1911 is a trusty pistol that packs quite the punch, and it’s a great option for very high mobility as well. Whenever you see a player carrying one, it’s likely that they know they way around the maps.

We wouldn’t recommend the 1911 as a first choice if you’re just starting out, but if you’re using the Stoner 63, this can be a great companion for it. As you level up the weapon, however, adding a scope and some additional parts might make it an excellent option. It may be a cocky choice, sure. But as we said, Call of Duty is all about making your weapons not only powerful, but also fashionable, and the 1911 fits both categories.

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