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COD Zombies Outbreak Full Power Guide - How to Find It & What It Does


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War continues to offer us new ways to fight against dozens of zombies. Outbreak Mode introduces an open-world map with main and secondary objectives, loot to collect, and many upgrades to keep an eye on. But while most of the loot is self-explanatory, especially if you’re a veteran of the series, some powerups can be a bit puzzling. This guide covers what Full Power does and where you can usually find it as you roam around the maps.

What is Full Power? – Cold War Outbreak

There are several ways to arm yourself and enhance your undead-slaughtering skills in Outbreak. Upgrade stations, chests containing loot, and even time-based trials are a few of them. Powerups, on the other hand, serve as momentary pick-me-ups. Nuke, for example, takes down all zombies in your surrounding area, but others grant double points or the ability to insta-kill enemies for a limited time.

Full Power’s effect isn’t as flashy as the rest, but it’s rather helpful. If you see a powerup that has two knives clashing with each other, you should absolutely grab it. Full Power automatically gives you a full charge for your Special Weapon (such as the Ray Gun or the D.I.E. Shockwave) as well as a refill of your equipment (hatchets, grenades, etc.)

Picking up this powerup early on might not be as beneficial as others, but it becomes a savior toward the later half of a run.

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Where to Find Full Power

There are no specific locations where you can find Full Power in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. In general, powerups have a chance to drop from enemies (both regular and elite foes) as well as popping up from chests.

In our experience, obtaining Full Power from enemies has been fairly rare. There’s no use in spending time killing zombies just for a chance to see it drop. That being said, we’ve had more luck finding Full Power in Golden Chests.

Golden Chests are different from the usual type, which means you won’t have to look for them. As soon as you arrive in an area, open the map and see if there’s a box icon with a thunder above it. Of course, the rarity means you can’t just take whatever’s inside without doing something first. In this case, you’ll have to “confront the Dark Aether to prove you are worthy,” which is just a fancy way of saying that you should prepare yourself for an enemy wave. Keep in mind there will be at least one elite foe to take down.

Survive the attack, and you’ll be able open up the chest for a chance to find one powerup, as well as equipment, armor, and weapons. Full Power appeared quite often throughout multiple games following this method, but as we’ve said before, it may be wise to wait until you have completed a couple objectives or activities to make the best use out of it!

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