COD: Warzone Solos Location Guide – Is Solos Gone?

Call of Duty: Warzone is getting its next big update and it’s bringing some new content to this wildly popular battle royale. However, prior to this update fans were left stumped when the Solos variation of Warzone seemingly vanished from the main menu for this mode. This led many to believe that Solos were gone entirely when in reality Infinity Ward just moved the mode to another tab. It was a confusing choice and one that wasn’t properly explained to those logging on to play Warzone. Thankfully, if you do want to play Solos the mode is still available and isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

COD Warzone Solos Gone

Warzone Solos Locations

When you load up Call of Duty: Warzone, you will see multiple game modes and tabs on the left. Select “Playlists” to open up a separate menu where the Solos mode is located. From here, just select Solos and you’re all set to drop in with 149 other players. This is where any mode that gets pushed off the main menu will go, usually because of events such as Scopes and Scatterguns. If you log on and don’t see Solos, Trios, or Quads then make sure to check the Playlist section. Usually, this is where that variation of Warzone if temporarily hiding.

For the unfamiliar, the new update introduces a new contract called Most Wanted. Users to pick this contract up will have their location marked for every enemy player in the game. If you survive the contract then every teammate who has been killed will instantly revived regardless if they won their Gulag. Additionally, a new LMG called the MK9 Bruen will be available along with the ability to mix and match different Weapon Blueprints together.

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There’s also a new bundle coming to the store called “Pyromaniac” which includes the Firestarter Kreuger skin, Caldera Legendary blueprint, flaming Throwing Knives, and a new finishing move. Infinity Ward also revealed the Fire Claw III, which revolves around a legendary blueprint of the AUG. Finally, there will be a Double XP weekend for all users along with the Shoot the Ship playlist. The Double XP will also count towards Weapon XP and your Battle Pass, so if you need to gain a few levels then make sure to play this weekend.

The COD: Warzone April 28th update will go live on PC, PS4, and Xbox One at 11 p.m. PST.