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COD: Warzone Most Wanted Guide - Where to Find & How to Complete It

A new update for Call of Duty: Warzone has been revealed and it’s introducing some new content for the core multiplayer and battle royale game mode. Along with the new MK9 Bruen light machinegun, players can try a contract called Most Wanted. The deadliest contract in the entire game, this is the very definition of high risk, high reward. Set to go live with the latest update early tomorrow morning (11 p.m. PST), Modern Warfare players can test their skills and potentially bring their entire team back from the dead with the Most Wanted contract. Here’s where to find it, how to complete it, and some general tips for staying alive.

Updated: 5/19/2020

What is the Most Wanted Contract?

The Most Wanted contract is a special in-game mission that players can complete to revive their entire team. Unlike the other contracts that reward cash and gear, this one will bring your teammates back from the dead even if they’ve lost their Gulag match. Available in Trios and Quads, this contract causes the user to become the bounty target for everyone in the game. This means, regardless of your standing or amount of people left in your team, your exact location will be broadcasted to the entire server. If you manage to survive the 3-minute timer, you’ll earn some rewards and respawn any fallen teammates.

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How to Complete the Most Wanted Contract

Similar to Bounty contracts, Most Wanted tasks you with surviving three minutes of being hunted. Because of this, you’ll want to be smart about your positioning since you’ll need to wait out the clock. Unlike Bounty, players will know the target’s exact location thanks to the floating crown over their head. There’s no ambiguity with this contract, so be prepared to fight once you pick it up. If you are one of the hunters, you can see who the Most Wanted contract asks you to kill via the crown icon that’s colored red.

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Where to Find the Most Wanted Contract

Just like other contracts, Most Wanted will randomly spawn somewhere on the map and be indicated by a Crown icon not a target.

The rarity of this contract is not that high in Trios, Quads, or Plunder and it will appear as a floating yellow datapad you can pick up. Contracts usually appear around named Points of Interest and are used to drive action to other locations. You can see where a contract is located by opening up the map and zooming in until the various contract symbols appear. We recommend checking when the plane sequence starts, especially if you are playing with a team. From there, all you have to do is jump out, find the Most Wanted datapad, and interact with it to trigger the contract.

You cannot have more than one contract active at any time, so make sure to not pick up others on your way towards this one. Additionally, since this contract revives teammates don’t expect to see others picking it up until the mid to late game. If you do start Most Wanted, consider holding up in a tall building such as a skyscraper or warehouse. These typically only have a few entrances and can be easily covered by one or two people.


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