COD Black Ops Cold War Swiss K31 Guide – How to Unlock the Swiss K31

Season Three of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is officially live and it’s introducing new maps, changes to Warzone’s Verdansk, Operators, and firearms. Of course, what most players care about are which new weapons they can unlock and wreak havoc with. One weapon that will certainly be popular is the Swiss K31 sniper rifle, which many believe will be a challenger to the widely used Kar 98k. A bolt action rifle with a decent rate of fire and stopping power, many will want to add this gun to their collection. Whether it makes waves in Warzone and Cold War has yet to be seen, however, unlocking this weapon is quite straightforward.

How to Unlock the Swiss K31

To unlock the Swiss K31, you will need to reach Tier 31 in the Season 3 battle pass. This is the only way to unlock the Swiss K31, as there are no challenges or additional methods for unlocking it. Luckily, like previous battle pass weapons, the Swiss K31 will be available on the free path. Meaning, even if you don’t pay for the battle pass, you can still get enough experience to hit Tier 31 to obtain this sniper.

If you’re looking to obtain this gun as soon as possible there are two methods. The first is to simply pay for the upgraded version of the Season 3 Battle Pass and some additional tiers. To purchase the first 20 Tiers you’ll need to spend 2,400 COD Points ($20 via the bundle). From here you will then need to purchase an additional 11 Tiers for 1,650 COD Points. Since there’s no bundle for this exact amount you can either purchase another $20 bundle or buy about $17 worth of COD Points by combining the one $10, $5, and $2 bundle. None of this is ideal and I highly recommend against spending additional money to purchase any tiers unless you have spare COD Points lying around.

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Obviously, the best and most affordable way to get this gun is by simply earning experience and ranking up your battle pass naturally. As you play in matches, secure kills, and complete objectives you’ll earn experience towards your character and battle pass. One of the best ways to earn quick experience is by playing the 24/7 Nuketown playlist. This mode will feature this tiny map all the time, making it quite easy to rack up a ton of kills and easy XP. However, if you don’t own Cold War and prefer to just play Warzone, head into Plunder instead.

Not only will you be able to constantly get into fights, but you can focus on completing Contracts which will give you a big boost of experience. It’s not uncommon to see players ignore shooting one another as they rocket around the map completing as many Contracts as possible. This will help you ascend through the tiers and is also a solid option for those who want to level up their Swiss K311 once they get it. in Warzone