Bitter Memory of the Dying FFXIV Guide – How & Where to Find Them

Find the sweetest, most efficient way to get some Bitter Memories of the Dying.

The Bitter Memory of the Dying is, thankfully, a pretty easy pill to swallow in FFXIV. The crafting item is necessary for the Resistance Weapon earned out the Bozjan Southern Front in Shadowbringers. Put another way, you need it to acquire an Item Level 500 weapon for any particular class in FFXIV — similar to Relic Weapons and such in the past. Technically you need six. The sickly green square can be acquired a number of ways, but you’ll probably want to know them all work through “The Will to Resist” quest in FFXIV. So let’s take a look at every method in our guide to the Bitter Memory of the Dying!

As previously mentioned, you only need six of this item to get your next Resistance Weapon. That’s a damn sight fewer than the 60 total memories required for the previous quest step, “For Want of a Memory.” But each Bitter Memory of the Dying can take longer to collect than the previous items. You can’t simply farm Heavensward FATEs out in the open. Instead, most of the memories are tied to matchmade activities.

One of the quickest, most efficient activities is the Leveling Roulette. This activity can be accessed from the Duty Finder (if you’re already level 80, and have access to this content, you should know that by now). As its name suggests, this is a great opportunity to level up an alternate Job. The reason being that you do not need to play any specific Job to acquire Bitter Memories of the Dying! You just need the quest “The Will to Resist” active on the character. Any other job can then be used to multitask while hunting the material.

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bitter memory of the dying ffxiv

The Leveling Roulette is good for one Bitter Memory of the Dying per day. Just as it’s good for one normal daily reward. Easy! It’s worth doing at least once, too, even if you don’t want to wait six whole days for your weapon. The reason being that a lot of older dungeons including in the Leveling Roulette are much, much easier to complete than more complex ones. You can get your daily bonus, some extra EXP, and a Bitter Memory of the Dying in just a few minutes!

From there you have two more options (assuming you don’t wait for the daily reset). One is simply tooling around the Bozjan Southern Front. Unlike the memories from “For Want of a Memory,” a Bitter Memory of the Dying has a chance to drop from any and every foe in the zone. You can literally stand outside of the spawn point and just endlessly murder mobs until you get what you need. This is particularly easy with Lost Items and Lost Actions — those special abilities you can only use in the Bozjan Southern Front that make combat much more fluid.

Combine this method with a friend or two, and you can get all six items in no time flat. But not everyone is down for the mindless grind. Thankfully, there’s yet another option. It’s also not capped behind daily resets.

You can simply run any Level 60 dungeon. The community choice right now is The Antitower. If you don’t recall, that’s a post-Heavensward mission that was mandatory to complete as part of the Main Scenario Quest. So there’s no way you don’t have it unlocked! It’s also short, linear, and very easy with modern gear. Not to mention players glom onto it for their own Bitter Memory of the Dying. It’s fairly full of parties matchmaking to get the item at this point. Though tanks and healers, as ever, will have an easier time getting past the queue.

Unfortunately, post-expansion dungeons don’t often award much EXP. So don’t expect to level up an alt very quickly. One thing you can do, however, is grab your Wondrous Tails from Khloe in Idyllshire. Level 60 dungeons are a very common requirement for completing the weekly list of challenges. You can then burn a Second Chance point in the book to reset the objective before running The Antitower again. It won’t make your runs any faster, but it will make harvesting each Bitter Memory of the Dying that much more efficient.

Here’s hoping that helped! Once you get all six stacks of the material, simply return to Gangos to turn it in for a shiny, new Resistance Weapon — now called a Recollection Weapon. Best of luck and enjoy the new glowy bits!