Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2022 – LTMs, Schedule, & Cosmetics

Apex Legends Season 14 is over halfway done, which means it’s time for another seasonal event. Returning once more, the Fight or Fright event is looking to bring all the spooky vibes to Olympus. As part of a four-week celebration, players will be able to enjoy rotating limited-time modes (LTM) and purchase new cosmetics tied to the event. However, this event is a little different as there appear to be no free reward tracks like you’d usually see. Meaning, if you want to earn any of the new skins or cosmetic options you’ll need to fork over some real-world money. Here’s everything you need to know about the Fight or Fright 2022 event in Apex Legends:

Fight or Fright 2022 LTMs

Fight or Fright 2022

Unlike previous Halloween events, this year’s Fight or Fright will have three different limited-time modes for players to enjoy. Broken up across four weeks, these LTMs include Shadow Royale, Gun Run, and the beloved Control mode. Before we get into all the new details here is when you can expect these LTMs to be available:

  • Shadow Royale: October 4th-11th
  • Gun Run: October 11th-18th
  • Control: October 18th-25th
  • Shadow Royale: October 25th-Novemeber 1st

For the unfamiliar, Shadow Royale starts like the normal battle royale mode where groups of three fight to survive as the ring closes in. The catch is whenever you die you’ll turn into a shadow version of your character. This shadow cannot use guns but can double jump, wall run, revive allies, and deals extra melee damage. Shadows will infinitely respawn until the entire team is killed. Whichever team is left standing with a non-shadow character will win the game.

Gun Run is essentially Apex Legends’ version of Gun Game, where players will all start with the same weapon and unlock new ones as they kill enemies. The first team to kill an enemy with the new throwing knife will win the match. Finally, Control is returning, this time with several balance changes. These include updates to weapon loadouts, an improved spawn system, and improvements to the bonus capture score system. Additionally, any map for these LTMs that takes place on Olympus will feature the new Olympus After Dark variant.

Fight or Fright 2022 Cosmetics

Fight or Fright 2022

Unsurprisingly, there are new cosmetics that players can purchase from the store. These range from previous event skins to recolors to completely new outfits for Seer and Ash. You can either purchase these skins in a bundle with Apex Packs or individually if you just want the skins. Sadly, there is no free reward tracker for those who want to earn additional rewards without spending any money. You can see all the new skins and recolors in the photo above.

There are also no heirlooms for players to earn, so if you want one you’ll need to start opening up a bunch of Apex Packs and hope for the best. Additionally, there appear to be no new trackers, weapon charms, weapon skins, or banners for players to unlock. For those with a ton of crafting materials, you should be able to purchase these skins after the event for a slightly inflated price.

The Apex Legends Fight or Fright event starts October 4th and runs until November 1st.