Anthem There Be Giants Event Guide – Exclusive Rewards

Anthem live events are the next logical step for any player that’s beaten the main story. Luckily, BioWare already has an event up in time for the launch of the game on consoles. It’s called “There Be Giants” and rewards exclusive vinyls for any Freelancer quick — and strong — enough to beat it before the event ends.

Given the fleeting nature of the There Be Giants event, we went ahead and made a quick guide to the new Anthem content for your convenience. So let’s dig into what you need to do, where you need to do it, and exactly what you get from the whole thing!

There Be Giants Anthem Event Locations

All in all, There Be Giants is a pretty straightforward mission. It requires you to enter freeplay mode. After which you can scour the map of Bastion to locate four different, named Titan bosses. These are the same kinds of Titans you likely already encountered in the main story — the aptly named giants that look like they’re made of stone.

To complete the Anthem event, you need to kill all four of these mini-bosses. It’s not enough to just kill the same one multiple times, either. You have to actually kill all of the individual Titans themselves.

That’s why we’ve listed their names below, so you can keep a record of which ones you’ve beaten — and which ones are still out there. We’ve also added their general locations next to each name, just for good measure. But don’t worry: we’ll get to more specifics about where they actually are further down in this guide.

  • Ruin Titan – Found inside the Eddian Grove, within the Great Falls Canyon location.
  • Havoc Titan – South of Eastern Reach — otherwise northeast of The Hate Engine location, in the thin strip of valley blocked by canyon walls.
  • War Titan – Found near the Iron Serpent, within the Ruins of Shadowmark location.
  • Bane Titan – Found in Strider Way, within Valley of Tarsis location.

The good news is that Titans are some of the biggest baddies in Anthem by far. You can easily spot them and their glowing weak points from the air. The bad news is that the War, Havoc, Ruin, and Bane Titans have a nasty habit of self-destructing if you don’t kill them quick enough. If that happens, they might not be visible at all (seeing as they’re already dead). But you can always reload into freeplay and try again.

If you’re still having trouble finding your targets, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with a There Be Titans map that should make pinpointing the Titans easier than ever. Well, technically, Reddit user nezreck has you covered. They created this handy boss map that we’ve embedded below. Make sure to click on it if you need to zoom in further!

There Be Titans Anthem Map
Every Titan event location by Reddit user nezreck.

There Be Giants Anthem Event Rewards

Now that we’ve tracked these suckers down, let’s get to the important stuff. Namely: just what kind of rewards do you get from the There Be Giants event in Anthem? Well, it won’t exactly make you any stronger, but the reward does look pretty cool. It’s an exclusive vinyl overlay for all of your Javelins.

The item adds a splash of orange color to your drab war machines. And it looks especially spiffy on the Storm Javelin cape! Of course, you probably want to see what it looks like for yourself. Thankfully, Reddit user Key_Lime_Die snapped some images from the Anthem cosmetics menu to show the detail off. You can see them all below. Enjoy!

Anthem Colossus Event
Anthem Interceptor Event
Anthem Ranger Event
Anthem Storm Event 1
Storm (Front)
Anthem Storm Event 2
Storm (Rear)