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Animal Crossing Eggs & Recipes Guide - How to Get Each Egg

Bad news. Zipper is back. What is that rabbit hiding? Why won’t he let us see his back? He drops the act as soon as we’re off screen. Certainly he can’t be up to anything good. At the very least, his return means the Animal Crossing Bunny Day festivities have returned and it’s once again time to gather eggs for your various crafting needs. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get each of the egg types and what you can craft with a list of recipes.

Animal Crossing Egg Types

Zipper unleashed six different types of eggs onto our islands. They are:

  1. Stone Eggs: Come from hitting rocks.
  2. Water Eggs: Come from the water (and look like fish).
  3. Wood Eggs: Come from hitting trees with axes.
  4. Sky Eggs: Come from flying packages you shoot down with a slingshot (they have rainbow balloons).
  5. Leaf Eggs: Come from trees (and look like fruit).
  6. Earth Eggs: Come from the ground (and look like items in the ground).

Animal Crossing Egg Day Recipes

Here’s a complete list of everything you need to craft. You can unlock most recipes just by talking to villagers and doing other Bunny Day related activities like collecting eggs.

  • Bunny Day Bed: 1 of Each Egg Type
  • Bunny Day Glowy Garland: 1 of Each Egg Type
  • Bunny Day Table: 4 Earth Eggs
  • Bunny Day Wall Clock: 3 Sky Eggs
  • Bunny Day Stool: 3 Water Eggs
  • Bunny Day Lamp: 4 Wood Eggs
  • Bunny Day Flooring: 2 of Each Egg Type
  • Bunny Day Wall: 2 of Each Egg Type
  • Bunny Day Wardrobe: 4 Stone Eggs
  • Bunny Day Fence: 1 of Each Egg Type
  • Bunny Day Wreath: 1 of Each Egg Type
  • Bunny Day Rug: 1 of Each Egg Type
  • Bunny Day Vanity: 4 Leaf Eggs
  • Bunny Day Festive Balloons: 1 Stone, Wood, and Water Egg
  • Bunny Day Merry Balloons: 1 Earth, Leaf, and Sky Egg
  • Bunny Day Bag: 1 of Each Egg Type
  • Bunny Day Crown: 1 of Each Egg Type
  • Bunny Day Arch: 2 of Each Egg Type
    • Unlocked by talking to Zipper on Bunny Day (April 4, 2021)
  • Wobbling Zipper Toy: 4 of Each Egg Type
    • Unlocked after crafting all of the above DIY recipes.
  • Bunny Day Wand: 1 Wobbling Zipper Toy, 3 Star Fragments

You can also craft outfits for each of the associated egg types once you’ve collected their recipes. You get these by doing activities that earn you the eggs to begin with. For example, shooting down balloons is liable to also get you the Sky Egg Outfit recipes.

  • Sky-Egg Shell Complete Outfit (Shell, Outfit, & Shoes): 7 Sky Eggs
  • Wood-Egg Complete Outfit: 7 Wood Eggs
  • Stone-Egg Complete Outfit: 7 Stone Eggs
  • Water-Egg Complete Outfit: 7 Water Eggs
  • Leaf-Egg Complete Outfit: 7 Leaf Eggs
  • Earth-Egg Complete Outfit: 7 Earth Eggs

Unlock all of the above egg outfits and you’ll gain the recipe for one more special outfit type:

  • Egg Party Complete Outfit (Dress & Hat): 5 of Each Egg Type

Best Things to Craft for Money

If you’ve unlocked all of these things and just want to turn it all into as much money as possible, you have your pick of the litter. All of the most valuable items to craft follow the same recipe: 2,400 Bells for one of each egg type. With that in mind, the benefit to crafting items that use more eggs is you don’t have to craft and carry as many things. Just don’t go crafting a Bunny Day Fence. It’s worthless.

  • 2,400 Bells – Bunny Day Bed, Glowy Garland, Wreath, Rug, Bag, Crown
  • 4,800 Bells – Bunny Day Flooring, Wall, Arch, Egg Party Hat
  • 7,200 Bells – Egg Party Dress
  • 9,600 Bells – Zipper Toy

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