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I Can't Find Zipper the Bunny Day Bunny So Animal Crossing is Now a Horror Game

He's going to pounce on me any minute now.

Between April 1 and April 12, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is holding a Bunny Day event, where eggs will be found scattered about your island. These eggs not only add a festive Easter theme to the game, but they can also be used to create limited-time items like furniture and tools.

But along with all the eggs and the new things to create, there’s also this bunny out here facilitating the whole thing. His name is Zipper, and he’s just really stoked about what he’s doing. You walk up to him and he starts jumping about, excited for you to find all the eggs he’s hidden, whether they be in the trees in place of fruit, under rocks scattered about the island, or even in the water where you’d normally find fish and also garbage.

However, he also seems kind of suspicious. Unlike all the other animals you find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Zipper has…well, a zipper on his back, implying he might be someone in a costume. He also apparently always faces the player, so they can’t get to the zipper. Who is in this costume? Is it Tom Nook? Is it someone Tom Nook hired? Or could it be a slightly smaller bunny whose likeness is very similar to what Zipper actually looks like, and he just wanted to look taller? We might find out on April 12 when Bunny Day ends. Or it could just be a collective mystery for all of us to wonder about.

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After seeing all the jokes and general meanness being directed Zipper’s way online, I decided to boot up my copy of New Horizons and form my own opinion on my island’s jolly visitor. I walked about my island, found a few eggs on my trees, and even gave a few of them to some of my neighbors. Because really, I don’t plan on making anything with these eggs. Eggs are not my aesthetic.

But see, here’s the trouble: I can’t find this man in a rabbit costume anywhere.

My island is still pretty bare. I’m new to the series, so every time I open up New Horizons I’m still learning stuff by the day. But because I’m still making my island a liveable place, there aren’t exactly many places for Zipper to be hiding. And yet, try as I might, I don’t know where this motherfucker is. Now, as I try to do literally anything on my island, all I can wonder is where Zipper is, and if he’s going to see me, sprint at me with all his egg-powered energy, and ruin the tranquility I have while I’m fishing, building, and trying to provide for my community.

Suddenly, Zipper has made Animal Crossing: New Horizons a hide-and-seek horror game and it’s all because this rabbit is refusing to make his presence known to me. Is he hiding in the trees where I can’t see him, waiting for me to walk by so he can descend upon me like a rabid predator? Is he in the waiting pond I’m fishing in about to jump out and scare not only me, but the fish I have been trying to catch. Or is he, somehow, inside one of these eggs and the only way I’ll find him is to crack them open one by one?

I’m afraid to find out.

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