Abyssos: The Seventh Circle Raid Guide (Pandaemonium) – FFXIV Patch 6.2

Watch out for that tree in our third Abyssos raid guide.

You never know what you’re going to run into in Final Fantasy XIV. With the Fifth and Sixth Circles of Pandaemonium: Abyssos down, it’s time to head to the Seventh. Another Hemitheos stands in your way, the horrific fusing of a woman and a demon tree. This is Agdistis, a former compatriot of Lahabrea that has also fallen to whatever is happening in Pandaemonium. 

Each encounter in Abyssos is a single fight, similar to a trial. Agdistis is a non-mobile boss, looming over you from one side of the arena. The arena itself will shift during the fight, starting as a large circular arena and changing to a series of platforms connected by bridges. You can fall off and die immediately. Dragoons and Red Mages beware!

Be warned that raid guides contain light spoilers for the fight. If you prefer to preserve the surprise of raids for yourself, give them a try first before referring to a guide. Then, come back here for some help if you have trouble!

FFXIV Abyssos Seventh Circle Push

How to Defeat Agdistis – Phase One

Nothing too wild about this first phase. Just the boss getting you in the mood for a beating.

  • Bough of Attis (Close): There are two versions of this attack. Agdistis will raise her arms either at her side, or over the arena. If they’re raised at its side, it will slam down on the arena in two massive circle AoEs close to itself, then it’ll push with one arm as indicated by the wide arrow markers. Move to the opposite side to avoid being knocked back.
  • Hemitheos’s Holy: Circle AoE markers appear over each member of the raid. Spread out to avoid stacking damage. This is followed by a wide donut AoE, with only the small center being safe.
  • Immortal’s Obol: This cast marks the transition from phase one to phase two, with the arena changing to three smaller circular platforms connected by bridges. The platforms appear before the bridges, so you need to be within one of them to be safe. This comes with a proximity AoE marker on the center of the platform; move as far away as you can from the center while still being within the new platforms to minimize damage.

How to Defeat Agdistis – Phase Two

The main focus of this phase is the smaller range of movement thanks to the platforms and the addition of Forbidden Fruit as a primary attack.

  • Bough of Attis (Far): If this cast starts and the boss’ arms are over the arena, then one massive circle AoE will appear on the far end away from the boss. There is no pushback on this version.
  • Hemitheos’s Aero II: This is a dual tankbuster on each of your tanks, which they need to use a cooldown to mitigate. The trick here is the AoE is huge, so each tank needs to go far away from the raid and each other to avoid stacking damage. 
  • Spark of Life: The raid-wide AoE. Hits hard!   Heal through it.

FFXIV Abyssos Seventh Circle Forbidden Fruit

  • Forbidden Fruit: Another attack with different versions. Agdistis drops fruit in the center of each circular platform. The fruit can hatch into either ox-like or bird-like creatures. The ox-like creatures (eggs with circles on them) do a point-blank AoE that covers the entire circular platform. The bird-like creatures (ridged eggs) do a straight line AoE down the bridges, in the direction indicated by their arrow marker. To avoid this, stand to the side of the bird, while also not standing in the path of another attack. After the attack, the creature melts away.
  • Unknown Name: Paired circle AoEs that start on the outside edge of each circular platform, and travel down each bridge with subsequent hits. Usually follows Forbidden Fruit.
  • Hemitheos’s Glare III: A larger donut AoE that covers all of the platforms, with the safe space being the center of the arena, which is a hole at the moment. Wait for the arena to reform and go to the safe spot in the center. This marks the transition back to phase one.

The return to phase one will see the continuing use of Forbidden Fruit, with the fruit being anywhere on the larger platform. The attacks are the same, however. The return back to phase two will see the addition of Big Burst, multiple soak markers that at least one raid member needs to stand inside to minimize damage to the raid. The twist is these are usually paired with the ox-like style of Forbidden Fruit. Wait for the point-blank AoE and then move into the soak marker.

This fight will transition back-and-forth between either phase. Once again, the only real change is some of the combinations of attacks that’ll be thrown your way. Push on through and you’ll be ready for the Eighth Circle. 

Abyssos Seventh Circle – Loot Table

Finishing off Proto-Carbuncle will reward the raid with two Treasure Coffers. These coffers will have a mix of gear tokens. You can only pick up one token from each circle of Abyssos each week, so you have to choose wisely.

These tokens can be traded into Mylenie in Labyrinthos (X: 8.3, Y: 27.6) or Djole in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.3, Y: 9.6) . Each piece of gear requires a certain number of tokens:

  • Head: Unsung Helm of Abyssos x2
  • Body: Unsung Armor of Abyssos x4
  • Hands: Unsung Gauntlet of Abyssos x2
  • Legs: Unsung Chausses of Abyssos x4
  • Feet: Unsung Greaves of Abyssos x2
  • Accessories: Unsung Ring of Abyssos

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