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Fortnite Holgraphic Tomato Head, Durrr Burger Head, & Giant Dumpling Head Locations

It's like Blade Runner, but there's no lesson!

I’ve seen Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass Weekly Challenges you people wouldn’t believe. A holographic tomato burning out the shoulder of Mega Mall. I watched 12-year-olds dance in the glimmer of a floating hamburger. A big-ass dumpling man that definitely won’t become a skin at some point. All those Battle Stars will be lost, like drops with the lads. Time to die. But where do you dance inside a holographic tomato head? We have all of the locations below!

Where to dance inside a holographic tomato head, etc

There are three holographic mascot heads that you’ll have to dance inside of for this challenge, and since it’s a staged challenge, you won’t be able to hit all three in the same match. As seen in the map below, Tomatohead is located at Mega Mall, Beef Boss can be found at Neo Tilted Towers, and the dumpling is down south in Lucky Landing.

Since all three of these locations are hot drop spots, it may take some doing to get your dance on without getting killed first. As always, we recommend being respectful of others trying to accomplish these challenges — you can still kill each other just as dead after everyone gets credit.

The reward for completing this challenge is five Battle Stars, or if your Season 9 Battle Pass has reached tier 100, an equivalent amount of account XP.

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