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Torgal Plushies Have Everyone Wanting Their Own FFXVI Puppy

Clive’s canine companion is the focus of two new plushies on the Square Enix Store.

Final Fantasy XVI is right around the corner, with many of the folks behind Final Fantasy XIV bringing their expertise to another mainline entry in the franchise. This tale of eikons and crystals should resonate with players of the MMO, as Clive fights to save his world from magical powers that humanity can barely control. Fanbyte’s Jessica Scharnagle had the chance to play a preview version of FFXVI and walked away thinking it was a “game-of-the-year contender.”

Alongside Clive for much of his journal is his dog Torgal. While the canine companion begins as a puppy, it ages into a full warhound that’ll fight alongside our hero. Ahead of FFXVI’s launch, Square Enix has released two plushie versions of Torgal. One reflects his early look as an adorable puppy, while the other reflects his latter counterpart.

FFXVI Torgal Plush Set
Image via Square Enix

The Torgal Puppy plush will set you back $39.99. The little guy is 11.02 inches long and 10.63 inches high; perfect for your desk or bookshelf. The larger Torgal plush is twice as long: 22.8 inches long, minus the tail. The larger size also commands a larger price tag, as the bigger plush costs $119.99. Both will ship in January 2024.

Unlike some of the FFXIV plushies, neither version of Torgal comes with a code to unlock anything cool in-game. Instead, you must find joy and contentment with Torgal himself. But you can do that, right?

If you’re really excited for Final Fantasy XVI, there’s actually a demo available right now. The demo is available on PlayStation 5, and the saved data actually carries forward into the full game. Kick off Clive’s tale of revenge and perhaps a little brooding two weeks early. Final Fantasy XVI will launch on PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023.

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