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The FFXIV Community Has Some Concerning Takes on Their Favorite Mounts

The community's ability to be normal is pretty low.

The Final Fantasy XIV community has always been very passionate about the game, especially when it comes to their favorite characters, minions, and mounts. So when the FFXIV Twitter/X account asked players to "mount up" and tell them their favorite traveling companion, they expected fans to be eager and excited to share their favorite mount in the game. However, that is not what happened. 

On Nov. 12, a tweet went out from the FFXIV account saying "Mount up! What's your go-to companion while traversing Eorzea?" Most people responded with their favorite mounts, ranging from the base chocobo to the more recent Lynx of Abyssal Grief. Some fans, though, took "Mount up" in a different direction, choosing to take the comment as innuendo instead of an innocent question.

The responses listing a character they'd like to mount instead of an actual rideable in-game mount, were about half and half. Images and GIFs of FFXIV characters Ameryic, Hien, Zenos, Y'shtola and G'raha Tia were among the "mounts" that people said they would like to ride. One person even selected Asahi as their mount of choice. A questionable decision but, to each their own. 

Two days later on Nov. 14, the FFXIV Twitter noticed their grave error, and simply tweeted "okay" in response. The comments to that tweet were full of fans asking what they expected. Some apologized to the poor social media manager behind the account, while others asked for Yoshi-P's forgiveness. 

Even though the responses weren't quite what the person sending the tweet might have intended, the community got a great laugh out of it. For a player base who loves to take anything and turn it into a meme, this was tee'd up perfectly for them to twist it into something uncouth. 

Regardless of their "okay" response, it seems that the community used it as a fun way to talk about their favorite characters and mounts in the game. Square Enix has always embraced the meme, even turning the famous crystal grapes into an item that was given away at the 2023-2024 Fan Fests, giving a subtle nod to the community's enthusiasm for turning things into jokes. 

This is just another meme that fans can add to their arsenal of memories to call on when fondly recalling the community of FFXIV. Someone should check on the person that chose Asahi though. 

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Jessica Scharnagle

Starting as an esports journalist in 2018, Jessica has been writing for a little over five years now. She is a big Final Fantasy XIV nerd who has been playing since 2021 and has put a more than 5,000 hours in it since then. She also teaches journalism at Rowan University.